The Return of Abhimanyu (Irumbu Thirai) 2019 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Vishal, Samantha

Why do you need to change it? Please tell us what the problem is. You said it would last
for just three days. This is not just a cup of tea,
I’ve a new customer for you. Don’t forget my commission.
– I’ll take care of it. Decide the percentage
of my commission. I told you that
I’ll look into the matter. What’s this? A blank message? Who sent it? I’m not a girl that somebody
would flirt with blank messages. Come in.
– Hello, sir. Who is this guy?
– I told you about him. He’s Gurumurthy. Are you a software engineer?
– Yes. I’m a specialist in Java, ICAT. Look, I’ve nothing to do
with your knowledge. It’s enough that you’ve a degree.
Take a seat. Look my child, I need your help. I’ve earned lot
of black money in my life. I need to turn the money
into white money. Your first job would be to open
a new bank account this Friday. You must create a forged document… …stating that you’ve sold a software
to an American company… …for 5 crore rupees. Got it? No one will doubt the source of income
if we mention sale of software. You’ll get your commission. Transfer 4.5 crore rupees
to my account after 2-3 weeks. You can enjoy with
the remaining 50 lakh rupees. It’ll be your money. You don’t need to return it to me. Remember something. Don’t get tempted by this huge amount. I hope you understand. Take your wife and daughter
for world tour. Stay with him.
– Okay, sir. Let’s go, Gurumurthy. How do you manage to win all the time?
– Wait and watch. I must find out. What is this? It’s going to catch you. It’ll come near you and catch you. And your dad will save you. You withdrew all the money
five minutes after it was deposited. Where is my money?
– Sir, I’m speaking the truth. I don’t know.
– You don’t know? Hey!
I’ll wait till 9 tomorrow morning. If you don’t return the money… …then get ready to cremate
your wife and daughter. Look Gurumurthy,
I don’t care if you stole the money… …or somebody conned you. If you don’t return
the money I’ll kill your family. What’s the matter?
You’re drenched in sweat. The elevator was not working
and I had to walk upstairs. Shall I serve dinner? I’ve made your favourite
coconut chutney with dosa. – Okay. ‘I’ll wait till 9 tomorrow morning.’ ‘I hope you understand what I mean.’ Hey! Hi!
– How are you? I think you should try the cocktail.
– Yes. This drink is from me. Hello. Do you’ve margarita cocktail? Senorita is drinking margarita. Excuse me. Excuse me.
Do you’ve a lighter to make fire? Fire?
– Yeah. Me?
One minute. How are you? I’m Abhimanyu.
He was a great warrior. Hi!
– It’s really nice to meet you. It’s a crime to see a young girl like
you waiting for a drink at my bar. Pradeep! Your bar?
– Of course. You see that? He’s my uncle.
He’s a legend. Okay. Cheers!
– Idiot. Where are you from?
– Barcelona, Spain. Oh Spain!
I speak a little bit of Spanish. And I can speak a little Hindi. That makes the conversation easier. Bro, did you find no one else? I’m sowing the seeds
but you’re taking away the harvest. C’mon, enjoy.
– I’ll be right there. She’s alone. Hi! Why? I don’t care for anything today.
No limit. I’ll drink to the fullest. I’ll have to tolerate the boring food
at the military canteen for a year. Why are you being so desperate?
You get rum in the canteen. Bro, this place is heaven. There are foreigners everywhere.
– Why are you staring at the girls? The foreigners are our guests.
Respect them. Why are you teaching me to respect? That loafer will ruin our reputation. The one who’s trying to flirt
with the foreign girl? – Yes. You and I’ll go to Barcelona. I’ll put on the marital
chain around your neck… Sorry, we’ll exchange rings
and get engaged at the church. We’ll go to a temple instead
of a church… Yes. – We’ll get married
as per India rituals… …and settle down in India. In India?
– Yes, in a small village. Superb idea!
It’s a very bad idea. It’s a very bad idea.
His affair won’t last long. Did she tell me to settle the bill? Ask her to pay my bill.
Welcome to India. Hey brother! I’m Gyan.
– Look for somebody else. Listen to me, bro.
I won’t take long. You snatched away the girl from me. She was ready to marry you.
It won’t be wise to leave her mid-way. Mr. Gyan Kumar I did not flirt
with her just because… …she’s fair and beautiful. I flirted with her just
because she’s a foreigner. Oh! So, you wish to settle abroad? It’s not just a wish,
it’s my mission in life. Why? don’t you love your country?
– No. I hate this country. Only the people are made in India
and everything else is imported. You’re absolutely right.
– The people are… …busy imitating the foreigners. I thought I would go
and settle down there. Your should’ve been named Gyan
(knowledge). Oh my drink! Doesn’t matter. Are you married?
– No, brother. She’s perfect for you. Go and get her.
– Thank you, bro. This is great! it’s going to
be a perfect black and white match. Hello. Excuse me. Let me introduce myself again.
I’m Gyan. This is an ideal case of sour grapes. Oh man! He’s trying to
impress another foreigner. They may be friends. Okay. Okay. Sorry.
– He’s a hunter. Concentrate on this.
– This is not acceptable. Hi!
– Hi! How are you? How are you? I’m Abhimanyu.
– I’m good. I’ll teach him a lesson.
Stop! Sit down. I said sit down.
– Argentina! Wherever you’re from… Listen to me. If he flirts with
one more girl, I’ll teach him a lesson. Sure, bro?
– Absolutely. Hello. My name is Abhimanyu.
He was a great warrior. This is my bar actually. Hi! Natalia.
– Hi! Very soft hands. I’ll go to your country
and we’ll get married. We’re in the army, bro.
Are you here for some parade? How dare you answer back? You please don’t go. Hey! Get up.
– What’s your problem? Back off.
– Stop! Sorry. Sorry. What are you doing?
What are you doing? Why are you beating me?
– I’ll ruin your face. Never try to flirt with foreigners. Guests are equivalent to gods. I think he’s drunk. Abhimanyu. My nephew. Abhimanyu. Look at your condition. Some people have taught you
a good lesson. Don’t’ shout. If the bar owner who’s in Dubai
finds out about your antics… …he’ll teach you a good lesson. You are always after foreign girls. Uncle, I can’t go abroad without visa. I’ve only one option. To marry a foreigner
and settle down abroad. It’s difficult to impress Indian girls
but it’s to marry them. It’s easy to impress foreign girls
but they don’t agree to get married. You and dad will stop giving me sermons
the day I marry Amy Jackson. You need to be like Michael Jackson
to achieve this feat. – Hey! Your anger is always
at the tip of your nose. So, they broke your nose.
It must be your dad’s call. What’s wrong with him now?
Yes, tell me. Son, your Selvi has fractured
her leg in a car accident. I need 5000 rupees for the surgery. So, she met with an accident?
Pas the phone to Selvi. She’s getting injected right now.
– She’s getting injected? Pass the phone to the doctor.
– The doctor is giving her injections. There must be a nurse, compounder
or somebody else around. Pass the phone to them.
– Why? don’t you trust your father? Even if you’re the last man on earth,
I won’t trust you. Hang up. So, you couldn’t fool him. He found out.
Your brother doesn’t love you. It’s difficult to get
a penny out of him. Show some respect to your father. He lies to everybody
and borrows money from them. Why should I respect him? I’ve already sent the money
for the monthly expenses. Nephew,
money isn’t everything in this world. You should visit them. After all it is your home.
– Home? The day your sister
and my mother expired… …I lost my home. I have only address. My dad will love me
only if he thinks I’m his son. He sent me to military school
after mom’s demise… …and never bothered to meet me. Nephew, forget it and forgive him. Uncle, please spare me. Make one more peg for me.
– No, I won’t. Please, uncle. I won’t be able
to sleep without another drink. Why didn’t you call me
when they were beating you? They didn’t give me
the chance to call you. They thrashed me in
whatever manner they could. That’s why you should always
have limited drinks. After I get over
the hangover tomorrow… What will you do? I’m sure you didn’t even see
their faces as you were drunk. Why are you wearing glares at night? Are you a Rajni fan?
“Lungi dance…” Wait and watch.
– Okay, let’s see. Gentlemen, we all welcome
you to the military training academy. I’m sure that in a year
when you complete your training… …you all will be the best officers
of the Indian army. During this training,
you’ll be in charge of… …our best officer Major Abhimanyu. You’ll report to Major Abhimanyu
for the next one year. All the very best, gentlemen.
Jai Hind! Attention!
– Sir! Left turn. The third cadet in the second file. Please come out. About turn. Third file first cadet, step out. Left turn. God please save me. You missed the fourth
cadet in the third file. Sly fellow! Come out. I wish you had listened to me. I told you not to hit me. Now tell me
who attacked me on the legs. Hit him on the legs.
C’mon, hit him. break it. Come. Hold your leg and go around
the ground 100 times. C’mon, go. Who hit me on the shoulders? How dare you these foreign girls? Sit down. Jump. Hundred rounds. Go. There was a stunt master
amongst you all… …who was rolling all over
the place and fighting. Rolla round and hit him. He’s the one. Come on. The devotees roll around
the temple and pray. Go around the ground hundred times.
Amen. Sir, I was just watching them. You were the fight coordinator. Hold him. Hold him. drag him. We’ll teach him a lesson.
Do it properly. I’ve thought something special
for you. There are 200 cadets
in this army camp. You’ll wish good night to
each of them in the morning… …you’ll wish them
good evening at noon… …and wish them good morning
before going to bed at night. But, the greetings are not right.
– You’re also not right. C’mon say it. Good night, Major. This punishment is not for a day.
You must follow it for a year. What?
– Go. Good night, major.
– Wake up. It’s 4 a.m. Are you ready for the training? Good evening, sir. Good morning. What’s written here? What are you doing? Go. What are you doing?
– Sir, I was… C’mon move. Hi!
– Hi! Hey uncle, whose child is this? Have you opened a nursery at home? I’m planning to start
a college right away. I’m baby sitting her.
She’s my neighbour’s child. So, everybody knows
that you’re out of work. Hi, baby! This child is going through
a very bad time. – Hello! Her father Gurumurthy jumped from
the balcony and committed suicide. What are you saying? Every household in the city has
appliances like TV, fridge, ac etc. How can people afford them? They buy things with their credit card. Gurumurthy did the same. Committing suicide was an easier option
for him than repaying the loan. Her mother has gone
to take the insurance amount. Hold her, I need to turn off the gas. Come, my dear. Your mother will soon be back. I wouldn’t have faced
these problems if I was married. Don’t cry, your mother
will soon be back. She’ll get something for you.
– Excuse me. Which is Gurumurthy’s house? The flat next door. It’s locked. His wife will soon be back. I’m right in front of his house.
Yes, Gurumurthy who committed suicide. I’m really tensed about this matter. Okay. I’ll come and meet you in office. I’ll call you back later. Madam…
– Yes. Are you Mr. Gurumurthy’s wife?
– Yes, tell me. Oh! how many times should I call you? Can’t you take the calls?
– No. Or did you husband tell you
not to take the calls of people… …who gave him loans. You act so humble
and sweet while asking for loans. No, that’s not right.
– Then what is right? You can’t even pay the EMIs on time. The house was bought with a loan. The car was also purchased with a loan. Do you’ve any property
in your native place? No, we don’t have any property. Did you think it was fun taking loans? Please don’t shout.
– Should I worship you? Give me two months’ time. Will that solve the matter?
Will your husband come back? From where will you get the money? Who will pay the money if you die? Please listen to me…
– Open the door. Don’t pretend to be naïve. Uncle, hold her. I’ll be back.
– What happened? Will you be able to repay the loan
if you pretend to be helpless? Open the door. Who are you?
Why are you slapping me? I’m doing my work. Is this your work?
Is this your work? Vijay Mallaya took crores
as loans from Indian banks… …and is enjoying
in the foreign countries now. Did you ever go to him
to recover the loan amount? Get lost. Small businessmen,
auto drivers, salaried people… …and poor students
are looted in the name of loans. I won’t come.
– Get up! How dare you threaten her? It is not wrong to ask
for the repayment of the loan. But disturbing the customer… …and threatening her at her home has… …become a habit of people like you.
– Sorry, I’ll go now. Remember that I’m an army officer. If I see you in this locality again,
I’ll shoot you. Get lost.
– My bike. What?
– My bike. So, you want your bike? Sir…
– Will you get lost or… There’s a fax.
– Fax? Sir.
– What’s this? Don’t you’ve any control over yourself? Have you forgotten that
you’re a military training officer? You must follow protocol. Be thankful that no one recorded
you thrashing the man. Why do you become so emotional? That ordinary constable
is questioning me. He has sent your complaint
and photo through fax. I’m really sorry, sir. This is your seventh
apology of the year. You may be physically fit but
psychologically you’re totally unfit. I give you six weeks time. Consult a government
authorized psychiatrist. Complete anger management session. Get a report that
you’re mentally fit and then… …you’ll be allowed
in the academy again. Got it? Sir…
– My decision is final. Dismissed. Get a wife for me.
– Why? Or I’ll have to get myself
admitted in a mental asylum. Let’s go.
We’ll get lots of aunts for you. Yes, you can come at 7 tomorrow. Hi! How are you? I love you. Okay.
– I’m speaking to my nephew. Who are they?
– Hang up. Do they’ve appointment?
– Your good name, sir? Abhimanyu.
– Dr. Ratidevi hasn’t arrived yet. Please wait.
– Ratidevi? She must be an aged old doctor.
I’m sure. I just have to meet her. Strange sound coming. But, from where? Sir… excuse me, sir. Is your liver hurting? Do you want to pee?
Did anyone thrash you? I’ve no problem. You can share with me
if you’ve any problem. I get angry at very small things. Look at this skinny fellow.
First learn to speak loudly. I’m sure no one in your family
ever got angry at anybody. You’re pulling my leg.
– Do I look skinny? Do I? Am I not a human being? Brother, don’t shout
or you’ll fall down. Do you think you’re healthy
and I’m sick? You think you’ll live
long while I’ll die early. Is that what you want to say?
– You’re delicate than a clay toy. You’ll break if you move too much. You think I’m a toy
that’ll break if it moves? I’ll show you how powerful I am. Please calm down, sir.
– I’ll tear you apart. I’ll rip you apart.
You don’t know how powerful I am. Once I raise my hands against
somebody he leaves the world. The way you left this place. He knows all the strong
powerful dialogues. Control. Control. – I’ve already
gone crazy in half an hour. How will you stay here for six weeks? Only a mad fellow will
stay here for six weeks. Go to the counter
and get forms for the next six weeks. The doctor will sign all of them. I hope you’re not joking.
– I’ll take six weeks’ leave. Give it to me.
– Who is he? Ratidevi, the aged doctor. Doctor, he’s Abhimanyu.
– Hello. You’ve to help him
in anger management. I think she’s deaf. Doctor, he’s Abhimanyu. He loses his temper
at the drop of the hat. You need to treat him. Doctor! Stop dusting. Get lost. Let me do my work. She’s the maid. Let’s sit. C’mon. She’s dusting the place
as if the doctor is a renowned one. Madam, we’ve two mental patients here. I think they need shocks. Oh god! Her name sounded
like an old lady’s name. But she turned out to be
a beautiful young doctor. That’s my personal opinion. Nephew, she’s going to be your aunt. Who is Abhimanyu? The one who’s sitting right
before you. The six feet tall handsome young man. Hello Abhimanyu,
have you brought your reports? School or college?
Which report card do you want? It seems that
he gets angry very quickly. Faster than instant coffee. Sir, come close. Tell me, dear Rati. I think that you get
nervous very easily. How do you know? I know how to treat this problem?
– Treatment? How? My maid suggested that
I give you electric shocks. She’s indirectly telling me
that she’ll meet me outside. Why are you still waiting here?
– Thank you. I’ll wait for you outside near
the tea stall under the tree. Come fast. Don’t be slow. Abhimanyu, what makes you angry? I get angry when I see anything
wrong happening around me. The people who watch the wrong doings
silently are coma patients for me. You want me act like coma patients
and not get angry. I’m okay the way I am. It’s not wrong to get angry
if you see anything wrong. But, it was wrong to thrash the man. I don’t need you to tell me
what’s right and what’s wrong. I’m not saying that you’re wrong. Your officer thought you were wrong
and so he sent you to me. He’s a senior officer
and he has no choice but to say so. This is just a formality.
I was helpless and had to come. I had no other option but to come.
This is also a formality. These are the forms
for the next six weeks. This is also a formality. Sign them, the formalities will be done
and I’ll leave. Since everything is a formality
I can’t sign the papers… …without checking your mental health. Do I look mad like
the people waiting outside? I didn’t say that. But, your actions suggest so. What experience of life do you have? What do you know about life? Do you think you know
everything about my life… …just because you read few books? Do you know
what problems I face in life? Are you aware of them? You can’t check me.
Sign the papers quietly. You’re a good trainer. You train the cadets
to become good officers. Oh no!
– You’re a good person… …but you react to wrong things. I’m also feeling angry. But that doesn’t mean
that I’ll thrash you. This is not your academy
and I won’t follow your orders. You’ll come to me regularly
for the next six weeks… …like an obedient student. And after that I’ll sign the papers. The day you’ll speak to me
without getting angry for an hour… … I’ll sign this form. Attend the sessions daily
for the next six weeks. Keep this. Press it when you’re angry
and count till ten. Your anger will subside. See you in the next session. Hello, sir. Have you brought cash? Please reduce the amount this time. I can’t do the work
for such a small amount. Sir, please adjust. You just need to tear
four pages from a file. The amount is too high for this work. There are five sub-inspectors
working on the case. You won’t be dragged into any problem. What’s the matter, sir?
Do you’ve any problem to do this work? Your work will get done. Is the deal okay?
– Hmm… Tell the don to deposit the money
in my account before Friday. Okay, sir.
– Or… Don’t worry sir. Today is your first session. What is your most favourite thing? I’m asking you. Say something. You told me that
you would sign the papers… …if I keep my anger
in control for an hour. Keep speaking, I’ll keep quiet. Okay.
Now I’ll speak while you keep quiet. Abhimanyu, every person
reacts to the incidents around him. If he saw the same incidents
in his childhood… …and couldn’t react to them
then the anger keeps accumulating. This accumulating anger
is called un-forgiveness hook. The desire to seek revenge
results in anger. To come out of this emotional trap
you need to reduce your anger… …and forgive the person
who’s the cause of your anger. Did you go to Paris?
– Yes. Why?
– To meet my sister. The girl in this photograph
is your sister? Hmm… What does she do there? She’s a human rights activist. French citizen. What’s her name?
– Saroja Devi. Oh! Saroja Devi. Nice. Is she married? Why are you asking these questions? These are just casual questions. Is she married?
– No. Superb! Great! So, your aim is to help me
get rid of anger. My aim is to go away
from this country. Isn’t it a strange coincidence? Suppose that you live
in Chandni Chowk and… …you wish to go to
Defense colony from there. Can you brave through
the traffic without getting angry? It’s impossible.
People will honk behind you… …overtake you from the wrong side. People will walk
in the middle of the road… …instead of taking the foot-path. There will be road blockades for VIPs. The traffic police will fine you. Even a sage will get angry
under such circumstances. Just imagine
if I live in a foreign country… …I won’t get angry even
for a moment because… …there no traffic jams there. This is the only way
to control my anger. Please get me hitched to Saroja Devi. What nonsense! I’m a doctor
and I don’t run a marriage bureau. You shouldn’t get angry. You must teach me
to control my anger, but you… This is stress ball. Whenever you get angry count
till ten and press it. You’ll calm down.
My doctor gave me this advice. We’ll meet in the next session. Convey my greetings to Saroja Devi. Cash has been deposited.
– Hey! Close the door. What’s the matter?
The food smells great today. From which restaurant
did you order food? From Hakim’s restaurant. How much does he earn in a day? Around 40,000. Why doesn’t he give any share to us? He adds extra spices
to the chicken he serves you. Call him here and talk to him
for your share. Listen… go out. Sir, have you done my job?
– Do you think I’m a fool? You think you’ll make me
do the work without paying? Sir, I’ve deposited money
in your account. You must’ve received a message.
– Yes, I received a message. But the money was withdrawn
five minutes after it was deposited. Sir, don’t narrate stories to me.
I deposited the amount. I’ve done my job. Now you must find out
where the money vanished. Yes, sir. Tell me.
– Arvind, 25 lakh rupees have… …vanished from my account just now.
– What are you saying, sir? The hackers have stolen
from a police man’s account? Sir, register a complaint
and I’ll handle the case. I can’t lodge formal complaint. I can’t revel the source of income.
It was a secret account. Try to understand.
– Okay. Send me the account details. I’ll look into the matter. Any information?
– I’ve traced it, sir. This is the phone number. I’ve also traced the IP address.
He’s in this city. Call him.
– Connect the number. Sir. Hello. How dare you hack
a police officer’s account? I give you 24 hours time. Return 25 lakh rupees
that you hacked from my account. You’re a police officer. Right? If you’re powerful
enough then arrest me. So, you want to play with me?
You stay in Ballahbharam. Right? I’m coming. I’ll drag you out. I’m in Ballahbharam. Tell your cyber crime expert
to refresh his screen. Where am I at the moment?
– Pondicherri? Refresh the screen once again. What’s my latest location?
– Kadalur. Can anyone reach Kadalur
from Pondicherri in half second? I’ve stolen your ill-gotten money. Your salary account has
2,44,435.25 rupees right now. Until you disconnect
the call 10,000 rupees… …will be deducted every second
from your saving account. Are you joking with me? Hey! Hey! Your balance is very low.
Disconnect the call quickly. You didn’t come for the session today.
– Hi! Komothalemu.
– What’s that? French. I’ve taken admission
in French learning class. But, you don’t have time for sessions? This is not the ideal place
for session. It’s so crowded and noisy.
I can’t concentrate. If you want to have sessions
with me then let’s do something. For a change
why don’t we talk as we walk. Thank you. How is your elder sister? Did you tell her about me? Let’s play a game.
– Game? Quid. Pro. Quo.
– What’s that? I’ll answer all your questions… …and in return you must
answer my questions. Can I ask anything?
– Of course. But, I want honest answers.
I’m a psychiatrist. I’ll easily get you if you lie to me.
– Agreed. But, I’ll ask the first question. Have you ever fallen in love? What kind of question is this?
– Remember what we agreed upon? I can ask anything.
I want an honest reply. Well, I think I fell in love
at least 12 times. Who? You?
– Of course. You fell in love 12 times? Well, I admit it was
an awkward question… …but you could’ve said
that you never fell in love. You can’t ditch 12 people. If anyone ditched you by mistake
then he must’ve been mad. I’m not a fool.
I’m sure that you never fell in love. You’re a psychiatrist. Don’t lie. Next question. What’s the reason behind your anger? Have you ever watched a kabbadi game? I’ve been playing
this game since childhood. Violence is a part of my system. It vents out as anger all the time. I’m unable to control it. How many players are
there in a kabbadi team? Two goalkeepers,
one wicket-keeper and few extras. It would’ve been better
if you mentioned the name of wrestling. Look…
– What are you doing? Excuse me. Okay. Does your sister prefer a gentleman… …or a rough
and tough macho man like me? I counsel people in a comfortable
ac cabin six days a week. She’s a human rights activist. Any person resorting
to public violence… Is pout behind bars
for at least six years by her. Oh! so, your sister is
Human Rights’ Activist. That’s cool. Why do you hate people
who borrow and lend money? Have you ever borrowed thousand rupees
from anybody? Even if a friend lends you
the money he’ll behave… …as if he’s giving you something
very precious. People don’t lend money easily. The money becomes more than respect. A poor man who recharges
his phone balance with 10 rupees… …has to pay 4 rupees as tax. But if a rich man recharges with
500 rupees he gets full talk-time. This is the difference between
the rich and the poor. The one who gives loan acts
like god and insults the person… …who has taken the loan. You would’ve understood this emotion if
you ever borrowed money from anybody. Do you know how many times my family
was insulted because of my father? A son feels safe under
the shelter of his father. I also have felt the same but my father
always made me lie to save himself. Don’t tell them that I’m at home. Hey Rangaswamy! Rangaswamy, are you alive or dead? Where is he? Where is your dad? Dad is not at home.
– Call your mother quickly. What’s this? Where’s Ranga? He took 5000 rupees
from me six months back. Since that day he changes
his route whenever he sees me. I don’t have hopes
of getting back the money. I don’t want to snatch
your marital chain. It would be better if you take it out. That was not the last time. He hasn’t changed even today. I never shared this with anybody. Your game is wonderful.
You made me reveal the truth. Come with me. Why did you bring me here? Do you want to say something? Do you feel at peace now? The chirping of the birds,
the beautiful sunrise, This is the beauty of nature… …something that you don’t value. What you see is not important,
what matters is our view point… …and how we see a particular thing. Don’t you miss your family? They don’t need me. I send them money every month. I don’t think they want
anything except money from me. That’s very good. How much money
have you earned till date? Tell me the truth. Have you never thought
of paying the loans to bring back… …your mother’s marital chain? Shall I say something? You’re a bigger coward
than your father. He kept running away
from the money-lenders… …and you kept running
away from your personal life… …and responsibilities. Start looking for happiness
at the place you lost them. Meet your dad. You can’t reach anywhere
if you run away from life. Assure him that you’re with him. Spend time with your sister. This is not a request,
this is an order. You’ll spend time with
your family for the next 30 days. After that I’ll sign the form. It means I need to go
to my native place. Okay, I’ll do that. I know very well what kind
of person you are. Take selfies with your family daily
and upload it on social media. I’ll like those pictures. I’ll sign the papers after 30 likes. Okay?
– Okay. I’ll do as you say. Tell your sister to also like me. She must know how my family is. Abhimanyu, I want to say something. Actually I lied to you
about my sister. What do you mean?
There’s no Saroja Devi? What are you saying?
I had tattooed her name on my chest. I can’t see it. It must’ve merged with
my dark complexion. Okay. So, you don’t have
an elder sister. You must’ve a younger sister. It’s not just about a sister,
Abhimanyu. I don’t have a family. The people who have no
family understand… …the importance of a family You angrily stated that
you don’t have a family. Will you be able to face
their loss if you lose them? You don’t value them now. But, when you lose them you’ll regret
you actions and miss them. Go home today. Cadets, attention! Start playing the band. Stop it!
What’s all this nuisance? Who are they?
– Son, they’re my friends. Hello.
– Hello. They know that you’re in the army.
– Yes. You become enthusiastic the moment
you hear the army’s name. Control yourself. I’m sure you’ve a gala time
at the army. C’mon ask him.
– Yes, ask him. Did he bring it? Have patience. He’ll give it. What is it? Since you’re in the army
you must’ve surely brought… …the special liquor bottle
you get there. We call it petrol.
– Yes, liquor. Rum. Are they the respectable
and aged people of this village? Yes, they’re very aged. He’s 73 while he’s 72. But I’m 75.
– Control your tongue. What is this, Rangu? You said that
he would bring petrol for us… …but he has brought a childish ball. What are you saying?
He loses his temper very easily. C’mon, go now.
– Okay. C’mon, go.
– Won’t we get liquor? You call yourselves old and aged.
Don’t you feel ashamed? Don’t meet me again.
– Let’s meet at night. Come with me. – Son, I tried to reason
with them several times. They’re very bad people.
They never listen to me. They always force me to join them. I want to click a photo.
– For what? Are you taking a selfie? Smile. Don’t look at me and smile,
look at the camera. Liquor!
– Later. I felt really bad when
I took it from your mother. But, I never sold it. I melted the gold
and made a chain out of it. 30,000 rupees that you owed us.
– Thank you. You wanted this liquor that’s available
only with the army people. Right? Only the army men have
the permission to drink it. Don’t you know that
I was also in the army? You were in the army?
– Yes, in the childhood games. Left. Right. Enough. Pass me your glass.
– Here. You’re so old. Fill the glass.
– I am not old. Cheers!
– Cheers! Drink as much you want,
I’m very happy today. Stay happy till you get married. She changed my life in 30 days
with a stress ball worth 30 rupees. She explained
how my view point was wrong. It’s simple. Wear glasses that
suit you and your vision will be clear. I’m not talking about vision,
it’s view point. Our view point decides
what’s good and what’s bad. I never knew that I could be such
a soft and emotional person. You’re done. Actually, she told me… What’s this?
All of you got drunk after one drink? Don’t worry.
– Poor man. I’ll have the second round of drinks. There’s still time
before the night ends. Oh god! Sir, please drink coconut water. Which place is this?
– This is my farm. You were sleeping beside the river
so I brought you here. Where are the old men
who were with me? They went home long time back. Thank you.
– Sir, I met you before. You’re Selvi’s brother. right? Yes. I love her for the past six years. We’ve decided to get married. Uncle knows about our relationship.
He spoke to my dad. I don’t know what happened that day. Selvi completely changed
after that day. She told me that we can’t continue
with the relationship. She told me never to meet again.
When we were in college I was scared… …that people would find out about us. But, she’s very brave. She said that we shouldn’t be afraid
of anyone if we’re in love. If we don’t get married I’ll be sad
and Selvi will be shattered. I’m confused and don’t know what to do. So, I thought of sharing
the matter with you. Please help me. What’s your name?
– Keshav. Selvi, I met Keshav today. Both of you are in
a relationship for years… …what’s the problem now? You didn’t even mention him to me. Hey! I’m talking to you. Why should I talk to you? I’m your elder brother.
– Whose elder brother? If you stay here for few days
… you won’t be a brother. …you won’t be a brother. What do you know about me?
Which subject have I studied? What do I like and dislike? Do you have any knowledge
of these things? You left when I was twelve years old. You didn’t even call me
in all these years. Did you ever think how
a girl without a mother grew up? Did you ever enquire about us?
– Please don’t tell him. Why won’t I? Neither you tell me
nor you let me tell him. You may be scared of your son
but I’m least bothered. What do you think? That we’re enjoying
with the money you send. Look at our condition.
Just see the luxuries we enjoy. You’re selfish.
– Hey Selvi. Don’t ruin your life for me. Share your problem with me. Keshav’s mother is
the one causing all the problems. She invited me to her home one day. They’ve a palatial house.
They’re very rich and reputed. She told me that
she was against their relationship. But I begged before her
and managed to get her consent. But, she demanded 200 gram
of gold jewelry in dowry. How can a poor man like me
afford so much gold? I share my financial problem with her. She told me to look
for a groom I can afford. It was like a tight slap on my face. I couldn’t get them married… …and I suggested her
that she elope with the boy. But, she refused. The parents are greedy… …but the prospective groom
is a nice person. What is the problem
in eloping with him? If I wanted to elope
then I could’ve done that long ago. I want a family. I’ve spent my life
without my mother and brother. I’ve spent all these years confined
within the four walls. I never realized what a family is. So, I want to live in a family. Hey Selvi! Keshav is a nice person.
Selvi loves him. As a father and brother
if we can’t fulfill her wish… …then what’s the use
of our presence in her life? Her desires can’t be fulfilled
if they’re illogical. It isn’t illogical.
She has spoken to us. You’re her father
and I’m her elder brother. She unhesitatingly said before us
that she doesn’t have a family. You could neither be an ideal father… …nor could I be your ideal son. But, I’ll definitely be
an ideal brother for Selvi. How much money do
we need for the wedding? We need at least 10 lakhs
to meet their expectations. 10 lakh rupees? How much will we get if we sell
the land that belonged to mother? We’ll get 4 lakh from there. Okay.
Make arrangements to sell the land. I’ll arrange the remaining amount. But you hate taking loan.
– Yes, I do but I’ll take loan… …or my life will be futile. The most important thing for me
right now is Selvi’s happiness. I’m ready to sell myself
to get her married. Go and inform her. Go. You’ve fulfilled a brother’s duty.
– Please go now. Okay. You’ve lot of complaints against you. Go and meet your senior officer. Request him to
take back the complaints… …and then I’ll consider
processing the loan. Sir, the officers
who registered complaints against me… …are posted in Meghalaya,
Telangana and Kashmir right now. It’ll take me a couple of years to
locate them and get their signatures. Sir, please do something.
I need the loan urgently. We can’t change the army rules. If it’s urgent I would suggest you
try a civilian bank. Thank you, sir. May I come in? The door is open. Come in. Where are my papers?
You didn’t sign them yet? You seem to be in great hurry. What’s the matter, Abhimanyu?
You’ve changed a lot. Do you think so?
– of course. I heard that you were seeking loan
for your sister’s wedding. Yes. But, without any result.
All my applications have been rejected. Don’t worry, you’ll find a solution. You’re free now. You don’t need to meet me again.
– Why won’t I? I’m seeking a loan. I don’t know in how many banks
I need to apply for the loan. God knows how many bank managers
will get thrashed by me. If I beat even three managers… …I’ll have to come to
you for counseling… …for an entire year.
– That’ll be a waste of all my efforts. We’ll meet again. Listen… I’ve a question. It’s so difficult to stay here
even for few minutes. How do you manage so many difficult
cases without getting angry? What is the secret? Shall I share a secret? Treat the people who tease
and make you angry like kids. Your anger will vanish. Try it, you’ll enjoy doing it. Bye.
– Bye. Your documents are oaky. You’ll get the loan. But you need to keep
a security deposit for a loan. The army is there for the security
for the entire country. Why do you need any security
from someone who protects the country? You’re undoubtedly right. Suppose if I approve
the loan without a security… …and he gets posted at the borders… …and if he gets killed by the enemy… …from whom will I get
the loan amount back? What’s the logic behind this? Army officers don’t have passport. They’re always transferred
so they don’t have ration cards. If banks refuse to give us loan
where will we go for financial help? I’m not refusing you a loan.
It’ll get sanctioned. But you need to mortgage
a property against the loan amount. It’s useless to speak to this fool. Shut your dirty mouth.
-What? When an army man sacrifices his
life you share it on social media. But you’re hesitant to help a soldier. You want security. Right?
– Yes. There are four security
guards posted outside. I’ll send them in.
The pauper need security guards. What kind of man is he?
How could he refuse an army officer? He’s mad. Forget him. Show him your dad’s photo. He’ll sanction the loan immediately
after seeing his pale face. He has taken loan
from everybody in the village. No one will lend him a penny. We don’t need pennies.
They need proof of property. My sister’s house is
in your father’s name. If he agrees then we’ll get the loan. Is it possible?
– Of course. Let’s go. Come in, brother-in-law. Nephew, look at your father
all dressed up to play the band. He’ll dance to the tunes. You’ve changed a lot in a month. This is really great.
– You look dashing. You’ve come here with an empty bag? Hope no one stole your belongings. Where would I keep the money
if I had other stuff with me? Listen o what your father has to say. He has brought
an empty bag to take cash. Your uncle will never change. Don’t I look handsome
in this new dress. I had great difficulty
in borrowing money to buy this dress. I’ve dyed my hair, got a facial done
and trying hard to look rich. I have put on great attitude and style. When I went to meet the groom’s
family they were stunned. They were tongue tied. I told them that my son was ready to
spend 20 lakh and not just 10. I’ve deposited 4 lakh that
I got after selling your mother’s land If you want to check the account
details then here’s the passbook. You promised to arrange 6 lakh. I’ll deposit the money
if you give it to me. As if it’s very easy. Have you arranged the money or not? We’ve started trying. Token number 37. Take out your glares. Why? What’s your age?
– Sir… He has applied for the loan. Right? What’s your age?
– 40 . You don’t look so young.
– I’ve used imported dye. Will you approve the loan
if I say that I’m 60? You’ve a good sense of humour.
– Sir, please return the file. You’ll easily get gold loan. You’ll also get car loan and loans
for consumer durable goods. Is it a bank or an electronic shop? Sir, we need personal loan. It’s against the bank policy to give
a big loan to a person who’s above 50. How come you’re still doing the job? He’s old only in appearance.
He’s still young. How much pension do you get? He gets no pension
but he has lot of tension in life. He’s a farmer.
We don’t give loans to farmers. Haven’t you heard the slogan ‘Glory to
the youth, glory to the farmers’? Well, that’s not the case.
This is a private bank. Try in a government bank.
You’ll surely get a loan there. Please give me your phone number. My nephew wants an aunt for himself.
– Security! We’ll go somewhere else. If you want loan
then go to a private bank. Go to a government bank. There has been no transaction in
your account since the past one year. Sorry, sir. There has been no transaction.
– Your papers are not complete. You need to go to a national bank. Sorry, sir. We can’t help you. Our bank doesn’t provide
this kind of loans. We can’t help you.
– Forget about getting a loan here… …you won’t get loan
in any bank of this world. If you want a loan come to our bank. Take loans at low rate of interest. Give me a cigarette.
– You can keep anything as security. Strange! We’re worried
and you’ve enjoying a smoke. I’ll go now.
– You’ll get loan from our bank. Take loan from us. It’s difficult to get loan
for his father… …and an aunt for his uncle. Uncle, you’ve to go to the bar.
Right? You can go. Take care of your old father. Thank you. Okay. Yes. Uncle, do you want a loan?
– Yes. How much?
– 6 lakh. 6 lakh. For house or car?
– I want personal loan. How will you get a loan so easily? There’s a process. Sir, we don’t need your advice.
Get back to work. Sir, this is my job.
I’ll help you get loan. We don’t need a private financer. Sir, you’ll get loan from this bank. How?
– Come, I’ll tell you. Sir, nobody gives
personal loans these days. Personal loans are given on trust. There’s no trust in this world. Sir, you’ll get loan
if you want to buy a car. If you want a house,
you’ll get a loan. You’ll get loan for electronic goods
but no one will give… …you loan for a person. Loans are given to rich people
who don’t need it. Great! Tell the manger that
you’ve a photocopy shop in Ambatur. You want to transform
it into a cyber café. You need 40-50 computers for the shop. Apply for 6 lakh business loan. You’ll get it easily. But, we don’t have a shop there.
– I know it. Only you and I know it. The manager doesn’t know it. We just need to give him documents. Is it coffee?
– Yes, sir. Give them one.
– Is there sugar in it? I’ll arrange the documents.
He’ll go to visit the site. We’ll convince a photocopy
shop-owner in Ambatur. After he visits the site,
he’ll sign the documents,, …and sanction the loan. That’s all. Sit at home and pay EMIs. Both of you will be happy. We can’t do this.
This doesn’t sound right. Why, sir?
What’s the problem in lying? You saw the out come
of speaking the truth. Did anyone give you the loan? Sir, if you need money
for wedding, medical treatment. Or for your child’s admission
in a good school… …you need to tell lies. Look at your dad. He’s ageing. How long will
he keep looking for loans? No, sir. This is not right. Sir…
– Abhimanyu, please wait. Wait for a minute. Come here.
– What is it, dad? You won’t get this golden opportunity.
Accept his proposal. Are you crazy?
He wants us to adopt fraudulent means. We need the money badly.
We’re ready to pay the interest. But I don’t find this proposal good. Can’t you say a small lie
for your sister’s wedding? You’ve aged.
When will you stop lying? It’s been a week that
we’ve been doing the rounds of banks. What did we get?
He’ll help us get the loan. This is our last hope.
This was also your mother’s wish. If we get the loan
we can get her married. Don’t think so much.
Come with me. Come. Sit down. What have you decided? We’re ready to take the loan.
– Superb, sir! In whose name shall
we sanction the loan? In dad’s name. Rangaswamy. We need three photographs. A present photo,
a photo two years old… …and one four years old.
Three passport size photos. He should look different
in the three photos. I guarantee that he’ll get the loan. Thank you, sir.
– Thanks for what? Don’t thank me. Give me 10% of the amount.
– What? Don’t be surprised. It was my idea. I’m charging only 10%
that is 60,000 rupees. Think about it.
– But… I don’t want it right now. Give me 60,000 rupees after you get
6,00,000 rupees in your account. That’s all.
– Okay, sir. Don’t refuse later.
– We’ll never do that. Okay. Thank god that we got the loan. Look, inform me after you get
a message from the bank. You must be very happy.
– Yes, I’m very happy. Give me your ID. Your loan
will be sanctioned. Welcome, sir. Everything okay? The loan has been sanctioned.
– Thank you, sir. I hope you remember
that I don’t need any thanks. Give me 10%. That’s all. Cash?
– No. only cheque. Harikrishna. Wish you lifelong happiness, my son. If you’re happy, I’ll be happy. Here’s the cheque.
– The spelling is correct. Keep it carefully.
– Thank you. We’ll leave now.
– Thank you, sir. Brother-in-law, look at this carefully. This is ATM machine. It has more buttons than
a voting machine. – Yes. There’s only one difference
between ATM and voting machine. Press the buttons and withdraw money. Okay.
– But in voting machines… We take money first
and then press the buttons. You’re very smart. It’s my duty to vote during elections. The card has been swallowed
by the machine. Have patience.
Type your pin number. Pin number?
– 4648. Don’t share this number with anybody.
– Okay. Go it? now press the number 4648. Do I need to press it four times? One. Two. Three… Hey! You don’t have to do that. What happened?
– You’re a fool. Cancel it.
– Done. 4648. press the numbers.
– 4648. right? Yes.
– You’re a strange man. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?
4648. Press the green button.
– The green one? Yes. Look your name
has appeared on the screen. Wow! Rangaswamy. How much money do you wish to withdraw?
– 25000. Look at this.
25000. Can you hear the sound
of cash being counted? Is the cashier inside? Take the money or it’ll go inside.
– The money is here. Keep clapping
and the money will go inside. Oh no!
Wow! Let me count it. My phone beeped.
Let me check. There’s a message. You withdrew money
from your account right now. – Yes. Whenever you withdraw money
you’ll get a message. Whenever I withdraw money?
– Yes, brother. Strange! How does these things happen?
I’m confused. Nephew, local caterers are useless. We’ll appoint a cook we know. He’ll cook such tasty food… …that people will lick their fingers
and plates clean. How is the idea?
– Okay. Dad…
– Yes, son. Go to the ATM and bring 5000 cash. I need to pay advance.
– I’ll go right now. Brother-in-law,
I can come with you if you want. Why? do you think I forgot the pin? Do you think I’m a fool?
I remember the pin. 4648. I won’t share it with anyone.
– No one can beat him. Don’t trip
and fall after wearing the glares. Shut up! He should’ve worked in films.
Look at his style. Yes, tell me.
– Are you still there? Dad will leave today. I’ll leave day after tomorrow. I want to attend the wedding but… It’s okay if you don’t
attend the wedding… …but do attend the reception. Okay. I’m sure my family
will fall in love with you. Oh god! – I hope they don’t
choose you as my bride. It’s my turn to get married next. Friends, relatives,
family will force me to marry you… …and you’ll be in trouble.
– Who are you talking to? Relatives and guests
will be busy eating. They don’t have time to waste. Well it’s my turn to get married
before you because I’m elder to you. How long will I romance
with these utensils? Who is this?
– It’s a cross-connection. I’ve a patient. I’ll call you later. Okay. Bye.
– Such big feet. Must be number 12. I was checking your shoe size.
Oh no! my nose. My nephew is jealous of my smartness. “I’ll go to a gym and build my body.” “I’ll be the Arnold of Subhashnagar.” “I’ve four bottles of soda daily.” Hey uncle! What are you doing?
– Do I’ve to see this now? I’m body building with hot
and cold yoga. It’s been long that dad left.
– What did you say? He didn’t return from the ATM yet?
I told him that I would go with him. He must’ve fallen in
a pit and lost his memory. Wear proper clothes first. I’ll get dressed in a minute. Dad forgets his phone all the time. Where’s my phone?
– Dad, your phone. Son, I was looking for it. Why do you always forget it? Here.
– Give it to me. I’ll be back shortly. Son, I think the ATM
card is not working. Not working?
– Yes. That can’t happen. I think you didn’t use it properly.
Let’s go. God knows what went wrong.
– Sit behind me. Ride carefully. Look I put it inside
and then took it out. What did you do after that?
– I typed the pin number. Enter the number. 4648. Who is Rangaswamy?
– Don’t you know your father? What do I have to do now?
– Put in the amount. How much?
– 5000. Enter the amount.
– 5. 50. 500. 5000. Insufficient balance. That’s what the voice was
telling me again and again. Give me the card.
Move. 4648. A slip came out the last time. I told you that the card isn’t working. Let’s change it. They should’ve checked it
before giving it to us. They’re irresponsible. Look. Dad, let’s go to the bank and ask.
– Yes. this machine is useless. It’ll be debited after three hours.
– Okay, sir. Sir…
– Yes, sir. He’s my dad. 10 lakh rupees is missing
from his account. What are you saying?
The card is not working. How is that possible?
– The money has vanished? Did anyone snatch the money
from you after you withdrew the amount? No, sir. The money is missing directly
from the account. How can it vanish from the account ? Give me your account number.
– 8747298472 Wait. Let me check the statement. He has spent the money somewhere. Check the transactions. Sir, we haven’t done
any of these transactions. Money has been withdrawn
from your account. Sir, I’m very sure. So many transactions are impossible. Sir, all these are online transactions. Who else could’ve done it? Sir, my dad doesn’t know
how to use the internet. Did you share the user ID
and password with anybody? I don’t know anything
about ID and password. I only know that I’ve to press
the pin number that is 4648. He’s using the card for the first time. This is a very secured system. No one can else can use your account. Sir, we weren’t aware
of these withdrawals. Do something. Go to the police station
and register a complaint. Get a copy of the complaint for me. I’ll help you in whatever way I can. Son, I didn’t withdraw any money. The man is lying. The shop? Where is the shop? Sir, here was a stall. Where did the man vanish?
– He set up the stall a month back. But, he didn’t come here
for the past two days. The bank officer told us to register
a police complaint. Dad, calm down.
Catch a bus and go home. I’ll do something.
I’ll do as you say. Yes, Abhimanyu. Tell me.
– I need your help. Yes, what is it? Somebody has withdrawn
money from my account. Withdrawn money from your account?
– yes. I’ll give you an account number.
Please get the details of the account. I’ll try. Tell me the account number. 00123.
– Yes. 00123. 482121.
– Okay. What’s this?
This account is located in Brazil. Brazil?
– Yes. It belongs to some computer dealer.
– Okay. Get me the company’s contact number.
– Okay. I’ll message it. Okay. Send it. Welcome to Brazil Computer Service. How can the money disappear? Press 1 for customer service. This is a Brazilian account, major. It doesn’t fall under our jurisdiction. Press 2 for technical assistance. You’ll waste time if you go to police. It won’t help. Press 3 to talk to
the customer care executive. Abhimanyu,
my best friend’s dad is the ACP. We’ll find a solution if we meet them. Thanks for calling
the customer service. You were supposed to open
a cyber centre at a photocopy shop. You took loan to buy computers.
Am I correct? Yes, sir.
– The statement suggests that… …you bought computers with the money. According to the statement
it’s a Brazilian company. When I called them I just got
to hear recorded messages. I’m not getting any help.
So, I came to you for help. Okay. The computer orders… …and the money
has been traced to Brazil. Which address did
you write in the form? Ambatur.
– Do you have a shop in Ambatur? No, sir. – You’re the biggest
fraud in this case. Sir…
– You’ve forged government documents. You’ve cheated the government. You’ve duped a private bank. And now you’ve come
to register a fake police complaint. You can be out behind bars
for four violations. You’ll be behind the bars
for at least a year. Is that okay for you?
– Uncle… Just think of it, dear.
If an unknown person… …helps you get a loan will you share
all your personal details with him? You, won’t. Right? I’m speaking to
you because you came here with Rati. If you came to the police station
then I would’ve thrashed… …and put you behind the bars. I handle such cases every day. They’re ordinary people.
But you’re an army officer. Did you lose your common sense?
– Uncle… Try to understand.
I can’t do anything officially. I never do anything that’s unofficial.
Now you can go. Hey! One more point. Don’t miss out the EMIs. If you fail to pay
a single installment… …the bank will reach your doorsteps. If they find out that
you don’t have a shop… …then you’ll land behind the bars. Under these circumstances
we can’t get Selvi married. I can’t even go to the police station
and lodge a complaint. The invitation cards have been printed. We’ve made a serious mistake
because of that agent. Abhimanyu, don’t lose hope. I’m sure that we’ll find a solution. We’ll arrange the money.
– Don’t worry. Son, let’s go to some other bank
and take a loan of 10 lakh. Why just 10lakh?
Let’s take a loan of 20 lakh. Why not apply for a loan of 1 crore? What kind of man are you? I know that you’ve sold off
your reputation and honour. Nephew.
– You don’t want to pay this loan. But, I’ll pay each and every penny. How can you go and beg before anybody? You’ve taken loans all your life
and ruined my life too. What are you doing? You’ll take loan and hide when
they’ll come to get their money back. You’ll hang your head in shame
if you’re caught. I had tried to reason with you
and told you not to lie for the loan. You’re responsible for this.
We’re facing this only because of you. You forced me to do something illegal. The ACP called me fraud because of you. You’ve been insulted all your life. But, today you got me insulted. Well-done, dad! You made me hang my head down
in shame just like you. Stop it. – My mother died
because of the burden of your loans. You’ve killed my soul too.
One day my sister will also die. What are you saying?
– All of us will die… …but you’ll never stop taking loans. Go. go away. Dad… If you don’t go
I’ll raise my hands against you. Nephew…
– Abhimanyu. Go away. Nephew…
– Go away. I accept that I took 6 lakh
from the fraud. But, the remaining 4 lakh rupees
was the hard earned money of my mother. I will get it back. I won’t’ spare them. Where are you going? The loan agent is Hari.
This is not his number. This is registered
in the name of a company. Company? Which company? A company named Offshore International. It’s an import export company. It’s located in Vorapalli area. Brother…
– Yes. Is there a company
named Offshore International? Never heard this name. I’ve been working in this building
since the past five years. Never heard of a company of that name. Albert…
– Yes. The company’s address is incorrect. You spoke about CUG. Is there any other active number? Hold on for a minute, I’ll tell you. I can see two numbers. One number is active.
– Active? Yes.
– Share me the address. Triplicane tower number 6874.
– Okay. Thanks. Thanks for helping me get this loan. Don’t thank me.
I need 10% as commission. You’re taking a loan of 8 lakh.
The commission amounts to 80,000. I don’t accept cash. Give me cheque. I need three passport size photos. A recent one. One two years old
and another one that’s four years old. I’ll arrange the documents. Your work will be done. Don’t worry. Okay?
– Okay, brother. Somebody is following you. Who can follow me?
– Excuse me. Don’t beat me.
– You work for this company. Right? Speak up.
– Sir, I’ve a small daughter. Sir, look at my daughter. Please don’t kill me. I know that your company cheated me. Where is Hari? Tell me or I’ll thrash you.
– Sir… I hope you won’t hand me
over to the police. Come on, take the call. Take the call. Speak. Hello. I’ll pass it to him. Sir, this call is for you. Did you speak to your brother?
– Yes, I did. Selvi… – I think he has arranged
money for our wedding. You’ve made me wait for long.
We’ll soon be married. Okay. What will you do? Shall I tell you right now? Oh no! you’re shameless. Two young people in love
don’t even know that… …somebody is overhearing them. Neither are they nor
are their words wrong. I’m also not wrong
that I overheard them. The only person who is wrong is you. Leave his collar. That’s like a good boy. I’ll make your sister’s
conversation viral if you harm him. If you act smart, I’ll post the link
on your sister’s facebook wall. Do you think it’s very easy
to catch the Devil? You’re just a number for me. There’s no problem
if you remain just a number. But if you become a threat to me,
you’ll also be… Exactly! That’ll be your fate too. Nephew…
– Yes, uncle. Did you reach home?
– Yes. Where are you?
– I’m at the bar. You were too harsh
and rude to your dad yesterday. Who will take care of him?
it’s our duty. The poor fellow didn’t eat
anything since yesterday. Dad, let’s have food. Dad, come. Let’s have food. Why are you crying now? I agree that
I lost my temper yesterday. But you shouldn’t take it to heart. I’m angry at you, I don’t hate you. I’ve calmed down now. It’s just money that we lost.
Forget it. I’m your son, I can’t see you sad. Will you be able to forgive me? Why are you apologizing?
Let’s eat something. Come. No.
– Why, dad? I’ve taken poison.
What did you say? I’ve taken poison.
– What are you saying? You won’t have any complaints…
– Dad, you’re spitting blood. What’s wrong with you, dad? Dad… Son… Don’t you have any common sense? Why did you take such a big step? You always asked me if I feel ashamed. The truth is that I don’t. You don’t know that
when your mother was sick… …the doctor told me that
she won’t live for more than a year. You and your sister
were very young at that time. I didn’t have the guts to tell you
that you’ll lose your mother in a year. I took loan from every person I knew. I knew it very well that
I couldn’t pay them back. I got her treated and somehow managed
to keep her alive for three years. I did it only for you, my son. This was the reason
why I borrowed money. I wanted to share this truth with you. I was ready to beg
before anybody for your happiness. I would take whatever money
they would offer me. Don’t give up, I’m with you. I’ll organize a grand wedding
for your sister. What are you doing here? Go out. Uncle, I told you not to speak. Can’t I speak to my son?
– No, you can’t. You must rest. Don’t worry, he’s little sick. We’re here to take care,
don’t worry, Selvi. Brother, how is dad?
– He’s fine now. Can I meet him now?
– He’s sleeping. Okay. They’ll discharge him tomorrow. Dad is sleeping now.
I didn’t tell her that he took poison. Please don’t tell her. Just a second. Selvi, give me your phone. I’ll talk to you later. Major, the phone has been
switched off ten minutes back… …but the battery is still hot. Some software is surely activate . This phone is hacked. Major, give me the phone. Tell me your number.
– 8939220874. Look, I’ve called you. Your call will get disconnected
at the count of three. One, two, three. Your SIM card is also hacked. The hacker can hear your conversations
and also read your data. Is there any method
to trace the hacker? The real hacker is
one whom you can’t trace. Every person has
a smart phone these days. We install apps
and press the allow button. The hackers use these apps
to get control of our phone. Major, I’m sure you got
an empty message. Maybe you forgot about it. The moment you open it all
the information stored in your phone… …including messages,
photographs, mail, camera… …Recorded voice,
everything gets hacked. Can’t we stop them?
– You’ve only one option. Stop using smart phone.
He’ll track your GPS. Use your dad’s basic phone. I’m sure it has no apps. He’ll neither be able
to hack it nor track it. I can understand that
he hacked Selvi’s phone. How did he find out that
Selvi is my sister? Isn’t it strange? You told him everything.
– I told him? You’re haring all your information
with the world. Look at this.
You uploaded 30 photos in a month. With you sister, your dad. You’ve uploaded
your family album on internet. I’ll tell you something. Last month a girl was kidnapped.
How did it happen? The moment the girl wakes up,
her mother clicks a selfie with her. She takes selfies while bathing her,
dropping her to school. Picking her up from bus stand
and that too with exact time. She also uploads selfies
of her favourite ice cream. The kidnapper checked her profile. He knew that she eats
an ice-cream at noon. He gave the girl her favourite
ice-cream and kidnapped her. People share their secrets… …and then complain
about breach of privacy. Cadet, attention! Abhimanyu, he wants to talk to you. Hello, sir.
I’m Vasant. I needed some money last year
for my mother’s treatment. We don’t get medical loan
in our country. People who are above 50
don’t get a health insurance. I forged some documents
to get the loan. The day I admitted her
in the hospital… …somebody hacked my account
and took away all the money. I don’t regret that I lost the money. But, I regret the fact that
I couldn’t save my mother. I’m helpless.
I came to madam for counseling. She told me that you faced
the same predicament. I don’t know how many people
like us will be targeted. Bye, sir. Whom should we blame
for his mother’s death, Abhimanyu? He considers himself guilty. You’re not an ordinary person like him. You’re a soldier. You were concerned only
about yourself in the beginning. Then you started worrying
about your family. When they faced problems
you couldn’t bear it. You set out to seek revenge for them. Our entire society is in danger. What about them?
Have you thought about them? Fight for justice, Abhimanyu. Cadets, fire! I got an email which stated that
I had won a lottery of 5 lakh rupees. When I clicked the link
a foreigner called me. He told me that
I’ll get my prize at home. He told me to pay customs duty
of 5000 at the airport. I took loan and deposited the money. Then I found out that there’s no
customs office at the airport. I lost all the money
and didn’t get any prize. For the last five years
the postman dropped my pension at home. When every dealing
became digital one year back… …they said that the money
would be deposited in bank. They made me sign documents. Few days back
when I went to the pension office… …they told me to contact the bank. When I went to the bank they said
that my money was not with them. Where did my money go? Sir, I had saved 3 lakh rupees
for my son’s education… …by working as a maid in households. When I went to the bank
to withdraw money for his fees… …they told me that
there was no money in the account. Somebody had withdrawn the money
with ATM card from my account. I kept my money in the bank
for safety but the money got stolen. Every ATM machine has a server switch. When you press your pin number… …your banker switches on the account
and checks your details. These scoundrels take advantage
of this time gap… …and steal money. We feel that the bank
is charging some tax. We curse the bank and then forget it. Earlier only humans were robbed. But now computers
and machines are also being looted. The people who rob us
are hiding in some other country. You can’t catch them.
Get back to your work. We won’t achieve anything in this way. We must look for some other option.
– Brother! Let’s go.
– How are you doing? I thought you must’ve settled down
in Barcelona by now. What are you doing with this drunkard? Actually, I’m very upset. Why, brother? what happened?
– Money was stolen from my account. How much did you lose?
– 10 lakh rupees. 10 lakh rupees? Okay, bye. Let’s go.
– Nephew, let’s go. Brother! I just remembered something. Please come here, I’ll tell you. This should be a secret between us. I’m an employee of this bank. My job may be in danger. Many of our customers
have lost 30-40,000 rupees. But, I couldn’t help them. The annual maintenance contract
of the bank computers… …has been given
to Richie Street’s Salman. He can help you. If you give him a small
amount he can hack… …and get your amount back
in the system. Don’t tell him that you lost 10 lakhs
or he’ll be scared. Tell him that you lost 50,000. Go ahead.
– As you enter Richie Street… …his shop is the third one
on the left. Salman System and Repair service. Tell him that I sent you. I want to meet Salman.
– Yes, I’m Salman. Gyan Kumar has sent us. My account was…
– Just a second. Chotu, take care of the shop.
– Okay. Look, we can’t discuss
these things outside… …or share them with anyone. What’s the amount?
– 50,000. 50,000! That’s a big amount. If my man did anything
you’ll get back 35,000. But, we lost 50,000
and you’ll return only 35,000? Thank god that
you’re getting back this amount. If you start doing the rounds
of court and police station… …the policemen and lawyers
will take away all the money. Okay, sir. – Enter the left lane
from the crossroads. You’ll find the board
of Muthu Mobile and electronics. You’ll meet my man Roberts there.
Note down his number. Call him when you’re outside the shop
and he’ll meet you. Hello. Okay. Okay. Nephew, brother-in-law will
be discharged from the hospital. Okay. You carry on. We’ll meet later.
– Okay, go. See you later. What kind of phone is this?
The display isn’t working. I bought it yesterday.
– Why are you shouting at me? You bought a phone
without warranty and guarantee. Go to the company.
Don’t trouble me. Please repair it.
I can’t afford a new one. What are you doing? Please repair it. Please, brother. Keep your phone. I’ll try to repair it. Come tomorrow.
– Repair it. This number can’t be reached right now. Sir, Robert?
– I’m Robert. Salman has sent me.
– Salman? He has a shop in this complex. He gave me your phone number
and account details… How do you know the details? I called you just now
but you disconnected the call. I didn’t get any call. I called you just now
but you disconnected the call. I was right next to the phone.
I didn’t get any call. It’s a fact. Sir, he told you that
he didn’t get a call. Go away from here.
Give me a Samsung charger. Take out a charger for him. Look, I don’t know any Salman.
It’s business time. Don’t waste my time. Please leave. Who is he? Why did he come? He came without the phone
and wanted me it repair it, How can I repair it? It’s really disturbing.
This is business hour. This charger is perfect. This is the cost of the charger. Please give some discount.
– No discount. What are you doing? You withdrew money just now.
– Yes. Whenever you withdraw
money you’ll get a message. Sir, all of them
are online transactions. Check them. C’mon hurry up. Sir, can I block the messages. What did you say? Sir, can I block the messages
from the bank? I can’t do that. I get messages from the bank. I want to block them.
– No. I can’t do that. Go somewhere else.
– Sir, come with me. I’ll solve your problem
in a couple of minutes. Two ginger tea. Now tell me sir.
Is it your number or your wife’s? What do you mean?
– Sir, husband and wife… …share joint accounts in bank. They can’t withdraw money
without the wife’s knowledge. What’s your problem?
– This is my number. It’ll cost you 15000 rupees. Are you okay with it?
– 15000 rupees? You’re surprised as
if I asked for 15 lakhs. You’ll enjoy later. Are you sure that
you can block the messages? It’s very easy for me.
Give sir ginger tea. I’ll be back shortly. A client wants to block
his bank messages. Shall I send him?
– Not today. Some other day. He’s a rich man. He has 15,000 rupees in his pocket. I told him to wait. It’s his account. I’ve checked it. There’s no problem. Where is he sitting?
– He’s standing there. Oh no! I told you not to
bring anyone to my shop. I sent him away a little while ago.
Have you gone mad? Who’ll handle him now?
You should’ve brought… …somebody you know.
– What happened? Yes, sir. Tell me.
– I want to block my messages. Look, I don’t do such things.
– He told me that you do. What does a tea-seller
know about mobiles? Get lost. Okay. Can I hear others’ calls? Brother,
do you know where you’re standing ? We don’t want to get into any trouble.
– So, you can’t do it. I’ve been trying to tell you
for a long time… …that we don’t do such things. Hello Gopal. He’s acting smart. Get five men
and reach near the subway . Break the scoundrel’s limbs. Hello. Listen to me. Send ten and not five men. I want to break all his bones. He’s continuously following me. Gopal, hope you’re coming. He’s following me like my shadow. Bring your men with you.
We won’t spare him. We’ll bury him alive.
He’s continuously following me. You’re not allowed
to go this way at night. This is our area. Get lost. Gopal! Hey Gopal! Where were both of you? I was trying to scare him
by taking your name? We told you that we would come.
– You’re going to kill me. I told you to get ten men with you.
Where are they? Don’t worry, they’ll soon reach here. Whom do we have to thrash? What’s this?
You called us to kill this rat? Do you see how well-connected I am? No one will recover
your bones from here. It’s a warning. The tall man is stubborn.
He didn’t even bat an eyelid. Brother,
he won’t listen to your words, I’ll… Hey! Last warning. He’s Shankar Dada. Run away. Mom, save me. Go and beat him.
– Stop! Stop we’ll teach you a lesson. No! No! He’ll die. Beat him. Where’s my money? Where’s my money? Where’s my money? What did I ask?
– I don’t know anything. Please let me go.
Look, trust me. Where is my money? Tell me. I don’t know.
I really don’t know, brother. Why did you disconnect my call? Will you speak up or…
– I’ll tell you, sir. I had blocked your bank messages. How did you block them? With the help of dark net. Dark net?
– Yes. What’s that?
– We never use the internet directly. We can do our job
with the help of dark net. A browser named Todd operates it. Onion ring. It’s like an onion peel. There are peels under the peels You won’t be able to trace us
even if you try hard. All illegal things are done
with the help of dark net. Black marketing,
weapon dealing, child trafficking. Terrorism, drugs, film piracy are done
with the help of dark net. Who is the mastermind? I’ve no idea, sir. We get the phone numbers from user ID. We hack the phone first. We get all the information
available in the phone. We get your conversations,
messages, bank transaction OTP. We get every detail. We get a date through mail. We block your bank messages
on that day. Sir, we steal the money at that time. All your phone calls, personal videos
and personal photos… …are forwarded by us. We are paid a good amount
for this work. What is his user ID? User name White Devil. His ID is dark-net kingpin. We don’t know
from which country he operates. Neither has anyone seen his face… …nor heard his voice. Hello, friends. No one can reach him, sir.
He’s the don of digital world. Fear. Our parents fed us more fear
than food in our childhood. Finish your meal
or the demon will come. Such outdated
thoughts were fed to us. Information is power. In 1969 NASA sent a rocket to moon
with the help of a computer. Our smart phones are million
times more powerful. You’re living in greatest of all times. The information age. Earlier battles were
fought with weapons. Then came the trend of bio-war. Now we’ve cyber war. For someone who can use data
it’s not an information for him… …it’s a weapon. He can decrease the value
of anything with it. What the hell! Or can increase the value. Do you agree, sir? Be hungry for information
and not food. Hey, my loan has been approved. I’ll get the money
in my account tomorrow. The entire world works on this data. I’ve got the encounter order .
I’ll kill him tomorrow. And the data can enslave anybody. I knocked him down with my car
and he died on the spot. It can destroy anyone. I’ve sent you my video. How do I look in it? A philosopher once said that
one who shapes him according… …to nature survives. Technology wise update yourself. Information is wealth. Good luck. Jai Hind! Hey! How did you get the detail
of a minister’s account? I know about your bank account
and offshore account too. 600 crores. The account was frozen
so you can’t get the money to India. But I can transfer
all the money in a second. What nonsense! It’s not India.
Do you know how many international… …governments are involved,
Satyamurthy? No. No. that’s not your problem.
I’ll take care. What do you want in return? Information that
the telecom ministry has. I need all the satellite link codes.
– What? Link codes? Why do you need them? I’ve thousand eyes. I don’t miss out any data. You’re joking with me? Do you know that
you need a big server firm for it? Sir, I’ve a 2 acre server firm. What? 2 acres? And the fact has been hidden
from the government. I did it the way you saved 600 crores
and hid it from the government. Make it fast, I’m getting late, sir. Okay. God bless you.
See you soon. Sir, I need a loan of 10 lakh rupees. Please approve it. You’ve destroyed me. Now you’re planning to destroy
the lives of these men. He’s Shiv Kumar.
The next target of the frauds. When you know what’s going to happen
then why don’t you warn him. He’s not my priority right now. I want to follow him
and reach the mastermind White Devil. What do you want to do? Shiv Kumar has applied
for a loan of 10 lakh rupees. It’s a big amount. White Devil will surely
get involved in this. We’ve traced the phone location
of Shiv Kumar. If I’m right then the money
will be stolen in two days. He needs to submit
and get the documents approved today. If we follow him
we’ll surely get a link of White Devil. Shiv Kumar, you can run but not hide. I’m watching you. Hello Abhimanyu sir,
we’re following him. His car’s number is TN5C2118.
– Okay. Got it. Why are you honking?
– Move ahead. Can’t you see the red light?
– Fly if you can. There’s no police around.
Please take the auto aside. What?
There’s a camera over there. They’ll send my
and my auto’s photo home. My fiancée will find out
that I’m an auto driver… …and she’ll call off the wedding.
He’s acting smart. ‘Major Abhimanyu,
take your hands from his collar.’ Yes, tell me Albert.
– We’ve located Shiv Kumar’s phone… …at Tambaram station.
– Got it. Shatabdi Express will leave
from platform number 7. The passengers are requested
to come to platform number 7. He has entered the station. Shiv Kumar has entered the station
through platform number one. Don’t touch any unknown substance. If you find any suspicious object
then inform the police. It’s five rupees. Only five rupees. One for five rupees. What happened?
– What’s wrong with the screen? Must be some error.
Check the other camera. Your work will get done. Sign here and over here. Sir…
– Hey! Hey! Give me your documents. Who are you? You’re Shiv Kumar. Right?
– Yes. Give me your documents.
– But, I’m supposed to… …give the documents to him.
– Sir, do you want a loan or not? Yes, I do.
– Then give me your documents. Please hurry up. Shiv is talking to somebody. Sir, his face isn’t visible. Next camera. Next. Next. Next.
– Sir, it’s a blind spot. We can’t see his face. We can see his face
if he comes forward. Call the agent. Sir… Hari, Shiv Kumar
is talking to somebody. Do you know the man? Right side.
Look towards your right. Go. Go. Yes, I’ve spotted him.
I’ll go there right now. Insurance policy.
– Yes. Here you are. I can’t see the other man. Your work will be done. Thank you.
– Sir… Sir… Who were you talking to?
– To your man. Where are the documents?
– He took them. Oh no! Red umbrella. Trace him. I said follow.
– Follow. Follow. Sir, I got the umbrella. Shiv Kumar’s file. Who are you? Leave me. There’s a pole ahead. No! No! Tell me how many people
are there in your gang? How many people have
you cheated till date? Speak up. Tell me. Who’s your boss? Tell me his name. We’ve a network. I don’t know who the boss is. I’m ordered to put up stalls. They tell me the location. They tell me whom I should talk
to by mentioning the shirt colour. I go and talk to them about loan. We don’t stay in touch
after the loan is approved. I don’t know where the money goes. I get only my 10% commission. Please leave me. That’s all I knew. After you get 6 lakh rupees give me
a cheque of 60,000 rupees. That’s all.
– Why didn’t you deposit the cheque? Speak up.
– Why didn’t you deposit it? It’s not only you but we don’t
deposit any of the cheques we take. How do you get your money?
– I tell you. A man wearing a helmet meets me
to take the cehque. He gives me cash instead. The signature in
the cheque is digitalized… …and the money in
your account is withdrawn. I don’t know anything else. You’ve attacked my eyes. How many clients does that agent have? He has 18 clients. They’re fake. The submitted documents are fake. Register this complaint with the banks. They’ll handle the rest. Tell me, uncle.
– I received a call… …from the owner
of the photocopy shop just now. The bank is enquiring about us.
They’ve found the truth. Go to the bank and try to find out.
– Okay, uncle. Please excuse me. Excuse me.
– What are you doing? Come with me.
– Who are you? I’m Abhimanyu, Rangaswamy’s son. Oh! so it’s you. You submitted fake documents
to get the loan. Isn’t it? Do we look like fools? You think you’re very smart? Sir, please keep this. Hey!
– Please, sir. Why are you giving me this gold chain? I don’t want gold.
If you’ve cash then you can give me. Sir, I got 15,000 rupees
after selling the chain. Keep it.
– Okay. I give you 30 days time. Clear the loan issue before that
or you’ll be in trouble. A snake bit an alcoholic and died. Oh god! We’re going through
such terrible times. Forged documents scam. Nephew, read this.
Enquiry on loan applications. You’re fortunate that
you managed to escape. Got it? They’ve all the information
about you, sir. All the people who took loans
will be put behind bars now. You turned out to be lucky. Your gold chain saved you
from going behind bars. All the people in that list
must’ve given fake documents… …like me to get a loan. They took the loan
from different banks. Some took loans from private banks
while some from international banks. But only one agent made
the fake documents… …and helped them get the loans. They’re under one network. They steal our information. They take advantage of our needs
and target us. They buy our details
from different sources. I had told you about him. He has a photocopy shop. But, his business is
not doing too well. Can you help him?
– Okay. We’ve started a lucky draw. It’s a new scheme. We take the details
of the customers… …and get photocopies of the details. This brings good business to them. It might help you too. You must meet the shop owner for this. Brother, no one opts
for photocopies these days. People take snapshots
on their smart-phones. Photocopies cost one rupee per page. That’s not even sufficient
to meet the electricity expenses. There’s only one way to make money. Information business.
We sell the information. Thousands of people share
their phone number and e-mail ID… …to get the lucky draw prize. We take out photocopies
of the information. We get one rupee for every data. 50,000 data is equal to 50,000 rupees. Our clients buy copies of ID proof,
address proof and certificates. We take out extra copies of them. We get separate rate for them.
One more point. We normally throw away the boarding
pass after alighting from flight. There’s a QR code printed ion them. If we scan the code we’ll get
the passport details, contact number… …and the card and bank details used
to buy the ticket are revealed. You get all the information. We get good amount
by selling the details. Who takes these details? There are some special agents. They’ve contacts
with the call center people. Call center guys pay a good amount. You often get calls
from call center or finance companies… …offering you car loans, home loans, Awards, rewards, offers,
foreign trips, Thai massages. You keep getting messages
throughout the day. From where do the call center
people get our number? Who gives them the information? The companies are always
on look out for new customers. The fraud looks out for new prey. The information is bought
from the call centers. That’s why they keep calling us… …throughout the day
for loans and credit cards. You’re right. – There are thousands
of call centers here. Locating the one that conned us is
like looking for a needle in a desert. Abhimanyu, when did you get
the last call offering a loan. Try to recollect. I didn’t get any call
after applying for the loan. Don’t you think it’s strange? The calls stopped
after the loan was rejected. There’s one common factor
in these victims. And that’s loan rejection.
All of them were refused loans. From where could the nexus
get this information? When a bank rejects any loan… …the other banks
don’t approve it easily. They create a reject list
and forward it to the call centers. They stop calling these people. Around 18 people have fallen
for this trap. They tried for loans in several banks. At least three banks
must’ve rejected the loan. The three banks share
a common call center. The name of this call center is TTS,
located in OMR. Shyam, we’re in position.
– Yes. Ready to go. Jai, where are you? I’m at the front entrance
of the reception area. Shyam, did you reach the first floor? Hey first manager. Hey idiot! Tell us his name. Gopinath.
– He has aides with him. Tell me.
– Okay. I’ll look into the matter. I know about White Devil. Shyam, take a look
at Gopinath’s face. He must be scared. What happened?
– He’s not Gopinath but somebody else. Okay, I’ll try the trick
on somebody else. Shyam, look at the lady. She’s Urvashi. She’s slim
and it’ll be easy to kidnap her. Hey! Send the message.
– Oh god! Hope she’s the one. Have sent the message.
Read her face. Did she read the message?
She is the one. Right? Kidnap her, Shyam, abduct her. She’s not the one. When will we get the right person? Hey! Send message to Mohan. He looks stupid.
I don’t think he’s the one. I know about White Devil. Hi!
– Hi! What happened? Any problem? Can you please guide me
towards the washroom? Hey man, this is not the time to pee. Go straight and turn left.
– Okay. Thanks. I’ll show you. Come. Excuse me, I’ll be back. Hello, Jai.
– Yes. He’s going out. Yes, he went to the restroom
in the ground floor. Oh god! Everybody has to
use the toilet at the same time. Yes, tell me. Somebody sent me a message. It has mentioned
my connection with you. Relax. What’s the number? There’s no number.
It’s a system generated message. It’s very risky, If the secret gets exposed,
I’ll be in trouble. Don’t worry. Where are you?
– In my office washroom. Take out he SIM card and flush it. A man will meet you.
Follow his instructions. I’m sure he’s the one.
He’s going towards the parking. Hurry up. I’m trapped.
– This is the wrong car. Do something. Hurry up. What are you thinking?
Hurry up. Hey! We’ve cleaned this side. Go and clean the other side.
– What? Go and clean the other side.
– Who are you? Do I look like a sweeper?
Get lost. You’re a fool. C’mon get lost. Why don’t you understand?
– You can’t go ahead. You can’t go ahead.
– C’mon get lost. I’ll tell my boss about you. I’ll teach you a lesson.
– You can’t go there. The work is done. He has got shock. He has left.
– C’mon start. Move. Move. Okay. Left. Left. Go towards the right now.
– Okay. Turn left. Stop. Stop here.
Stop. Stop. He must be around you.
– I can’t see anybody around. Where can they go? I don’t know anything.
Leave me. I’m speaking the truth. Attack! On your knees.
Sit down. Don’t move.
– Sir, please. Sorry… How dare you trespass army area… …in a surveillance van
with hi-tech weapons? Are you terrorists?
– No, sir. We’re not terrorists. That’s doesn’t matter.
The military people follow one rule. Shoot and then find out
the details of the deceased. What are you waiting for, boys? Shoot. No! No! What happened?
All of them are safe? Sir, these are fake bullets.
– What’s this? I tried to scare them
in the name of military. How long will it take
to change the bullets? 90 seconds.
– Oh! you’re a record holder. Right? It’s time to break your record. Change the bullets in 45 seconds today. Your time starts now. We’ve been trained for CBI, sir. Our expertise areas
are surveillance and tracking. All four of us are orphans. We got educated
from Amar Jyoti Educational Trust. The chief correspondent sent us
for CBI training. After we completed
the training we resigned. We started working for our boss. What’s your boss’ name?
– Satyamurthy. You got a hard disk from Richie street. I couldn’t recover all the data
but I recovered four audio files. One of the files is of the founder
of Amar Jyoti Trust. I think he has some connection
with Satyamurthy. The trust takes care
of the upbringing of orphans. We named him Satyamurthy. But he always hid his identity. His roll number became his identity. In 1992 Y2K was a big threat.
– Y2K? All the banks around
the world were scared of Y2K. They transferred all their data
from hard drives to files. Tons of hard drives and computers
were thrown in the garbage. Everybody treated it
as garbage except Satyamurthy. Satyamurthy bought
the garbage at cheap price. He brought four containers full
of the garbage to his workshop. He threatened me
and took control of the trust. He started a warehouse
in the name of the trust. He took the backup
of the data stored in hard disks. He spread a complex network
in the name of user ID White Devil. When the trust was transferred
to him money started pouring in… …from unknown sources.
I was scared. I questioned the suspicious
activities of the trust. One day I found a blank cheque signed
by him on my table. I called him and asked about it. He told me to put in any amount
that I wished. You can’t buy me.
I’ll go to the police. He told me to take out the wall clock
in my daughter’s bedroom… …and check the back of the clock.
I found a camera behind it. He had recorded everything.
He ruined my daughter’s life. I never met a ruthless man like him. UNICEF is promoting him
without knowing his truth. Oh! I’m scared. What’s all the build up for? I noticed you in the lobby. Your plan was quite good. Just a second. Major Abhimanyu,
how much money did I steal from you? Around 10,25,000 rupees. Time please. Give me five seconds. Done.
Check your account. You’ve got your money. What will you do now? Police? Okay, let me confess. I’ve stolen 800 crores till date. You’re convicted under
the same section… …for stealing any amount
in this country. Section 420. I agree that
I’m guilty under section 420 . But, you’ve cheated the government. You’re also 420. I’ve cheated around 10,000 people. All of them cheated the government. All of us will be pout behind the bars. Nothing can harm me. My money will be safe with
the trust after I get released. No one can lay their hands
on that money. The middle class people will be ruined. After they’re put behind bars
they’ll regret lifelong. A thief needs to be quiet
if the scorpion bites him. All of you’re thieves.
I’m the scorpion in your lives. I’ll bite you
and you need to keep quite. You want to shoot me. Right?
Go ahead and kill me. I don’t have a family to cry for me. What are you thinking? What am I going to do
with so much money? You want to know
why I rob people. Right? That’s because I’m capable and smart. You kidnapped my agent.
I knew about it three days back. The umbrella saved you from the CCTV. But unfortunately you
got captured in a selfie. Do you think you can shoot anyone
just because you’ve a gun? Don’t jump into the water
without checking the depth… …or you’ll get drowned. Major, information is wealth. I know your details more than you. Would you like to know
where your sister is at the moment? I’ll tell you.
She got down from a bus… …at the Coimbatore bus stand… …and boarded an auto
with the number 8203. The driver stopped the auto
in the middle of the road… …and ran away from the spot. Hey! Where are you going? Before your sister could do anything
a truck came and knocked her down. If I don’t reach
my place in five minutes… …my men will take her to the morgue
instead of a hospital. If you don’t mind,
shall I switch on the elevator? Abhimanyu, do you under stand
what flagged account is? An account that terrorists use. They leave the account as
it is after the mission is over. Anyone who touches the account
gets linked with the terrorist. Anti-terrorist squad, CBI,
military will keep an eye on that man. What will be the outcome
if money is transferred… …from such a terrorist account
into your account? You’ve been labeled a traitor. According to my experience
you’ll be arrested within 45 minutes. It’ll be better if you reach
the hospital to save your sister. She may survive. Good luck. Where’s the emergency ward?
– Go that side. Doctor, how is Selvi? Can’t say anything at the moment. What’s all this, nephew? I’ll explain everything
to you later, uncle. Your links with terrorists
can’t be proven. But you’ve taken money from a flagged
account for your sister’s wedding. You’re incapable
of serving Indian army. Tomorrow morning you’ll be
court-martialed by 8 o’ clock. Brother, I told Keshav
about our problems. He’s ready to have a simple
marriage ceremony. You’ve gone through so much for me. I’ve realized how much you love me. I just want you to come back home hale
and hearty. I don’t wish for anything else. I don’t wish to lose my family. ‘I know your details
better than you do.’ ‘Don’t jump into the water
before knowing the depth… …or you’ll get drowned.’ ‘Get complete details about him.’ ‘He’s a youth icon.’ ‘He has millions
of followers on facebook.’ ‘Information is wealth.’ ‘Jai Hind.’ He’s our telecom minister Vijay Rajan. He’s the crazy fellow who said
that he would stop sunlight… …with the help of thermocol.
– That was the energy minister. The White Devil definitely has
connection with the telecom minister. I think he has been threatened. I think he has been trapped
with the help of some secret videos. Maybe he wants
to blackmail the minister… …and change some policy. ‘Your signature
on the cheque is digitalized…’ ‘…and your money is withdrawn.’ ‘No one knows his real worth.’
– ‘You’re just an number.’ ‘Information is wealth.’ Adhaar card. Adhaar card is just an ID. Adhaar card is not a basic ID card. It has the details
of your finger print scan and eye scan. It’s a master card. How much will you scare me?
Do you wish to kill me? I’m not scaring you.
I’m showing you the future. Satyamurthy’s plan is to get hold
of everybody’s information. But, what will
he do with our information? Till now he hacked our phones
and controlled us. Now he’s planning to hack our lives. Why do you need my finger prints?
What if I land in any problem? Sir, it’s just a matter
of a finger print. It’s a matter of 600crores. We’re being watched.
– What? Hey! What’s going on here?
You said that we were safe. From where did this girl come?
– Sir, please go. Sir, come.
– Take him with you. Nothing will go wrong.
She must be from the media. Let’s go back to the car.
Take him in. Who are you? Are you a journalist?
Check her bag. Are you from income tax department? Check the GPS in her phone.
– She has GPS. Break it.
– Take her. I hope I don’t land in any problem. Don’t worry, my men are very sharp. They’ll handle her. Hey! Tell us your name. Who sent you? Why were you following the minister? Are you deaf and dumb? Girl, we don’t believe
in threatening anyone. We’ll rip off your clothes from head
to toe and take your photo. If you try to disclose
our details to anybody… …we’ll make your photo viral. Thousands of men
will enjoy your beauty. You won’t be able to face the world. Do you think I’m joking with you? Aren’t you scared? Speak up. Won’t you answer my questions?
C’mon, speak up. Have you locked your tongue? Hello, big boss. Did you know Ladmir,
a foreign hacker? He used to take care
of your hacking system. I sent him to god. I’ve got his laptop. Oh Major! Sorry, ex-major. Have you forgotten about
your sister who is in hospital? How can I forget that? I never forget people
who do me favours. You’ve done a lot of favours for me. How can I forget you? You’re brilliant. You use technology
to steal the data of the world. But I also come from army background. I know how to extract information
from a man. I’ll reach you even
before you can think anything. You’re a genius. I know you’re looking
at your computer screen. Refresh it. Copy cat.
– This is not copying. This is education.
You taught us this important lesson. I’ve learned a lot from you. Shall I give you a demo? Do you know the account… …from where you received
money in your account? Tamil Nadu Police account. Your network was accessed
from this laptop. You stole the salary
of Tamil Nadu police? The salaried of everybody
from constables to DGP has vanished. Their money has been
transferred to your account. The cyber cell must be busy
tracking the details. I think you’ll be arrested
by them in three hours. It’s difficult
but you’ve one option to escape. You know something? Till now I considered you
only a number. But you’ve become
a face for me now. I underestimated you…
Still, I love you. What is this nonsense? You’re playing games instead
of catching the thief. What’s this, sir?
I love you is written on the monitor. Sir, the server of the police
department has crashed. How did this happen?
– ‘I love you’ virus. The police won’t be able to
take any action before 48 hours. If he escapes from here today no one
will be able to track the White Devil. Somebody has hacked my accounts. Shut down the trust office. Dispose of all records.
There should be no clues. Take out the legal funds from colleges,
universities and institutes… …and send it to the server firm. It’s not going to be less
than 600 crores. I don’t know you from today. The car is yours.
White Devil is gone. Good luck. It’ll help you keep
your anger in control. Oh! So, you’ve kept
the stolen money here. What’s this, boss? You duped me
by saying that you love me… …and here you’re trying to escape. Won’t you listen to my reply? I love you too. I thought it would be
very difficult to trace you. But, I got hold of you easily. You told your men to send
all the trust money to the server firm. You thought that an ordinary man
like me could never find you. You’re trapped here with all evidence,
White Devil. You bought the garbage during Y2K.
Right? You ruined people like me
with these computers. The story will end
from where it started. I’ve shared the location
with police on whatsapp. They’re expected any time. You told me to interfere
with a man only after knowing… …his strengths and weaknesses. I’ve followed your advice. Listen… My power and strength is not wealth. It’s my brain. Don’t touch my money, major. I’ll earn much more than
this amount very soon. You don’t know that I’ve the finger
prints of millions of people like you. God bless you.
See you soon. I’ve stored the finger prints
of the minister together… …with the finger prints
of millions of people. I’ll decide who’ll win the election
and form the government. I’ll be the kingmaker. It’s you who needs this. Hey army-man! What kind of training
did you give the officers? It seems that you forgot the training. Look there. All the evidence has been
burnt down into ashes. Police? Let the police come. They’ll smear their faces
with the ashes of the evidence. What’s this, sir? You always say
that information is wealth. But, you should’ve checked
if the information is correct or not. The police can’t harm you. They’ll charge you under
section 420 for fraud. Who’ll answer the people you’ve duped? That’s why,
I’ve called the people who you conned. There just mere numbers for you. Open the door, open it.
Let us in. Open it. I’ve given faces to
the numbers you duped. I messaged them
on behalf of your trust… …that their money would be returned. All of them rushed
to the bank where they found out… …that the bank didn’t such messages. There was no money at the bank. The money was somewhere else.
They were furious. And I sent them your location on their
whatsapp number at that moment. Open the door. They’ve come to greet you. No one knows White Devil. But everybody knows Satyamurthy,
the owner of… …Amar Jyoti Trust. Are you surprised? I’ve told everybody that White Devil
and Satyamurthy are the same person. Your account is hacked. Hey! Major Abhimanyu,
you want to open the gate. Right? But what will they get here?
I’ve burnt the money. They’ll kill me out of rage. One day they’ll forget me and also you. They’ll only remember the EMIs
that they’ve to pay. All of them have duped the bank. Their fraudulent details
will also be exposed. If you open the door,
you’ll be credited for giving birth… …to 10,000 thieves. Do you want to get this honour? Think about the outcome once again. You’re right. Every person standing outside
wanted to get a loan. I’m one of them.
I wanted to get my sister married. Some want to get their child
admitted in a good school. Some are poor
and don’t have food to eat… …but they want to give
their ailing parents medical help. If you tempt them that lying
can fulfill their dreams then… …they’ll obviously lie
because they want loans. The theft you’re talking
about is not a crime. We’re ready to face problems
but we’ll repay the loan amount. That’s because there are honest men
like me in our society. The money you burnt
was not their money. You had sealed a deal
with the minister. ‘It’s just a finger print.’
‘It’s a matter of 600 crores.’ I got the finger print. No one can touch the money
without my authorization. Do you remember this cheque? Do you still have
the blank cheque with you? Yes, I have it. You copied our signatures
and transferred our money. I copied your digital signature
and brought back the money. You told me that you steal
because you’re smart enough to do it. It’s my turn now. I’ll open the iron gate because… …I can do it. Let me see how you escape. Open the door.
Beat him. Beat him. We won’t spare him.
– I won’t spare him. Kill him. I won’t spare him. Where is my money?
Give me my money back. Joseph, return everybody’s money. You don’t need to break locks
to loot anybody. A small information is enough. On your mark get set… This is the information. Advance technology. Digital country. Wow! Sounds good. Cashless country. Careless citizens. Bank loan application point two. The bank won’t call you
and ask for account details. If anybody calls you promising a loan… …you share your account number,
ATM PIN, OTP… …and Adhaar card details very easily. Whenever you download or install
any software or application… …you keep clicking on ‘I Agree’ box. Your phone is smart
but you become stupid. Every mobile has a camera.
You think so. But that’s the third eye
of the hackers. Without your knowledge
your private life… …becomes data for hackers. Just like the Big Boss show where
you can neither escape nor hide. Your Google search history
is like your subconscious mind. You delete it and relax. But the hackers store it. I must admit one thing. No one is perfect in this world. While voting listen to your heart. Whenever you’re offered
free gifts think about it. Jai Hind.

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