The Website Marketing Group – BPAY Case Study.

My name is Michael Doyle, I’m the managing
director of The Website Marketing Group. We build and promote websites for some of
Australia’s largest brands. Well we’ve got over 300 clients and trying
to reconcile those accounts going across at a bank, is a lot easier and faster now with
BPAY. Cash flow for any business such as ours is
a life plot and if you can’t push your business faster, your cash flow faster then you’re
behind your bills and then it’s a snowball. What you want to do is get paid faster and
BPAY is one of those solutions, and it’s a good one. As an SME when you supply a bill to a customer, having the BPAY logo on there gives a lot
more credentials as a business and they look at you as if you’re Telstra or Vodafone and
at the end of the day anybody who knows BPAY, knows that when they’re paying a major phone
bill or electricity bill they know BPAY so it’s secure.
Easy to use; online; 24/7. Absolutely fantastic, I’d recommend them to
anybody. Well we estimate is saves about 5% of our
time, it gives you more time to spend with your kids.

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