The Sound of Real-time Retail feat. DJ Tim Exile & Kinetica

Tim Exile: Real time retail to me it sounds
like a single click. You hear a little click. Tim / Amit / Nima: This is the sound of real
time retail. Nima Negahban: Our goal was basically to make
the world’s best distributed scalable database. Amit Vij: With Kinetica we’re enabling folks
to do things that they never even thought were imaginable, organizations can be more
instinctful on their current inventory. Nima Negahban: I’d envision the intersection
of retail data with you know social, mobile in-person as this extremely exciting opportunity
for the enterprise to really create an in-person better customer experience. Your data is your enterprise and understanding
your data means understanding your business. Tim Exile: So the sound that I made for Kinetica
I took a reverb algorithm which I made and hacked it so it runs kind of 10 times slower
than your average reverb. I’ve got a microphone here and if I click
into it… you have a cacophony, you have noise. You just have this sea – I mean it’s an
ocean. And then I can put other sources in there,
so I’ve got a … And you hear those blurring into sort of one long sustained note. All these things can be mapped together using
these complex algorithms to get insights. Amit Vij:  And these record sets are massive. Kinetica is giga-threading per node rather
than multi-threading. So calculations that took hours to days to
compute we can do in a few seconds. Nima Negahban: We had a retailer that has
all their transaction data and we simply fuse it with their inventory text descriptions. And with that they were able to with two queries
start to get an idea of where their highest organic food product sales were occurring
throughout the nation. We’re excited about where the POWER platform
is going. We now have a hardware platform that is being
really open and allowing us and enabling us to make a fundamentally faster and more capable
data processing system.

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