The Today Show: Small Business Saturday

And we are joined by the Administrator
of the U.S. Small Business Administration Linda McMahon. Good to see you again.
Nice to see you too. You know I know you’re excited about this year’s small
business because the fact of the matter is they’re the center ,the glue if you
will, of so many communities across our country. They certainly are. I mean and if
you go in on Small Business Saturday and you shop in your local community and you
get that coffee and you do all those things, it’s like you’re you’re part of
the community and you know sixty-eight cents of every dollar that’s spent in a
small business in the community stays in the community. That supports the fire
department it supports real estate it supports everything in the local
community. What’s what’s the common struggle you’ve seen as you’ve traveled
across the country for for small businesses right now? Well small
businesses really they struggle against bigger businesses right now we have a
workforce shortage because unemployment is so low. So small businesses are in
competing for that so we’re trying to to make sure that we are providing a bigger
workforce to come in to those small businesses. Is it true I’ve seen that the fact that even though there are these huge
companies you know, that will remain nameless, that you know in a sense it’s
helped small businesses because people want to have a personal connection with
whom they’re buying? It’s so great when I walk into a local shop in my hometown
and they say hey good morning Linda how are you doing. You know that scarf you
were looking at boy we’ve got a different one coming in. I mean it’s that
kind of personal touch you get to try stuff on they know who you are it’s like
how do the kids you know now they’re wanting to know how my grandchildren are,
but you can’t you don’t get that sense if you’re not shopping in a small
business and you really are if you’re supporting them they’re supporting the
community and it’s it’s really a great thing to do. So I urge everybody. All
right and Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you and same to you. Now coming up next..

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