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Subscribe Intellectual Indies and press the bell icon and never miss any update In a video, we talked about marketing mix First P of marketing mix is Product,so today we will talk about product mix Now what is Product Mix? Lets take Apple What all products do they have? iPhone,iPad,mac air,mac book pro and many others So these individuals are known as product line. More the number of product lines is called width Lets say my product width is 10 so I have 10 product lines Now one question is how will we differentiate various product lines? say of iPhone1,2,5S,6 All these are coming under same product line or no? Thats the biggest confusion All these are coming under 1 product line Lets take a product line which is similar in nature i.e giving similar things If I want to talk on phone then providing me that,catering similar needs Consumer wants to talk in phone,so the thing thats completing that need comes under a product line So all the iPhones are part of 1 product line So all the iPhone 1,2,3..10 etc,we call this as length,length of product line Now one more thing is there,depth..whats that? iPhone 6 comes under variants like 16GB,32,64 and so on Some special edition like colors and that comes under depth We have confusion whether it will come under line or if it is fulfilling same need and are related then will come under depth LEts take motorola. all their comes under same product line? Moto E,C,Z,X..they have many categories like this So all these are coming under same product line or no? Tell me Tell me in comments..some must be saying under same and some no Now take moto c it is capturing different target audience z is capturing we can put them in different product lines

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100 thoughts on “The Product Mix | Hindi | Marketing topics

  1. I don't know your name but you have some real good videos. I am so glad I can understand Hindi right now because I truly believe you have a way of explaining complicated topics with easy examples. Keep it up! Look forward to watching more videos. Thanks

  2. boss aap ne jo last me jo mummy wala eg diya vo glt h ye law sirf manufacturer pe hi lagu hota h bus kisi shopkeeper pe nhi

  3. Sir hmne aap ki markting se relative sari video deki aap se 1 question puchna hai fine year mai .princepal of markting and international markting ka same process rhyta hai…….?????

  4. sir pls explain me industry …line of product and line of business so we can understand and work on keywords of that companies website

  5. Bhai Sahil,
    Companies know that already, but there is a business convention that many communities do. It goes like : company creates high end product to cater riches, budget product to cater low/middle class and another product which is in the middle of the two. This product sells the most and the production of these 3 products is adjusted likewise, so no losses to the company

  6. Hi Sahil, I think length of product line is the horizontal length of all product line of a company, as against the variants in a product line which is the vertical line. Can you please clarify

  7. Sir please make a video on price strategy that why marketier set price like 1999 or 2050 Rs instead of exact amount range like 1000 or 2000

  8. Sir aapse ek baat puchni thi mujhe online product ka knowledge bahot hai main konsa domaina buy karu plz mujhe bataye

  9. Baithkar Kon teaching krta Hy?? Samajh Kar b naa samajhpaye aisi halat hogayi Hy…so it wud b convenient use chalk and board to explain us and be slow (◍•ᴗ•◍)

  10. Hello sir

    I have 1 question.

    For example, 1 company say 'A' is tieing up with other foreign company 'B'. Now A is selling their own manufactured products as well as selling the products manufactured by B but on their own name (A). Then this both products will fall under different product line or same?

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