Think Big Websites and “Ray the Fireman” talk about video marketing

Hello and welcome to Think Big Websites
my name is Ray Briant also known as “Ray the firemen”. In this video I want to
stress with you the absolute importance of having a video created for your
business, displaying your product or service
online and why it’s important to you. I’m also going to share with you a
first-hand example where you’re going to see over my shoulder some keywords that we created using video and how fast it became a top-ten searchable item. But
back to video, let me also say that I’m not trying to sell our business yes we would do a phenomenal job for you and
you’ll be extremely happy and our prices are the lowest in industry but the point
of this video is to tell you if you can’t go that route then take your iPhone out and start hitting
record uploading it to YouTube, throw some good keywords in there and you’d be
amazed at the results that you get now back to the story about why video is so
important. Video is critical because it works for
you 24 hours a day every single day it doesn’t matter if it’s two o’clock in
the morning and somebody searching a keyword that represent your business or
product how would you like for them to be able to find your business at two
o’clock in the morning and hear directly from you about your product now
obviously you’re not going to be up at two o’clock in the morning but you’re
gonna be making a sale compliments of that video video marketing is absolutely
the single most important thing that you can do for your website to help drive
traffic to help brand awareness and a great way for people to get to know you better.
Now let’s hop over to desktop mode. Here in this video you’re gonna see how I did
a search on this day for a specific keyword in which it was “Ray the
firemen” and you could see on this day not know where was I found in the top 10
on Google now in the next screen you’re gonna see here that I it’s a day later
and I’m searching for the same exact keywords. I’m not logged in to my Google
gmail account so Google doesn’t know who I am right now and this is a fresh cleared
cache kind of search and now you’ll see that I’m showing up in two of the top 10
spots for “Ray the Fireman”! Now what happened ? The only thing that
changed was that I created videos and I put them online… now there is some secret
sauce about how you do that and the keyword that you stuff into the
descriptions and that kind of stuff and it’s just that is a video series in
itself the point here is that action led to results creating a video putting it on YouTube
led to me now being found in search engines and found within 24 hours. How
cool is that? Nothing stops you from doing exactly the same thing however if
you want high production videos or you want the peace of mind that you have
somebody shooting the video for you uploading the video for you creating the
YouTube channel for you and making sure that the keywords are done right and
that you can see similar results then give us a call. Thanks for viewing this
video I hope that you found this information useful and I hope that you
really really understand now the importance of putting video online.

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