The Power Of Consistency In Affiliate Marketing And Online Business

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming back to yet another video here on the channel where today
guys I’m gonna be going over the importance of consistency and guys when
I saying cuz it’s the I mean extreme consistency like posting every single
day and this goes across like all platforms guys YouTube Facebook
Instagram Twitter whatever it is maybe it’s just your own blog your own blog
website whatever it is guys I’ll be talking about the importance of
uploading pretty much every single day or as much as you can the benefits of it
and how much it’ll improve your business and how much faster you’ll actually get
results if you implement a strategy or uploading more consistently just in your
business overall with that being said guys I’m gonna talk about that in just a
minute by diving into my computer going over some of the key points there but
before we do that guys if you’re brand new to the channel this is the first
time you’re checking out one of my videos I encourage you right now to
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day and with that out of the way guys we’re gonna dive into my computer right
now all right guys we’re now my computer as you can see on my whiteboard the
importance of extreme consistency of course you guys see my big black box and
then my six numbers on the left there’s gonna be my key six points in this video
I’m gonna go over with you guys I’m not gonna waste any more time I’m just gonna
pull the Box down now let’s go one by one I just explained each point I was
going on the list first one guys the importance of extreme consistency number
one uploading daily versus weekly guys I mentioned this a little bit in the intro
already uploading daily verse weekly you guys daily is gonna be so much more
beneficial whatever it is that you’re doing whether you’re on Facebook YouTube
inch and whatever it is just like I said uploading daily it’s gonna be such a
higher chance of success and the reason that is guys is kind of my second point
I wanna pull that down that’s because each upload each day each picture each
thing you post you take me tweet is a new chance to go viral as a new chance
to this like explode your growth and just have extreme amounts or growth out
of nowhere guys is what you’re really trying to do of course if you’re all new
social media platforms or like YouTube face or whatever it is you of course
want to build your following you of course want to build your audience and
the best way to do that is to get in front of as many people as you possibly
can we’re here we get in front of more people that are likely to click
subscribe like follow or click like or whatever it is for that platform you
guys because each individual upload is a brand new chance thank you for this way
guys if you just upload weekly you upload one video every single week
pretty much every month that’s four videos a month that’s four chances you
guys for that video to go viral you guys to just really explored your growth just
of those four things alone whereas on the other side you upload daily that’s
30 videos guys that’s 30 different chances your video to go viral for you
to explode your growth as even if you’re a media for every single video you just
grow a little bit maybe it’s like 10% every single video that’s still it’s
gonna be like 300% by the end of the month where I was on the other side guys
if you just were like 10% for the four videos it’s only like 40% guys then
itself right there should tell you guys uploading daily is definitely be better
than weekly I’ve got I of course understand the argument then you also
want to put out like the highest quality content you possibly can and that makes
sense I understand that but for certain things like Twitter Facebook Instagram
whereas like all you’re really doing is typing a paragraph are you putting up a
picture or it doesn’t require that much that much work and definitely just shut
up load as much you can maybe you just can’t do daily if you can do every other
day that’s still great guys but definitely I’ll put out as much content
as you possibly can guys and of course make it as high quality as you can if it
takes you an entire week to work on one YouTube video but you’re just putting in
work on it every single day and it takes you the entire week just spit out this
super high quality YouTube video and that’s fine guys I understand that
argument but if you were taking an entire week just to put it like a subpar
pretty low quality YouTube video then I would definitely try to one improve your
quality a little bit or – just keep uploading more videos and you’ll just
get better over time guys with YouTube Instagram Facebook all these platforms
have really been focusing more on quantity over quality recently it’s just
because they want to get as many people on to their platform as I possibly can
and get them coming back every single day but kind of makes sense from a
business perspective why these social media platforms are set up like that
that’s also why you guys can take advantage of the platforms by uploading
daily uploading more than anybody else giving you guys the best chance for
success actually up there guys actually pull the box down to two times for two
points this time guys but as my third point there’s gonna be posting daily
gives your audience a schedule yes but I mean by that is that if you’re posting
every single day your audience is gonna you set they’re gonna used to seeing
every single day and they’re almost gonna wait for your posts every day
they’re gonna wait to see it because they know it’s coming at some point
during the day if you upload every single day consistently your audience
knew you said they’re gonna enjoy coming back and seeing your content every
single day and giving your audience that schedule I’ll be posting every single
day it wasn’t more of a reason to come back
to tomorrow and the next day in the next day because they know you’re gonna be
consistently putting out good valuable content exactly what you guys want to do
if you guys had my following me and my channel a little bit you hasn’t been
subscribed then you guys know that I’ve uploaded a video every single day for
the last like 80 something days this is like video 80 something I’m not sure
exactly what it is that’s just pretty much me giving a very loose schedule
whereas if you guys subscribe to me you know you’re gonna get a video from me
every single day and that brings me to my next point guys he’s posting at the
same time every day helps even more at that point you guys that just really
solidifies the schedule it makes it even more of like a tight schedule and again
if you guys had my following me you guys know I upload my videos sometime between
5 p.m. and 6 p.m. every single day and then trust me giving out an even more
solid schedule whereas if you guys are subscribed to me and you know you’re
gonna get a video from me every single day sometime between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m.
Eastern Standard Time for those of you who are not subscribed
yet what are you doing because I uploaded 80 plus videos every single day
of this valuable content just to help you guys out completely for free
you guys gotta subscribe for that because I don’t know many other people
on YouTube that are doing that right now honestly definitely make sure you guys
subscribe to the channel right now for that because again guys I blah brand new
videos every single day I’m probably gonna go away to a hundred videos and
probably even past that so subscribe so you don’t miss any of those with that
being said like eyes I don’t want to my next point which is gonna be the more
videos pictures and articles you guys put out is gonna equate to more
potential growth this kind of goes back to my prior points guys with every new
piece of content you put out there’s a new chance for you to grow
buta either go viral or just grow a little bit and guys that consistent that
consistently small growth builds up over time guys a compound growth isn’t a
build up over time the interference is growing just a little bit every single
day by the time you put on content for a few months that little bit of growth is
gonna be is gonna mean that much more in the long term guys ocean media and just
using free traffic methods is definitely a long-term game guys is not for the
short-term at old it’s not gonna happen overnight not gonna happen in a week
definitely a long-term game you guys wanted putting out as much video
pictures and articles as you can you guys get the most potential growth with
that being said the guys I’m gonna pull the Box down for the last time you guys
my sixth point we’re just gonna be marketing posts becomes so much better
because you have so many value posts I might sound look confusing
let me explain Zack what I mean by that okay let’s just say you’re uploading
just twice a week and one of your uploads
a value pose just to help you out your audience how about your list how about
your leads where’s the other one is a marketing post you’re selling something
it’s an affluent offer you’re we’re trying to sell something to your
audience that’s like a wonderful one ratio and
that’s not that great you might come off a little bit salesy whereas if you
upload every single day and six out of the seven videos pictures or articles
you put up or this value post you’re trying to help your audience out
Buddha’s help them reach their overall goals and you just have like one
marketing post a week where will you just sell one time a week it’s gonna be
that much more successful doesn’t getting out you’re just giving so much
more value you’re giving way more than you’re trying to take that’s exactly
what you wanna be doing guys you just want to give as much value as you
possibly can that way when you’re actually gonna sell
something to your audience to your leads you feel almost obligated to buy it
because you just given them so much for free they just feel a little bit
obligated just give you back a little bit that’s exactly what you guys wanna
be going for guys so your marketing posts become that much more congruent
they become that much less salesy when you have so much more value post and
you’re just giving way more than you’re trying to take it’s something I’m gonna
give you guys way higher changes for success
your audience is gonna appreciate a lot more you’re owning selection uh stay
with you a lot more for the long term you just sell sell sell to your audience
you’re gonna burn your audience really quick they’re not gonna enjoy content
they’re not gonna trust you you’re here’s gonna come off as ugly a slimy
salesperson but I want who they’re not gonna want to do business with but you
really wanna come off as I’m gonna you’re just a friend somebody trying to
help them out I mean really wants to make them make sure they succeed and
whatever it is that they’re doing you do not want to come up all salesy that is
definitely the wrong approach but guys that pretty much wraps up this video on
the importance of extreme consistency if you guys enjoyed the video then
definitely drop a like on it if you guys really enjoyed and definitely make sure
to subscribe right now for brand new videos just like this one every single
day like I said guys I’m already like 80 plus videos I’m definitely going all the
way to 100 and then probably even past that we’ll see where I end up with that
being said other guys my name is Anthony villa I will see you in the next one and
I am out peace

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