The Truth About Flying FIRST CLASS (Flying for FREE in Business Class & First Class)

– [Attendant] Wholesale Ted? – Yes.
– That’s you? Okay, I’m gonna go watch it later. (woman laughs)
– [Sarah] Thank you. (laughs) – [Attendant] You’re welcome! – Hey there, my name is Sarah, and today I’m gonna tell
you the truth about how I and many others fly first class
and business class for free. See, I remember when I was six and my parents took my
sister and I on vacation. We flew all the way from Christchurch, New
Zealand, to Los Angeles. And we went to Disneyland, it was one of the best
memories of my life. And I remember that when
we got on the plane, we’d have to walk past the business seats at the front of the plane all the way down to the economy seats at
the back of the plane. It was like we were being teased. And I was always wondering growing up who on Earth flies business
class, let alone first class? And just for reference,
if you’re watching this and you’re in the USA, you guys have these domestic A320 planes. Well, they have two cabins. Economy at the back of the plane and, quote on quote, first class at the front of the plane
featuring bigger recliner seats. This is what you guys
call a first class seat, however, this is not
what I am talking about. No, this is what I mean
by first class seat. These uneven cooled seats
they are called suites. As I mentioned on this channel, last month I flew to Singapore
for some business meetings, but to get there I went from Christchurch to
Sydney, Sydney to Singapore, and back the same route again. And to do that I got to fly first class on two of the world’s best airlines because, guess what, I now
fly first class for free. One airline I flew was Singapore Airlines and I got to fly on their
brand new first class cabins in their A380 planes. And I’m gonna tell you
now these are crazy. I couldn’t believe that
you can fly these for free. I wouldn’t even call these
a suite, they are a room. You get your own room
to yourself in the sky with a La-Z-Boy and you get a bed. Yes, you have a separate bed
that folds out from the wall that the flight attendants
make up for you. You can truly lie flat in it. The other airline I flew
first class was Emirates on their A380. And these cabins were also super nice. Of course, as you can see, you didn’t quite get your
own room in these planes, even if you do get a minibar. But there was more than made up for, for the fact that you got
something even cooler. On this plane they have a shower, yes, a shower, for their
first class guests. You get five minutes of
water and it was amazing. Real first class is super nice, but unless you’re flying for
free, well, it’s not cheap. Take a look at this. If I wanted to fly from my
home city, Christchurch, to New York one-way in
economy flying Qantas, which is currently running a sale, it would cost me 1,266
New Zealand dollars. But if I wanted to fly in business class, it would cost me $5,141, that is four times the price of economy. But what about first class? Well, it would cost me a cool $9,141, that is seven times the price. For many people that would
be one half to one third of their whole annual income
spent on just a one-way flight. And so, I used to wonder,
who on Earth are these people who are flying business class and first class with their
families all the time? Who on Earth can afford
to do that? (laughs) Well, I used to wonder that until I became one of those people myself. Now, yes, I do sometimes pay
for my airfares with cash, but I try to fly as
much as I can for free, or at heavily discounted prices. And here is how people like
me are able to do that. Step one, we have a credit card that gives us free flight miles every time we spend money on it. Step two, we are savvy about
which credit card we use. Step three, we have a way
to spend lots and lots of money on that credit card. If you can be spending
hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on a credit card, then you can accrue a huge
amount of flight miles. And it’s true that if you
sign up for credit cards, you can get some really
good sign-up bonuses without spending lots and lots of money, but these are also just one-off bonuses and you can usually only sign up to a limited number of credit cards. So if you want to be flying business class and first class all of the time, rather than just some of the time, you’re going to have to be spending money. The problem, of course, is that most people don’t
have hundreds to thousands of dollars to spend on
a credit card, right? So that’s the secret here. You need to be able to have a way that you can spend lots and
lots of money on a credit card without actually truly
spending that money, or losing that money. And, yes, if you are a
subscriber here at Wholesale Ted, then you can probably guess that the way that I think it’s easiest to be able to do that is to be running a business. Although, as I’m going to explain, you can still be bad at business and your business could be
making no profit at all, but you could still be flying first class for all of your flights. So, let’s say you wanted to fly in the Singapore Airline’s
first class suite like I did, but we’ll pick a route that’s closer to where most of my subscribers live. So, let’s say that you wanted to fly from New York to Singapore. Now, this might get a
little bit technical here so just bear with me. Well, normally, if you
booked this flight with cash, it would cost you $10,759 and 72 cents. Hm, yeah. We don’t really wanna pay that. Luckily, if you book ahead, a Saver Award ticket will
cost you 120,000 miles with the Singapore Airlines
program, KrisFlyer. Well, the best credit card to accrue these miles is the
American Express Explorer card. So we’d get one of those. Every time that you
spend $1 with this card, you earn two AMEX points, the American Express Rewards Program. These can be transferred to Singapore Airline’s frequent
flyer program, KrisFlyer. Two AMEX points will get you
1.5 Singapore Krisflyer miles. So that meant that if we spend $80,000 on our American Explorer card, we’ll get 160,000 AMEX points. Which if we transferred
to Singapore Airlines, would be 120,000 miles,
which is what we need to fly in first class for free. But, of course, $80,000 is a lot of money, that’s more money than
what most people earn in a single year. So how on Earth can you spend
$80,000 on a credit card? Well, what you do is you have a business that spends money to make money. For example, the main business model that we teach on this Youtube channel is something called
AliExpress dropshipping, and this is a fantastic
example of a business model that spends money to make money. With dropshipping what you do is you first set up an online store, the easiest most beginner-friendly
platform is Shopify, and, you guessed it, you can pay for this with your credit card. Next, you list products for
sale in your Shopify store. And where do you find your products? You find them on a
website called AliExpress. Take these nifty cat coffee spoons here. They are selling for just $1
and 57 cents on AliExpress. You then list them in your
store for a markup price, which you can do because the products
are already super cheap. Then you advertise these
products using Facebook Ads to bring in traffic and
customers to your store. And guess what? You pay for your ads
with your credit card. Using paid ads to generate
sales is the easiest way that I spend money to make money. And, of course, when a
customer comes to your store to buy your product, you
then go to AliExpress and order the item for the customer, and get the AliExpress store to ship it directly to the customer. And guess what? You pay for it with your credit card. And, by the way, if you
would like free training on how you can get started in
this business model yourself, I have a free e-book, the six steps that six-figure dropshipping stores follow to make over $10,000 every month. And if you would like to get
that e-book for yourself, you can download it by
clicking on the link in the video description below. But, yes, credit card rewards are one of the best hidden bonuses
of running a business. In fact, last month, we had the founders of the Wholesale Formula, Dan and Eric, run two webinars for our
Wholesale Ted subscribers showing us how they
purchase wholesale products and then resell them on for a profit. Well, in one of their webinars, they explained how they
use their credit card to buy most of their products. Instead of travel rewards,
they opt for cash back. Last year, they got over $50,000
in cashback rewards alone. And, as they pointed out, even if their business
didn’t make any profit, they’d still make more money than what the average
American earns each year just in credit card
cashback rewards alone. Though, I must point
out, as a travel lover, that if they’d instead
chosen to get flight rewards, they could have earned over
five million AMEX points, which could have been turned into three million, 750 thousand miles with Singapore Airlines. Which could have been redeemed for 15 return first class flights from New York to Singapore. And that’s the thing, I do
expect that most business owners who are flying at the front of the plane probably are turning a
profit with their businesses, however, even if they weren’t, they could still be flying first class. And, as we’ve shown on this channel, yes, you can scale an AliExpress store to be doing $10,000 a month. In fact, you can be scaling it to be doing millions
of dollars every year. But a question we often get asked is this. These stores that might be
generating $10,000 a month in revenue, well, how much
of those dollars is profit? That’s a good question. When most people in the dropshipping
world talk about revenue, the profit margins that
we’re generally aiming for are around 20 to 25%. But, as a quick fun thought exercise, let’s say that you sucked at dropshipping and you were making over
$10,000 a month in revenue, but you weren’t making any profit from it. Well, that would mean that $10,000 a month in revenue is actually
going towards expenses, and, as we’ve already established with AliExpress dropshipping, pretty much all of your
expenses are paid for with the credit card. If we’re spending $10,000
a month on our credit card, that means we’re earning
20,000 membership points with the American Express program, AMEX. And if we transferred those
to Singapore Airlines, we’d be earning 15,000
miles with them each month. Over a year that would be 180,000 points, and 180,000 points gets us one and a half first class flights from New York to Singapore
in these incredible suites. The equivalent of over $16,000
in free premium flights. And you know what’s
awesome about flight miles? It is untaxed compensation. Sorry, Benjamin, but it turns out that sometimes you can escape your taxes. Here is the reality. When you go to work at your job, you’re spending your time to make money and no one gives you extra
rewards for doing that. But with a business, you focus on spending your
money to make money instead. And this does get rewarded, it gets rewarded with free
travel around the would. So there you go, as I’ve discovered, it turns out that business
class is kinda called that for a reason. (laughs) Thanks for watching this video, and if you’d like even more free training on how you can build your own
online-based digital business, then be sure to subscribe to Wholesale Ted for more free videos.

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100 thoughts on “The Truth About Flying FIRST CLASS (Flying for FREE in Business Class & First Class)

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