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New York City is renowned for its skyscrapers. From the early towers of the 1900s to the
engineering marvels of today, the city has continually set the agenda for tall building
design around the world. But while its skyline is immortalised in popular
culture, different economic cycles and the changing demands of New York’s citizens
mean that the landscape we are familiar with is continually evolving. From the luxury super-slender developments
of Midtown to bronze-clad additions to the financial district and Brooklyn’s first
super-tall tower, these are the skyscrapers that are about to redefine New York. Rising from a small parcel of land on New
York’s Billionaire’s Row and already making its impact on the skyline, the super slender
111 West 57th Street is set to complete later in 2019. Set to become the world’s thinnest skyscraper with a breath-taking width-to-height ratio of 1:24 the 435-metre tower is a masterpiece
in both architecture and engineering. To ensure the stability of its extreme structure, 111W57 makes use of an 800-tonne tuned mass damper. This counteracts the effects of wind
and potential seismic events which could cause the tower to sway. While many modern skyscrapers are finished
solely with glass, 111W57 sets itself apart from other luxury residences and nods to the
ornamental towers of the 1900s with a stunning terracotta and bronze façade. With just 58 residences in total – and with
prices starting from USD $18 million – 111 West 57 is a new benchmark in Manhattan luxury. When it completes in 2020, Central Park Tower
will further redefine the city’s Billionaire’s Row district and become to the tallest residential
building in the world. Originally intended to stand 541-metres tall,
the structure’s spire was designed-out prior to construction reducing its overall height
to 472-metres. Retailer Nordstrom is set to occupy the first seven levels of the tower, while its summit will feature a three-storey penthouse priced at USD $95M. As Central Park Tower clears its surrounding
buildings, it increases its floor area by cantilevering over the Art Students League
of New York building; a move made possible after developers purchased air rights from
the neighbouring property. While it will not take the title of New York’s
tallest building from One World Trade Centre, Central Park Tower will have the highest roofline
in the city rising 55 metres higher than its Downtown rival. With its striking bronze façade, 45 Broad
Street will redefine New York’s financial district when it completes in 2021. Offering 150 apartments across 68 storeys,
the development is notably more modest than its Midtown counterparts – with apartment
prices ranging between USD $1-4M. In addition to its residences, the tower will
also house a school and feature direct public access to New York’s subway system. Set to achieve a final height of 366 metres,
45 Broad Street will become the tallest residential tower in the downtown area, taking the title
from the nearby Frank Gehry-designed Eight Spruce Street. Set to stand 109-metres taller than the Chrysler
Building, One Vanderbilt will redefine iconic views from the Empire State and Rockefeller
Centre when it reaches its full height in 2021. Designed with a modern take on the famous
tapering designs of the city’s early towers, One Vanderbilt is the tallest commercial skyscraper
to be constructed in New York since One World Trade Center in 2014. Located immediately adjacent to Grand Central
Station, the tower’s development enabled underground improvements to be made to the
terminal, including accommodation of the new “East Side Access” project. Further redefining the city’s skyline in
2021, The Spiral will merge the built environment with the natural world. Located adjacent to New York’s vast Hudson
Yards district – the largest private development scheme in US history – the tower will feature
stepped planted terraces across its levels, wrapping the structure in a vertical garden
that continues the High Line and Hudson Park into the sky. Designed to maximise floor space and optimise
views across Manhattan, the 314-metre tower contains more than 260,000 square metres of
space across its 65-storeys, making it one of the largest office buildings in the world. Incorporated into New York in 1898, Brooklyn
has historically been one of the more residential and industrial boroughs of the city. With Manhattan absorbing much of the demand
for office space, Brooklyn consisted mainly of low-rise buildings prior to 2010, with
just one tower exceeding 150 metres in height. Since then, Brooklyn has been in the midst
of a skyscraper boom as developers respond to the demand for high rise living, largely
exported from Manhattan. Rising to a height of 325-metres, the 73 storey
9 DeKalb Avenue is set to redefine the Borough in 2022 when it becomes the tallest skyscraper
in the city outside of Manhattan. While these projects are already beginning
to make their mark on one of the world’s most iconic skylines other notable developments
have already been proposed but are yet to break ground. 2 World Trade Center looks set to complete the redevelopment of Lower Manhattan’s ground zero site. Western Yard – the second phase of the Hudson
Yards development – will significantly redefine an area of Midtown when it completes in 2024. And Tower Fifth looks set to dominate the
Midtown skyline in the not too distant future. If you enjoyed this video and would like to
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100 thoughts on “The Skyscrapers That Will Redefine New York | The B1M

  1. The Central Park tower is pretty much taller than the one World Trade Center, because the antennae doesn’t really count. And the one World Trade Center is already MASSIVE

  2. Architects and designers may have whipped kox or other… , when they designed these "nasty" buildings that look like a batman's: Gotham City. Unnecessarily tall buildings that destroy the poanoramas of the old but honest Empire State Building and others to only win just to be taller and more expensive, it feels like a 1970s movie "The Towering Inferno" I'm a supporter of high-rise buildings, but no boxes!

  3. Glad to see NYC getting some fresh architecture! Sad that Toronto's One King West will lose the notoriety of being the thinnest skyscraper in the world.

  4. gotta say, this "innovative" use of glass and "new take on classical" design is really overdone, dull and boring, especially the vanderbilt tower – it looks like a south park joke, some cheesy cartoon turd-tower

  5. Purchased air rights.!!! WTF….. next on the news "super duper billion von mega trillionaire purchases all air rights above new York and builds super linked counter lever city"

  6. What's really sad is the fact that most of these new, "redefining" buildings are just glass covered boxes. Really when you compare it to Empire, Chrysler or even Woolworth, it clearly shows that in 30's there was more fineness than in 21st century. One Vanderbilt, for example, is a total mistake – not only due to its mediocre look scaled up to enormous size, but its location makes Chrysler building hidden.

  7. not a New Yorker talking, not paid and built by anyone who values what NYC stands for.
    This is just a puff piece.

  8. Going higher means more congestion on the surface. The only answer is to suspend or support causeways for electric "cabs" that serve each level, with no ramps or lift mechanisms that allow a vehicle to move to another layer. There is no reason to move vehicles vertically – they stay on one level, and people move up and down by elevators. The vehicles are uniform in appearance and very light weight, and create no pollution. This is safer and much more stable than helicopters – which would be a chaotic solution and present the constant risk of mid air collisions and failed landing / take off. Plus, aerial transport creates hydrocarbon pollution. A modular system that can be expanded over a period of years.

  9. empire state building, one world trade center, and the sears tower will slowly become obsolete as tall buildings will slowly overshadow them.

  10. One Vanderbilt is gonna be in the view of the former Avengers Tower in future MCU films since it's right there by the Metlife building.

  11. Like the Freedom Tower, they all look ugly and random.  None of them have the timeless class and elegance and strength of the ESB or the Chrysler Building.

  12. Is no one gonna talk about how futuristic 2WTC looks? It looks like something straight out of Blade Runner with those displays on the bottom. Cool!

  13. Yanks eh! Cant help with their obsession of having the biggest this or that. What a mess.
    For such a small city it sure wants to show how tough it is. (Little man syndrome)?

  14. Sometimes living in NYC makes me want to rip my hair out, but when I see videos like these, I feel a little better.

  15. Already the Chrysler Building is disappearing from view behind a glass and paneled giant, the Midtown icons we knew for the last 50-75 years falling away to the generic shapes you'd find in Dubai, Sinagapore, Houston, Atlanta.. while some may herald new shiny expensive slabs for the wealthy, they wish to be our cities new icons, and don't look to know how. The Williamsburg Savings Bank building has been the definition of Brooklyn for nearly 100 years, an Art Deco work of art, but now a solitary Eye of Sauron tower seeks to supplant all, by dozens and dozens of stories. A Broad Street tower with its own additional subway access. Nice. Poor underserved Financial District. While nearly 8 million in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island can't get an extra mile of rail service. An orgy of wealth that couldn't care less for the people of New York.. A Tale of Two Cities. May it end better for the lot of us.

  16. Most American cannot afford over price apartments and resident in New York City. And rising sea level will eventually flood the entire city in the near future. So basically this is just a waste of money for most American because one will never live there or set foot in.

  17. American tax payers are paying for these high rise that doesn't even benefit them nor do they live in it. American are being rob by those that live in these new high rise like spoiled rich at specific percentage contracted.

  18. Sorry, but I f___ing HATE these new super-slenders. They look generic and cheap to me, and soon NY will look like every other city in the country. It's already a shadow of its former self, so I guess it's just the next step in its journey towards mediocrity. Yes, I'm a bitter native.

  19. human kind is nothing more than a bunch of parasites who invade, conquer, multiply and build shits like this. PARASYSTES

  20. 2:51 Blech! How can anyone say these supertall sticks don't ruin the skyline? You can visit the World Trade Center, the Empire State Building or Rockefeller Center. Those buildings are icons and symbols of pride and prestige for the entire city. These new buildings, sticking out like gawky weeds in an otherwise well-manicured lawn and casting their long shadows over the hoi pollio, are exclusively for foreign billionaires to launder ill-gotten gains in 8-figure investment properties that languish unoccupied for more than half the year. They should be more a source of embarrassment than pride. Between these and the leaning monstrosities at Hudson Yards, the New York skyline is RUINED.

  21. NYC just keeps getting bigger and bigger… and I LOVE IT! 🙂

    NYC is still gonna have that classic gritty look along with a sick si fi look as well. 🙂

  22. The Twin Towers in the Background was Automatically a Signature declaring that certain Movies and Videos were indeed Filmed in New York City ! The New York City Skyline will never be the Same without the Twin Towers and That's another Reason Why they should go straight ahead and build the 2nd World Trade similar to One World Trade Tower without the Spire !

  23. Descobri que quando o mal estar de se falar uma lingua estrangeira é sinal de que tudo está indo bem com seu aprendizado. ??seu canal this perfect.??

  24. New York is so beautiful. I really hope they keep doing art deco modern skyscrapers. Mixing glass with bronze is crazy beautiful

  25. Okay heres my two cents for whomever may happen to care. Here it goes. Our country has had super tall skyscrapers for decades now. I myself feel it is long over due now for us to have a mega tall skyscraper in the united states. Chicago is the home of the skyscraper and between the former Sears Tower now called named the Willis Tower along with the former Twin towers in nyc R.I.P. we had the three very tallest skyscrapers in the world along with others. Now here in 2020 Not any of the tallest skyscrapers all the new super tall towers in nyc are even on the top of the list around the globe. Now it's countries like Dubai and China a long with a number of other countries whom have all the worlds tallest/mega tall skyscrapers and i being a major fan of super & mega talls along with being an american find it very sad that we don't have a single mega tall skyscraper in this country. I so! hope this will change in the future. NYC has had and does have a Major! super tall skyscraper boom going on and as glad as i am to see it being that nyc is my favorite city on earth. Along with the newer One World Trade Center done in 2013 AKA The Freedom Tower being my very favorite super tall on earth thus far. Even it being 1776 feet tall/high counting it's 408 foot spire/mast & beacon. With out it the tower it'self stands 1368 feet tall/high. ANd even with it being the tallest skyscraper in the country/ nation it is short compaired to a good number of other super tall and mega tall skyscrapers around the globe. I grew up in N.J. and i've been to nyc more times than i can remember or count. Not to mention i've been to Chicago once also. Along with getting to go to and up in the CN tower in Canda. Yes i know it's another type of tower not a skyscraper. However again! The western hemisphere use to have growing up in my life time all the tallest skyscrapers along with other types of towers in all of the world. And now adays in 2019 we no longer do and i happen to find it very very sad. Our tallest skyscraper doesn't even hit the 2000 feet mark. I so hope and pray that this changes with in my life time?

  26. I oh so really wish that they would have kept the spire in it's design of central park tower. For two main reasons. One it makes the very top of the tower look much better along with making the tower all that much taller/higher also. I was sad when i found out that they took the spire out of the design. I still like central park tower however not nearly as much now.

  27. I do also really like the over all look of tower one vanderbilt tower i really like the entire look of the tower itself. Yes it's tall i only wish that they made it even taller and i'm glad to see a spire in the design at the top. I was sad to find out that they took the spire out of the final design of Nordstrom/Central park tower.

  28. The tallest Skyscraper is about 7 miles in height , it's located in Antarctica . There is a whole community there that is known to nobody . But yes 7 mile high skyscraper!

  29. That is why the best cities in the world are in Europe. Quality of life is on the streets, not in towers of speculation. Fewer cars, fewer roads, more compactness and urban density, but on the human scale, on 4-7 floors (Jan Gehl, H.Karssenberg, C.Alexander). Walkability for the people! Urbanity in the streets and public spaces! Jane Jacobs fouls NYC.

  30. For me the twin towers defined the Manhattan skyline and no other skyscrapers will ever replace what should be there. I just wish they would hve rebuilt them as NYC skyline is just not the same without them.

  31. I have been in New York and my opinion about these building is a 100 % shit! New is a shit and stinks of shits! I was very disgusting and I will never go again to New York.

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