“Third-Party Payment Processors” – The Best Web Apps for Your Online Business (Part 3 of 6)

Hi this is Austin with Forms Stack back with
some more web based apps. They’re gonna help you manage your on line business. Now if you
plan on selling your products and services on line, obviously you’re going to need a
way to take online payments. For this, it’s crucial that your payment processor be both
stable and secure. Now third party payment processors are not
only used for credit card transactions, but they’re also going to help you eliminate the
need for building out a huge shopping cart from scratch. So let’s take a look at your
options by examining three of the top online payment processors. And those include PayPal,
Google Checkout and Authorize.net. First up is PayPal, and obviously PayPal is
very well known. It’s actually used by 95 million people and it’s one of the top payment
processors on the web today. For small businesses that are setting up shop online PayPal is
an easy way to accept customer credit cards. When you’re looking at pricing; there are
no setup or monthly fees and PayPal simply takes a percentage of each sale. Now what that percentage is, is based on your
total monthly sales. Next up is Google Checkout which is a fast, secure checkout process that
helps to increase sales to allowing customers to buy from you quickly and easily with a
single log in. Now along with PayPal, Google Checkout has no monthly setup or provider
fees, and it’s per transaction fee is on a sliding scale, similar to PayPal. Last on our list is Authorize.net. Authorize.net
enables merchants to authorize, settle and manage credit card and electronic check transactions
via website, retail stores or mobile devices. Authorize.net is a little bit different from
PayPal or Google Checkout in a few ways. Their transaction fees are actually lower and you
can get a rate below 2% depending on your processor. Now if your business already accepts credit
card payments in a physical location probably closer to getting started than you think.
The only drawback to Authorize.net is that it is not available outside of the US. In
the end, your online business is gong to need a payment processor and all three of these
options are really viable solutions. At FormStack we actually integrate with all
three of the options that I mentioned above, along with some such as Chargify, Paypal Pro,
and First Data. So if you have a need to create online order forms, event registration forms,
or maybe you want to accept online donations, check out FormStack.com and these payment
processors to see what’s right for your business. Alright, so in the next video, I’m going to
some choices, if used effectually are actually going to be your online businesses’ best marketing
tools. So join me in video 4 where I’m going to show you how to maximize your income for
your online business using third-party email service providers.

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