These 5 Websites are for every Food entrepreneur starting a food business best sites

(upbeat funky music) – [Damien] Hey guys, it’s Damien
from Marketing Food Online. I hope you guys are having
another great day as always. This is going to be one
of the coolest videos I’ve actually ever done, I’m
really excited about doing this and I’ve decided to do each week, I’ll have one video of these posted. I’m going to do five videos, or sorry, five websites in this video that every food entrepreneur
needs to know about and you should bookmark in your computer. You need to be aware of these websites, they are extremely helpful. There are resources
galore in these websites, so I’m gonna bring you five,
at least one video each week. We’ll have five of these websites and what I’m gonna do is go through them, explain why you need to know about them and you should be aware of them, because knowledge and understanding and gaining a lot of
resources at your fingertips when it comes to starting a food business is worth its weight in gold, trust me. These are websites that I
personally just frequent. I’m not promoting anybody here, this is not paid, no one’s
gonna be paying me for this, I just simply want to bring these to you and let you be aware of them. They are great resources, great websites. Some of them are food
associations and such, which will help you collaborate
with other food producers or just gain some knowledge,
or maybe some insight into the food industry and food business which will definitely let
you understand more about it and give you direction
where you want to go. So, these are in no particular order. Number one is of course
Specialty Food Association. It’s actually and this is an association, you can definitely become a member. There is a fee for that, but you can definitely become a member and there is a ton of benefits. There is several food shows, and this association is linked in to a lot of these food shows so they’ll give you an opportunity, if you are at the point where maybe you’ve produced a food product
that’s ready for retail and you want to find out hey, how can I get in touch with buyers or how can I just associate
myself with other food sellers, maybe gain some understanding
how food brokers work, whatever it may be, these
expos are fantastic. These food shows are great. What do they offer here? They have a shows and events, they show you all of the different events that they are associated with, exhibiting, even travel centers if
you want to get there. The Food Association, what
is this actually about? The specific getting a membership for this type of association,
and it goes on and on. They’ve won awards for fantastic resources over many, many years. They’ve won numerous awards. There’s a lot of news,
Association press releases and features, and trends
and such, products, a learning center and a solution center. This is a great site to, even
if you’re just beginning, you don’t necessarily have to
have a food product completed and ready to go to gain understanding and some knowledge about
food from this site. This is number one, let’s
move onto the second one. Now, this one’s called This is a industry website based
around the grocery industry which of course reflects
food products and trends and a lot of other great topics. So, you can scroll down here. It talks about food safety, it also has some great
articles to the side here. There you go, related topics. Great articles about food packaging and labeling, category management, understanding government
relations and such, food safety, even private labeling, and I’m just gonna click
on that really quick. And again, it goes through here and it is a ton of great articles, other websites that are
attached to this one, that you can utilize as well. Talks about Kroger, retailer of the year. This is some of the
most recent information, Stop and Shop, and so on. There’s a lot of grocery stores and even private label companies that you may have never heard about but these are great grocery stores that you may even want to contact to get your product in them. Of course Target and a
handful of other ones and it just goes on and on and on. This one is a great one, specifically when you get to this website. Again, it’s When you get to this
website, on the right side, this is a lot of the information
you’ll be looking for. Also, wholesalers and distributors, this will give you articles
and contact information about wholesalers and food distributors that you can again contact
or get in touch with. If you look to get your
product all over the country, this would be the place to do it. A lot of really great… And let me tell you,
some of this information may not necessarily be interesting to you or pertain to your product
at this very moment. I go through here and a lot of times I read articles that
may not necessarily be something that has to
do with what I do today, but down the road you’ll
find out, you know what? Hey, I read that article on that website, I want to get in touch with that company. It’s just great to be informed. The more information you
know, the better off you are. Now, Organic Consumers Association. This is a great website for organic food. Let’s say if you’re producing
an organic food product or you’re in the market to
start a organic food product and you want to find out
what is actually needed on my packaging, what kind of labeling, the process to process
a food that is organic? How do I do that? What agency do I need to contact? All of that great information
is on this website, and that’s, actually. The next one up, I’m
gonna give you this one. This is off the food related industry and food related websites, but this is an extremely valuable, useful. I’ve actually personally
have used them before. If you have not heard of LegalZoom, LegalZoom is a website
with a lot of legal advice you can incorporate. It’s your business formation. If you have intellectual property, this is something that I covered
in a couple of my videos, in regards to trademarks and copyright, patents don’t necessarily come
in play with food products but trademarks and
copyright definitely does. This is a site that you
can get access to lawyers. To be honest with you, it’s
at a very reasonable price. You can search around and
find some other websites that may be potentially cheaper. The reason why, and here’s
a company right here as a matter of fact, a
meat and fish company that did some business with LegalZoom. The reason why is that this website has all of this in one site and they have numerous
attorneys, it’s not just one but they have them available
in different categories like I showed you here, but having the ability
to do all of this stuff on the same site is really, really useful. You can definitely, of course, get five or six different
sites to get this stuff from, there’s no doubt, but it’s
all in one place here. If you’re starting, if you’re
just getting up and running, I personally, my company
by the way is an LLC, you can form that on LegalZoom in literally less than 10 minutes and you’re up and running. Take a look at LegalZoom,
it’s a great website to have when you are starting your food business or creating that food product. And then lastly for today,
the number five is Fiverr. Now, you may or may not have
heard good or bad things, reviews about Fiverr. I personally have used Fiverr, I think three or four
dozen times at least. A least three dozen times. I’ve actually used Fiverr for the logo. There’s several logos
that we’ve got from Fiverr that have cost me less than $10, and I’ve had no problems with them at all and the delivery of the product is fast. Some people, you go on YouTube, you may see a lot of people giving reviews that it was a horrible experience. Well, they just found the wrong freelancer to be honest with you. So, Fiverr is basically a website that if you’re looking for a food logo, you want to create a really cool logo, that’s really what I’ve used them for on more than one occasion. My son and I, we have a couple of ebooks, children’s books that we actually
got some artwork done for which was cartoons and such,
that was totally separate, but I also had a great
experience with that, but anyways, if you’re looking
for a graphic designer, again, package design and stuff like that, they actually have fantastic deals on here for a fraction of what you would pay if you went through one of these high end professional companies
to have a logo done. There’s also website designers on here. Everything from voiceovers
to social media. If you’re trying to
promote your food product and you need someone
who knows social media and you’re not a savvy social
media person, that’s fine. You can find people on here
who can help you with that. Fiverr is the fifth and final website that I recommend as a food entrepreneur. All of these need to be
bookmarked on your computer. Go back to them, check
them out periodically. You can learn a lot from these five sites and of course the last two are very useful when it comes to trying
to get stuff done for you or incorporate, okay? So with that being said, if this was truly helpful and useful, give me a big thumbs up. I always appreciate you
guys giving me feedback. If you have questions about
any of these websites, please let me know down below. If you’ve actually
worked with any of them, if you could let our
other subscribers know about your experience,
that would be great, whether good or bad. I always appreciate positive feedback but anything that you’ve
got that is honest, let us know how you worked
with some of these sites and I will wrap it up guys, and as always, check out our other videos. If you’re not subscribed,
subscribe to our channel. We’ve got hundreds of videos (coughs), excuse me, to help you.

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  1. These sites are great for food entrepreneurs to hope this helps ! Let us know if you have used these.

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