The Smart Business Checklist – How I Setup My Local Marketing Company

– Hey, Jason here, and I wanted to give you guys
my smart business checklist simply because I get asked so many times for something like this. So I decided to put it together using some pretty creative,
if I do say so myself, cartoon drawings to demonstrate how I start a smart business. Now what I have, I have two sides here. The first side is kinda the requirements I need my business to have. And then the second side here is how my business should operate, okay? So let’s go ahead and dive into it. So first and foremost, one of the first requirements
I have for my business is I have to be able to provide a service that a lot of people need, right? Something that a lot of people need. Not necessarily that they
want, but they actually need. And the caveat here is I
don’t want to have to serve a lot of people, right? I want to be able to
have my business operate by only serving just
a few of these people. Now that does a couple
of different things. First, it allows me to one, to know I’m in the right business because a lot of people need my services, but I can be very selective
with who I work with and still let my business run the way I want it to run, right? So that’s a big thing. Be able to serve a lot of people, like a lot of people need what I have, but be able to be very
selective on who I work with. So I don’t need to work
with a lot of people, right? The next thing is I gotta make sure that I don’t need a
ton of formal schooling to do what I do, right? I want my business to be able to operate and get off the ground running
as quick as I possibly can. If I’m, say for example, the doctor here that’s
chillin’ here, right, the doctor, let’s think about the doctor. He’s gotta go to school
for eight years, right, before they even get a chance
to get into their field and start actually runnin’, and several years after that
before they can truly get to where they want to be
in their career, right? Now I don’t want that. I don’t want to have to get a PhD or some formal certifications and whatnot to do what I want to do. The same thing goes here with time, right? I probably am already working somewhere. I have family obligations, so I need to make sure
that I can run my business, at least in the initial stages, without devoting 24 hours a day to it. I need to be able to work
it around my schedule. I understand I have to focus
and work in my business, but I gotta make sure that I can meet my life
obligations initially until my business starts snowballing. Then I start freein’ up
more of my time, okay? The next thing is is I
don’t want to have to drain, I can’t drain my bank account, right? Ideally what I need to happen is by working with people here, they’re payin’ me money and then I’m using that
money to pay my expenses. So I don’t want to have
to go get a business loan and drain my savings to
make my business run, okay? So that’s kinda the requirements
of my smart business. Now the way I need my, the way my smart business
would run is very simple. Because I have so many
people that I can work with, alls I really gotta do
is throw my hook down in front of these people. Now ideally out of all these people there’s probably certain
places that they hang out that they already are asking for help. They’re like this little fish here with a dollar bill under his gills. They already have the money and they’re already needing
what I have to offer. So then once I find one
of these folks here, I want my selling process, my selling process needs to be non-salesy. I don’t want to have
to be the car salesman that’s down there doin’
all these crazy things, or be some master expert salesman to get these people to
want to work with me. So my sales process
needs to almost be like where I’m doin’ some
little mind magic there. That’s really just getting them to admit that they need it, right? Just have them just tell
me that they need it, verus me trying to get
that out of them, okay? The next thing is I’m going
to have my business run that starts with a low-risk
foot in the door type service that’s kinda like this robot here where he’s kinda automated. Where I’m not necessarily doing
and investing a ton of time to make my customer happy. So I’m probably gonna do something that’s again, easy to get
my foot in the door with, and pretty much kinda
does its own thing, right? Some kinda automation or somethin’ that I can pay someone else, taking this money that they give me, and pay someone else to knock out for me that gets my customer a nice win, right? That makes them happy, that makes them want to do
more business with me, okay? And then last here, what I’m going to do, once I have my foot in the door and I have my customer happy, what also I’m going to do is, like this fellow here with the platter, with the money on the platter, I’m just gonna go and offer my customer more things that provide them value. And when I do that, in exchange for the
value I’m providing them, they’re gonna give me more value, right? So does that make sense? Well if so, I put a link somewhere where I’ve added a few more details. It doesn’t cost you anything
so maybe I’ll see ya there.

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9 thoughts on “The Smart Business Checklist – How I Setup My Local Marketing Company

  1. I'm totally dumb about business stuff. I just started college. But you seem to be covering a lot of things that a person looking to start a business would be interested in knowing. Ill just subscribe and see how long i'll stay interested for but good luck.

  2. The key thing about business this guy doesn’t mention is having a good product. This 8 step process doesn’t mean a thing if no one wants what you’re selling. So u can learn all this if u want but if you’re product is trash u will hate it

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