The Utility Warehouse saves my business money – and saves me stress

My name is Sue McCoid and I run Burghfield Mini Coaches. It’s a family-run business, and we’ve been running for 52 years now. The difference between the Utility Warehouse and any other company is that we have a local Distributor that’s looking after us, and I trust her to give me the best deal going. I actually feel my Distributor is like my family really, that she cares about me. I can’t imagine that happening with any other company. What I love about the Call Centre is you know exactly how long you’ve got to wait, because you’re told before someone will come and attend to you, and then that doesn’t leave you frustrated. You know, if they say they’re going to phone you back, they actually do. The benefits from the Utility Warehouse are good for us because there’s hardly any tie-in contracts. If the price doesn’t suit us we can just walk away. As a business owner, I’d say to other business owners saving money is important to us all and we’ve saved an awful lot of money with the Utility Warehouse over the years and I’m sure it will do exactly the same for any other business – just give it a try! I’m saving my business money, and I’m saving myself a lot of stress.

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