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(whoosh) (click) – What is going to go down a the National in Chicago this year. I’m literally spending four
days at the National Convention as a dealer. I’m coming, guns a-blazin. – [Man] Oh, look who’s there – I’m coming. I’m out of control for four days. (drum beat) I called this man’s wife and convinced her to let him come to this conference. He wasn’t coming. He’s like have a good time
everyone, I’m devastated. I’m like gimme your wife’s number. I’m gonna do crazy shit. I’m gonna have like (pop) there. – Hey Vayner. – I’m gonna like try to break the place. (plane engine) – Hey! – You got your perspective. (escalating notes) (audio rewind) – Been here since Tuesday
night, got in super late, three hour delay. Got in Wednesday, all day. Been here with my best
friend Brandon Warnke, man who runs Wine Library,
sign up for This is fucking 1992 for us. – It sure is. – 1992 action. Fans punching myself. Little Lou holding down,
Tyler holding it down, D-Rock you’ve even shown
some business skills, which is really amazing to
me, and I’m proud of you. It is now, what is it,
Saturday, late afternoon. Get a full day tomorrow,
devastated Brandon’s leaving. Still gonna try to talk him out of it. Just having the best fucking time. Best fucking people. Trying to let them make
cash, and I’m considering becoming a full time sports card dealer and shutting down Vayner Media. (bright piano music) First of all, I’m just
unbelievably humbled to be here. I’m an immigrant that was
born in the Soviet Union. I grew up in New Jersey. Very lemonade stands,
very much sports cards, you know for a lot of us,
of a certain age here, 87 Topps was like a rite of passage, it was like the crescendo moment. It was like, it just, the
sixth grade baseball card club in Edison, New Jersey changed
the course of my life. I got very into this world and basically, I’m one of the great
all-time terrible students because I spent 99% of my time
between the ages of 10 and 16 reading Beckett and tough
stuff and trying to buy cards. I grew up from such
humble beginnings, and, that I was never able to afford
to come to this convention as a kid. I would always read about
it, and dream about it, and so this is a substantially
surreal moment for me. To me, happiness is about
doing what you wanna be doing. Too many people focus on the money, the things that come along with it. I think you have to focus on the process. This is the fuckin best. I missed shows so much. I have Randy and Bregman over here, at 40, I’ll do those at 30. Jeter stays at 80. This storing this little thing is at 20. Tomorrow I’m raising the
prices by 10 bucks each, I’m being dead fucking serious. Very simply, we have to make
happiness the north star. We have to. Because the framework of all of us over the last hundred years is success, pending the worst things. My great hope is that
happiness becomes a north star equal to financial success
because it’s so much better. That’s awesome, buddy. Real pleasure man. – Nice meeting you. – Thank you so much for buying that. – Yeah. – Real nice meeting you. And you’re here how long? The whole week? – I know. – Come back four other times. All right. – Here, here, bro. Take a pack. And if you pull a, pull
a signed auto of mine, then you get a $25,000
business consultation. – Oh yeah. – So long. One of the big things
that I’m passionate about is are you doing
something you enjoy to do. Like happiness and
fulfillment has to become a much bigger part of the conversation than financial upside. I’m always very hurt when people think that I’m pushing hustle,
and too much work, and make it for the money. You know, my behavior doesn’t map to that. I would have been a
venture capitalist then. Like I’m talking about
actually liking what you do. – (mumbles) – Come on. – I appreciate everything
you’ve done for me. – You’re out of control. Thank you so much. Really. – If it wasn’t for your
mindset, my mindset would never. – Stop by before the show ends. We’ll hang one more time. Real pleasure. – You know these are my
very first vintage cards I’ve ever bought. – Let’s go. Smart move, now you’ve
got the right story. – Awesome. Well, we’re excited to have you. And I’m curious, cause I
know you came to the National for a bit last year. – I did. – But what was really the
tipping point, awareness wise, or just in seeing the hobby where you were like this is the difference here, this is what brought you back. – For me, it’s the nature of flipping. You know, the macro trend
of 14, 15, 16 year olds buying and selling sneakers is something that I’ve watched for
seven or eight years. When I really analyze that market, the kids are getting
far more sophisticated. This is not what I saw from
kids seven, eight years ago where they’d stay in line for four hours flip a supreme and be pumped
to make their 300 bucks. This is running hardcore tech
to map things on the web, this is having 44 kids
in their high school stay in lines for them. You know, the 15, 16
year olds that I interact with on Instagram on DM,
they remind me of me, who at 13 and 14, I already
knew what the outcome was gonna be with my professional career, which I thought I was gonna be successful. And I can sense my own,
when I talk to them. And some of these 13,
14 year olds feel to me like you know, I’m trying
to figure out how to invest in humans and take 20% of
the upside of a 14 year old cause I can see it. And what I started noticing
was frustration around supply. They weren’t able to get
enough when they were right. And then I started
sensing cards, momentum, watching the market. And basically, there, it was a series of a couple conversations,
where I just notice, and I intuitively have decided
for myself that sports cards much like nerd culture, and
comic con, and Marvel movies, much like sneakers,
that there’s a bubbling of it being cooler and
more scalable than it has, this has been an inside hobby. It’s a lot of people I’m seeing right here that I know have been to
the last 22 Nationals, 15 Nationals. And over the last three or four, based on the homework I’ve done,
the room’s getting younger. Compared to a decade ago. That’s good. You need to change the
conversation, period, about the aspirations
not to be a millionaire, it’s to be happy. If I can replace the word
millionaire with happy, and I’m crazy, I think I can pull it off. Literally, I’m doing what I
did when I was 16 years old with this guy, my best friend Brandon. – That’s awesome. – We’re literally doing a show. – You having fun? – Like in the in an uncomfortable, like can I muster up the courage to quit everything I’m doing and only be a baseball card
dealer, like that much fun. – Happiness is the most important– – It’s the, it really is. And I preach it, and like
I’ll be honest with you, I’m scared that I may do something weird like that at some point. Just garage sale and
do baseball card shows. Happiness. Happiness is progressing. Happiness is the fucking progression. Life’s about alternatives. Like either you’re happy and
optimistic, and moving forward, or you’re unhappy, pessimistic,
and looking backwards. You wanna go home and
go to sleep and dwell? You wanna complain? Like, you’re more than welcome to. To me it’s a very simple
game, this is binary. What’s the alternative? There will be a Gary Vee card in here, which for anybody, you could
imagine, if you grow up– Think about this, if you grew up loving and flipping sneakers, and one day you had your own signature sneaker,
that’s what these cards are for me. This has literally been
the best week in my life. – Really? – Yeah man. This is just like. I’m like literally sad
that it’s Saturday night. Like I don’t do five days of anything. D-Rock will tell you. I fly to give a speech
in Hawaii and fly back, I’m there for four minutes,
like I never stay anywhere ever. I wish I could live here the next year. – Wow. – This is as good as it gets. – (laughs) – It’s fucking Wednesday. We sold 100 faces of Cab. – Yes. – With a baseball card show. – Yes. – A lot going on. – A lot. – I love you. (piano chord)

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