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(BACKGROUND MUSIC) CARLY: Starting a business is very lonely, we’re
very lucky to have each other through all of this. DANIELLE: The idea behind theSkimm really came from the role that we played in our friends lives on a day-to-day basis. CARLY: We were total news geeks and our friends would come to both of us and they would ask us questions about what happened today, that they weren’t getting answered elsewhere. In effect, we’d been skimming for them on
the side. DANIELLE: This was something that was showing there
was a void in the market. CARLY: When we first started we were working out
of our apartment which was very tiny. DANIELLE: We had each other, dying laptops, probably
broken phones, and a little bit of savings, and that was it. For the first year and a half of our company,
we were our entire team. (MUSIC CHANGES) DANIELLE: Now that we’re three and a half years in,
the types of things that we’ve done over time have definitely evolved, but some things
have stayed the same. You know, we’re still leading a team, it’s
just now that team is more than just to two of us. It’s 16 people including the two of us. Growth is a huge part of our business, for
the first two years it was the only thing that we focused on in our business. User acquisition, building up our subscriber
list in terms of not just scale but also in quality. That was all hugely important to us and we’ve
been really fortunate with the press coverage we’ve gotten. CARLY: I think, we might be more proud of actually
fundraising on our own. We started networking, really from day one,
and we were able to take in a relatively small amount of money from angel investors that
we met through our network and through new networks we were trying to develop. DANIELLE: We got through it with the help of a lot of
people who had done it before with a lot of founders who gave us their time. CARLY: Then we were able to take in a seed round where we raised our first big check which was over a million dollars. (MUSIC CHANGES) CARLY: Okay guys, what do we got? DANIELLE: Stories, who’s got something? The toughest part of my job is definitely
managing and developing the skillset that goes along with being a good manager. Our team is unique because they genuinely all get along. CARLY: Everyone is passionate about what we’re
doing and believes in it, and we have fun. DANIELLE: On Fridays we have our “Sip n’ Skimm”
as a team, each person takes a turn bringing in a snack, one of the highlights of my week is always stepping back and watching them talk like friends. EVERYONE: “Cheers!” DANIELLE: I don’t consider us a success yet, I don’t
think that we ever think that we’re anywhere near close to the end of the Skimm story or our story as business people and our transition to being managers. You know, it’s a such a weird thing that
it’s hard to say that you’re proud of yourself. CARLY: I don’t have a hard time saying it, I’m
proud of myself, I’m proud of us. (LAUGHTER) CARLY: Yes, Yeah, Okay.

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