These 8 Questions Will Reshape Your Business Strategy | Inside 4DS

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100 thoughts on “These 8 Questions Will Reshape Your Business Strategy | Inside 4DS

    3:30 – Introductions
    6:20 – Q1: Shifting your customer base?
    9:14 – Q2: Balancing speed & listening?
    13:58 – Q3: Positioning yourself for a high-end market?
    21:43 – Q4: Marketing for non-profits?
    31:09 – Q5: Building your personal brand to benefit your business?
    36:02 – Q6: Next steps in building a global brand?
    44:54 – Q7: Who should you be interviewing in your niche?
    48:49 – Q8: Attracting creatives to make your content

  2. Gary Vee is inspiring me so much. I actually have jumped out from my comfort zone and I created my own you tube channel about how to succeed in business and make money if you have God on your side. I would love your support and feedback. Please check it out and I will always follow back.

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  3. hey gary i really need some advice on a life decision opinion or if anyone in the comments could you help me? i asked my mom and i dont have a father to turn to either with this but i just dont want to regret anything

  4. you need to ask yourself, do you now have a charity or non-profit about bullying because that's the hot type of Charity to have right now or are you and have you always been in that space fighting bullies

  5. Hey Gary I just made a new YouTube channel called the proven point you inspired me to create my channel I’m only 12 thanks for everything GaryVee

  6. Gary is the mannnnn,he has inspired me to make my first YouTube video and it drops in 45 min I would love for you guys to show some support,thank you Gary for inspiring to make my first video

  7. Whoa! Fucking fire! What I loved the most is that even though Gary was talking and giving his insight, it seemed that his empathy in life produced well into everyone around the table. I started to see the guys around the table help each other out with a quick comment taking a quick focus off of Gary to love their brothers who were going through the same things! Now that friends, was fucking epic!

  8. Thank you, Gary Vee and all you awesome people at Vayner, for putting this together. This is a LOT to unpack.

    I have an in-person consult with a nonprofit in the morning, so I'm psyched to bring some of this value to their brand and marketing strategies.

  9. "Everything is a commodity except for communication and awareness, what's not a commodity is the ability to get somebody to know and care" and talking about ideas and making content that is relevant contextually for your audience. Best 4D yet!

  10. People don't realize the amount of value this is

    To listen in on a top CEO giving business advice….Wow Gary. Talk about "Investment"

  11. I watched his 8 hour video in Dubai in two sessions. I'll watch him over some mindless t.v. show any day of the week. Even if he's just riding a bike.

  12. If you reply that you make the same product like everybody does – you're in trouble. You can't go ahead. Stop producing similar products. Invest to development. If you don't have money – invest your time. Create smth new and improve all the time because your competitors don't stay in one place as well.

  13. Another business world class education

    These 4Ds videos are absolutely top notch, and the advice shared can be worth millions, if applied.

  14. Thanks, Gary. I was waiting for more 4D Content this segment is your most helpful raw piece of content with a lot of value. Also, the long-form daily vlog content is amazing to play in the back on youtube (like an audio podcast) while I work. It gets me in the zone to tackle my list of things to do.

  15. Can you still text if you aren't located within the US. I'm watching from Europe, but would be cool if the text thing worked from here too. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  16. Great video Gary! LOVE IT!
     Your videos inspire me to do more and more and more videos on my channel as well! 👊✅
    How LONG u guys been following Gary's channel?

  17. Gary thanks so much because I always listening to your speech over last two years then i decided to quit my 9-5 job to build my business that i am passionate about, and then right now almost one year I have been hustling its getting results already. thanks so much gary keep create good content, i know so many people out there need this stuff… sorry for my english😁😁

  18. I ALWAYS enjoy and appreciate these 4D discussions. Those ppl paid 10k to be there and we get to watch most of it for free. I was bothered by those two half gallons of milk just sitting there the entire time spoiling away…

  19. About 12 mins in I feel is probably the most accurate indication of how Gary was as a child in class 😂 *listening but ….what’s that outside?!

  20. need to start podcasting this stuff. I know Spotify has its own inner podcast that streams the upper-level management strategy.

  21. We complained to Gary that we can’t hear the people when they speak…Gary fixes it and now they’re mic’d up. Respect for listening to your fans

  22. 32:08 Love the way he gives you props Gary! Wow. Inspiring to build a personal brand. Excited to get a podcast out later today! Another great video.

  23. Who ever that woman was who said Gary Vee is using his White Privilege. Wow. I'm actually compelled to do a video on this subject on #TheAlkebulanTrust YouTube Channel.

  24. The French guy is a great interviewer I saw him interview someone famous in self help–but his English made it really hard to understand. HE could just get a vocal coach to tone it down a bit and he'd be more successful in English market, not sure why that wasn't stated.

  25. 21:25

    Holy shit just realized something: Visual artists are living and breathing personal brands. When somebody mentions a painting they almost always mention the painter.

    "Wow, look at this Monet, I like the brush strokes "

    "This Caravggio is sooo realistic!"

    "I'd like to have a Dali to the on the door and a Lichtenstein beside the table"

    Y'know what I mean?

  26. I wouldn't be able to fight as hard as I do today, Gary, if it wasn't for you. I've dm'd you on Instagram but to no avail. It is about a book I wrote which I believe could inspire the generation I come from and inform the older generation of who we truly are as people. All I want is for you to read the first chapter if I send it to you…

  27. What Gary talks about around 44:47 is exactly what #JHus does whether intentional or unintentional. It just so happens that he is also good at his craft.

  28. What i like the most is that you recognize patterns miles ahead and thats why there is no right or wrong. There is just, insecurity, not doing anything, complaining and defense. Loved this one!!!

  29. Great job Gary!!! You deliver on very high levels for sure….I like the Texting ….and all of your content. Keep up the great work and everyone please like, subscribe and comment!!.

  30. dogg i texted you a week ago, and i got some bullshit robot reply to me, do you really think i want that??? i personally think the way your doing it is a horrible idea, it turned me off hella. but best of luck my man, always support waht your doing, just done like the way your handling this text messaging shit. let me be your intern and ill do it for free my man. no body wants to get texted by some robot

  31. Team GV: Have you thought about putting a couple of mics on the table in these situations, linked to a multi-channel recorder? After the session, take the SD card and sync the audio with the camera? That way viewers can hear everything clearly and you’re not relying solely on Gary’s mic. Just my $0.02 👍

    I appreciate the free content though, still the best stuff on YouTube.🔥

  32. I put it on full screen get my notepad out and imagine myself sitting at the table with everyone else…lol. Love you Gary!

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