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Hi this is Vanessa joy here with AdoramaTV and we’re talking about six things that your photography website must have… Number 1… I want to be clear about real estate on your website, the top right corner of your website that’s like the good real estate… that’s where everybody’s eye just goes to. So some kind of call to action… should be there – something like contact us or here’s where you get your free quote, or free download or whatever it is… I think if you look at my website it says check your date… at least right now but we’re going to rebrand.. so make sure that upper right hand corner that has your call to action. Number 2 is … you have to talk about what the heck you do… a really good book about this is a story brand by Donald Miller… and he talks about creating a brand message, which is just you communicating to whoever’s on your website, about what it is that you do… but you have to do it really simply.. and the way that you think about it is that you want to be able to repeat your brand message like a Neanderthal… so think of it this way… I’m a wedding photographer I need a Neanderthal to be able to look at it and go oh… she shoots weddings… she take wedding photos… so you need a super clear brand message Number 3.. you want to have an About section but don’t make it this long… blabbery novel… I mean yes.. sometimes clients like to read that, but today most people just want bullet points, so make your About section bullet points about you… things that seem relevant… go back to the branding videos about you know what you should put in the about Me section to be relevant and all of that. Number 4 is we’re going to call Mark Wallace, and Mark Wallace is going to talk to us about what he thinks that your photography website. Let’s call real quick while I stand in the mud … Hey Mark… tell me about photography websites… so there are a few places you can go to build a website Squarespace, or top of my head Live Books and then WordPress so if you’re a little bit tech savvy and you want to own the look and feel, and be able to change it anytime you want… you want to put your good stuff.. your best stuff in your portfolio… not all your stuff and mix it up so people… when they look at your portfolio… they understand that you have a wide variety of experience that you’ve worked with a lot of different people, because nothing shouts amateur like one model posted in different poses over and over and over again. So Instagram is a good place to build your portfolio but I don’t think it necessarily replaces an actual photo website… the reason for that is on Instagram you can’t easily put contact information information about yourself… it’s just so limited just in that little couple sentences in your portfolio. You can’t really customize it, you can’t add a blog posting videos longer than a minute right now, that’s not something you can do, so there’s just a lot of things that you probably want to do on your own website that you can’t do on Instagram… So use Instagram to feed people to your normal website, and vice versa – keep people engaged but those two things should work as a team.. so one is not necessarily mutually exclusive over the other.. Love it.. thank you so much. I know you are a busy guy traveling all around the world on your motorcycle so this has been great… Thank you so much… all right moving on… Number 5… you want to make it easy to contact you. So have a contact button on every page, top right – because that is your most valued Real Estate’s… where people kind of automatically go if you have a contact form on your website, give them the option of just emailing you because maybe they like that better calling you… because maybe they like that better… and filling out a contact form… and if you do a contact form… make it very easy to fill out. Don’t ask too many questions – you need the barrier of entry to be as low as possible.. to get them to contact you. Some of them will see you long form, too many things to fill out on the contact form, and they just won’t contact you. So you don’t want that. The last thing we have to talk about are the images on your website. I know we talked about this before, in one of the previous videos, I want to really stress this…. your portfolio…. you should have a couple of different galleries… you know if you do different styles of photography, or if you’re just an event photographer… maybe you break up like engagement sessions detail photos, and you know wedding moments of the couple.. for gosh sakes you probably need to, and I need to, cut down the number of images by half. No one’s looking through them all… and you want to have these 10 to 15 hero images that you know they’re gonna see. So that you end up creating a brand around it, and they recognize those images really, really important… that they recognize your photography. I hope that you have been having fun… we are almost done with this series here on AdoramaTV, tell me in the comments some of the things that you think a website needs… and whether of not you have it on your website/ I am Vanessa Joy and I will see you guys next time here on Adorama TV. Thanks for joining me on this 10-week marketing course here on AdoramaTV. Make sure you subscribe.. hit the bell, so you don’t miss a thing. Don’t forget to leave comments, tell me how these things are working for you, or aren’t working for you.. and I will do my best to answer them, give you new suggestions, and really follow along this entire course. So leave a comment hold the hate cuz very frankly you’re somebody that I don’t know and you’re taking shots at me like it’s Patron, Don’t want to mess with your self-expression.. but I learned a lesson that’s stressing and obsessing about somebody else is no fun!

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19 thoughts on “Things You MUST HAVE on Your Website | Breathe Your Passion with Vanessa Joy

  1. I think a "Clients" section is important on your photography website. It shows your arsenal of trusted clients plus gives your clients a very easy way to login to view/download their paid images.

  2. This is a nice video with great information. I think bringing in Mark Wallace for his professional advice was solid gold. He is so knowledgeable and well respected that I would consider any advice he gives to be super valuable. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Vanessa! Good stuff. I hope that really was mud you stepped in…it is a dog park! YUK! I actually put the short form for contact on the bottom of every page. My thought was as the client scrolls down, the contact form is the last thing they see and they might feel inspired to fill it out, and strike a conversation. Food for thought! Have a great weekend!

  4. Neanderthal voice was hillareous, info was great! Do you include a place for people buying or downloading images? If so, is it only a client link to access it's? Would you suggest a direct sales link for someone shooting other then specifically weddings, such as a landscape or public event photographer? Thanks for putting this together and even though you are a top notch pro, being willing to include info from your friends and peers.

  5. I’m struggling to create a photography website at the moment because I’m just starting out and don't have ”10-15 hero shots” for each of the categories I operate in. What do I do?
    I’m stuck in a revolving door – I need the portfolio so I can sell myself to clients but I need to sell myself to clients in order to build a portfolio…

  6. hay Vanessa could you repeat that again in bullet point form lol,,, thanks,, p s i get my Cosmo Ianiro photography jacket tomorrow

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