The Top 10 Small Business Web Design Mistakes

bjbj The Top 10 Small Business Web Design
Mistakes and How to Avoid Them [0:00:00] Hey, guys. This is Aaron Fletcher at Geek-Free
Marketing and and in this short video we re going to cover the top 10
small business web design mistakes and how to avoid them. re probably aware that Google
gets over 600,000 daily searches for local services and that s likely leaving you wondering,
Where the heck are yours? And if you re like most small business owners, you probably currently
have a website but aren t satisfied with those traffic and leads generated. You might know
you need to do something to increase you internet presence and reach more clients online and
you re just trying to get from point A where you have little traffic and even less leads
and create a simple-to-use site that Google and people love. But it s not that simple,
is it? Well today, we re going to make it a little bit easier and show you the top 10
small business web design mistakes and again how to avoid them. The first one is hiring
a web designer. That might [0:00:58] [Indiscernible] I m playing with words there but really the
art and science of online marketing are very different when we look at aesthetics versus
functionality and when you hire a web designer, search and usability are often lacking. That
just means that you can end up with a nice-looking hotel in the middle of the desert. By that,
I mean most designers that go to design school and have that type of background are very
good at aesthetics and looks and creativity but not so much in the science of finding
the right keywords and doing the right things to make your sites search engine-friendly
and ultimately a valuable tool for lead generation. The second mistake is not implementing SEO
basics and by that, we mean page titles which is using the most popular keywords on the
title of every page on your site, ensuring that you incorporate those keywords and important
places on your site meaning your articles, blogs, your service pages and everywhere in
your site where you want to attract people. You need to use those keywords. And the last
thing is just backlinks. Even though that s not a design element per se, I would like
to sneak that in there because it s so important to list your business in the right places
to get found by your clients. The third mistake is not using a CMS or content management system
and they re very a handful of very effective ones being WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, are
the most popular and they allow you to easily manage content yourself with little or no
technical knowledge. We only use and recommend WordPress and it s important to have a CMS
there folks because lack of ability to access or log into your site is a reason why most
small business owners don t have a successful site because they re disconnected from the
site. The fourth mistake that we see a lot is just failing to add content. Again, this
ties into not having a friendly site or not seeing that it s important enough or making
a priority out of adding content on a regular basis; and the result of this is that most
websites are online brochures, just static, boring text information about you instead
of about the needs of your clients. And we believe you should blog at lease once a week
and you should address the needs of your audience, not yourself. Contrary to popular belief,
outsourcing is better than not publishing at all because if the result is that you have
four new blog posts a month that aren t ideal, at least if they re high quality, you re adding
content that s going to attract search engines and people to your site which is the whole
point. So doing this bears huge traffic and reputation benefits and it s important to
add content frequently. The fifth mistake we see is omitting local address information
and what we mean by that is Google Places and other directories validate this. They
look at your website and they try to match your online listings with your site itself
to see if you re legitimate and you have to have your physical location and address entered
the right way in your site and it should match those other searches, other sites where people
are doing searches rather. A lot of people don t know this but mobile search use is growing
over 400 percent each year. So if you can imagine how important it is considering that
you re a local business to show up when people are doing local mobile searches, you have
to have that local information on your site. Doing this also builds trust and confidence
with clients. They feel more comfortable if you re seen as a person of authority and you
have local information everywhere on your site. The last thing you need to do is just
make sure you list your address on the header or footer of every page; not just on your
Contact Us page but list out local information on every page. The sixth mistake we see is
forgetting a strong call to action. So, this tells visitors what the next step is and how.
So in a lot of sites, you will see a lot of great information but then a visitor just
leaves and they go to another site when they finally make a purchase or engage a doctor
or lawyer or dentist like yourself because you were not providing a clear path in telling
them what to do next. You need to make it easy for clients to contact you. So by using
lead forms in multiple places on every page and even a traffic magnet like an ebook, a
video or tip sheet, you re really making it easy to contact you. A lot of clients don
t feel comfortable using contact forms or large phone numbers but you have to do that
because if you think about your website as a filter and you re getting probably several
thousand for the average small business owner, 12,000, 15,000, 20,000 visitors a year coming
to your site and it s all about how many of those are sticking and actually contacting
you and becoming leads. So if you do something like write an ebook or a quick video or even
a tip sheet that they have to enter their name, phone number or email address to download,
you re going to have a lot better results by using a traffic magnet. Number seven is
failing to engage clients. So really what this boils down to is that text is dead. Online
attention span of people is about 15 seconds and we like to say at that
a picture is worth a thousand words but a video is worth a thousand clients. So you
can imagine that a video would probably increase a time on website. It usually does but more
importantly, it allows clients to get to know you right away. So instead of looking at some
boring text that they re going to glance at and they go to the next provider online, they
re going to get to know you and get a feel for your style and see you as a provider of
good services and authority in your area. You can almost use the internet as a virtual
sales force [0:06:32] [Indiscernible] people instead of just have them come to a boring
site and leave. The eighth mistake we see is not tracking the results. Most business
owners say they re just too busy to do this, which goes back to the e-myth that [Indiscernible]
the popular books out there. They will tell you that you re in the business of marketing
and selling products and services, not just providing them so you must track your search
rankings, how many people are coming to your site, those of your visits and then the leads
and clients in order to improve results. And considering that Google Analytics is free
and easy to use, there s really not an excuse to not do this because you re probably wasting
money each and every week or month by not tracking which of your expenditures are not
producing a positive return on investment and cutting those out and it s important to
test various methods and eliminate the lame ducks out there. That s the best way to get
traction to your marketing is to test everything and throw out the underperformers. OK? The
ninth mistake is missing trust and social icons. So people place great value on reviews
and peer validation meaning if you are going to order a pizza or get LASIK surgery or going
on vacation at a lodge in Costa Rica, you re probably going to use Yelp!, Facebook and
other review sites to evaluate your decisions, so everything from to restaurants
to senior care and You re going to use reviews to place as a form of wading
out your potential options. It s really important to use social icons. They also build trust
out there and finally with other elements like Better Business Bureau or trade association
logos. These things all build trust with your market and show them that you re a trusted
authority out there. And the tenth and final mistake is using vanity domains. So when I
say vanity domains, I mean just your name dot com and the truth is that Google and people
value keyword-rich domains. So as I said, having a website like
would be much more effective than especially if you want a bankruptcy lawyer.
So many names are still available. Use dot com and dot net only and it s important to
do this because you re going to, again, show people that your website has the content they
re looking for. They will get to know your name later. Branding is for large organizations
but if your name is not Coca-Cola, you re better off going with a keyword-rich domain.
OK. The last thing I want to cover is questions to ask an online marketing firm. This is really
important because now we ve established that you have to have a CMS like WordPress. You
have to deal with a firm that can help you market your site and design it with an eye
for conversion and performance. We need to ask a couple of questions of these firms,
prospective firms to see if they re a good fit for you. The first thing is samples of
work in your industry. Ask for references. If I m a dentist in Chicago, I want to say,
Show me other dentist sites you ve done and how they re ranking on Google. So example
of client search results, Dallas Mexican restaurant . As long as I m not a chiropractor, that
should be pretty impressive if a firm can produce those results and show them and demonstrate
them to me. And finally not finally, but again is the site built on WordPress or some other
CMS? It s so important to use a CMS because the next question is, Can you log in and manage
content? and yourself updating and adding photos or blogs, et cetera. If you think that
someone is just going to design you a site that s going to work magic for you, you re
mistaken. You have to have a vested interest and ownership of your marketing and quite
frankly, be passionate about it because you re not going to invest the time required to
master marketing and part of that is whoever you work with to help design and market your
site, Is there training and support provided? Is it a one-time deliverable or are you going
to establish a relationship with these folks? And if you know how to measure and evaluate
return on investment, you should be willing to do that because a website is a living organism
that needs to constantly be tweaked and improved and nurtured in order to produce the results
that you want. Like anything good in life, it takes work, right? And finally, are there
any ongoing hosting or maintenance fees? That s really something that a lot of especially
dealing with a lot of attorneys, I see a lot of attorneys get burned with really high maintenance
fees, $600, $700 or $1000 or more dollars just for maintenance which there s no active
marketing or advertising going on. So really ask those questions. Take time to read the
agreements and one more thing I wanted to bring up is just that to ask, Do you own the
domain and website properties? because a lot of website companies have a leasing model
because they re just trying to get more residual money out of companies. So they will not only
charge you to customize or design a site but they actually own the IP that s associated
in the creative assets and actually own your website. So you want to ask those questions.
Hopefully, you found this was helpful and I provided some good information to steer
you on the right track on your marketing and hopefully you feel a little bit of relief
knowing that if you avoid these top 10 mistakes, you will probably be better off when it comes
to designing and maintaining your website. But if you need more info, we can direct you
to a couple of resources that basically what we do at Geek-Free Marketing and Ninja Web
Designs is we make websites that are friendly for you, obviously for your customers and
for search engines. OK? So search engines, you and your customers all love our sites
because we always think about the three legs of the table, three legs that it takes to
hold up the table and that is the foundation of a strong marketing platform. So you have
to think about all three entities in everything that you do. If your website isn t friendly
for you, you re not going to invest time and use it. Obviously if it s not friendly for
your clients, they re going to come there and bounce which means they leave without
contacting you, if they ever find you at all; and in order for that to happen, you need
to be friendly for search engines. So remember, those are the three legs of the online marketing
table that you need to have when it comes to web design. Feel free to contact us now
if you want to learn more about our services. Thank you very much and I appreciate your
time and if you want to get pointed in the right direction, Geek-Free Marketing, Attention
Video and Ninja Web Designs are our brands. Geek-Free Marketing provides online marketing,
coaching and consulting for small business owners. Attention Video provides killer online
videos that engage your audience so we can put those on your website and everywhere else
in the web people are looking and help you actually rank those videos in search results.
And finally, makes WordPress websites that rock. Thank you and have a good
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