This Small Business Saturday, Shop Small on eBay

The feeling that I got from
running this eBay store was unlike the feeling that
I got sitting in traffic. And it was just very
appealing– this idea of being able to
do my own thing. And if you really
believe in yourself and you really are willing
to do what it takes, you can do anything. I could take the sheets
to friends and family, but eBay helped me
take it to the world. There’s unlimited potential. If you really set your
mind and heart to something you want to do,
you can achieve it, whether you’re a
woman or a minority. So it’s just up to me to take
advantage of that opportunity that eBay gives us. Being young has
nothing to do with what you’re capable of achieving. I think that eBay
has made me find the person I am on the
inside and bring that out. There are no limits
to what you do.

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