The Quick Guide to Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral comes in a variety
of shapes sizes and styles. And it’s good to know how each one of
those fit into your marketing strategy. Let’s run down eight collateral pieces and learn how each one can be used
to power your marketing. One of the most basic marketing pieces is – the brochure. A brochure presents a powerful message
in a portable manner. Their purpose is to grab attention and create awareness so they’re full of easily digestible information and intriguing graphics. Next up – sell sheets. A sell sheet is a simple piece that goes really in-depth on a specific product or service. It shows the benefits and a compelling and to the
point kind of way and is usually no more than one or two pages. A landing page is like a cousin to your website. Landing pages provide a highly targeted message
for one specific product or promotion. And they keep the visitor focused on the
main goal or outcome. Explainer videos are short videos that describe a product or service. These videos give your customers a demo of how your product or service will change or impact their life. Testimonials from your customers are
your biggest cheerleader. They tell potential customers what the
current experience is like. It proves that your product or service is valuable, and that people can vouch for your credibility. An e-book is a longer piece of content that educates prospective buyers about topics important to them and to your brand. They are a great way to creatively demonstrate expertise in a visually appealing manner. Ebooks should contain an even balance of text and
visual aspects. A white paper is like an advanced problem-solving guide. Readers expect a high degree of expertise backed by solid research that is fully
documented by references. A white paper will help build credibility and trust as it thoroughly explains an aspect of your business. A case study shows a customer’s problems and explains how your business solved it. It helps your prospect see tangible
evidence that your ideas truly work beyond the testimonials on your
website. Half the battle is simply knowing the differences between the collateral pieces and how to use each one to best accomplish your goals. Once you do you’ll be well on your way to marketing success. For even more marketing tips hit that subscribe button.

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