This Website Can Find Your Twin Part 2

So not too long ago I actually made a video about a website that claimed it could find my twin and it was so simple you upload an image and apparently it scans it for facial recognition and has a facial recognition software and it was going to search its data base to find a similar photo Well apparently it didn’t work out like that yes yes yes yes *HIGH PITCHED* what! im not gonna lie I was pretty disappointed and kind of frustrated *cries* so a lot of you guys actually emailed me the next day and you told me to check this website out twin strangers i’m not sponsored or anything but apparently this is way more legit than the other website So welcome to reaction Time! and today were doing *Distorted Voice* This Website can find my twin Part Two, The actual accurate one. Uh like i’m really excited and i’m serious this time this is gonna be legit. Well, you guys told me it’s legit. So let’s hope I trust you word, okay! *Ha* Let’s see this, Twin Strangers Find your look alike from anywhere in the world. It seems a little more intricate than the other one. How it works, first upload photos and select your facial features Then you see people who have selected the same. And then finally, find your twin stranger and let others find you. All right sign me up, where can I sign up? Oh, it’s right there. It has an AI face search engine Hopefully this is legit, let’s sign up. Here we go! Remember details, Let’s just say my name. If you guys don’t know my name that’s my real name. Password, you guys don’t need to see that. 2 photos, for best results it says. Center your head in the photo Look directly at the camera No hair across your face or eyes Make sure your facial features are clearly visible. Don’t tilt your head, up down or left and right All right i’m gonna take some photos let’s do this! *Starts Singing* All you have to do is stay I mean it All right here we go i’m just gonna do a fashe Facial, shot. Face shot? Facial Shot? There you go a little more. You know. People in school photos like a little more. Here we go, Say cheese! *Camera Shutter Noise* Okay, that’s one. Now let’s do another one. Should I smile? Maybe have one where i’m smiling. *Camera Shutter Noise* So Sexy. Amazing. Did you guys like that? I like that. *Sigh* Most beautiful man. Ever. Gang, Gang, bro Uh huh. All right, let’s upload the images. *Gunshot* BOOM! And the same photo me smiling. All right, We got both photos uploaded, I’m excited all right. First name, Surname. Yes Email, guys this is the email you’re supposed to send me all your video ideas. Right here, [email protected] Phone Number *Ahaha* That’s funny, No your’e not, no ones getting that. *Distorted Voice* No one’s getting that. United States, not Uganda they’re gonna say Uganda United States, Ethnicity, ASIAN! Asian, Black. Eh, Black-Asian, Black-Caucasian. Caucasian, Caucasian-Asian. Filipino, Hispanic I’m Hispanic, I’m just kidding. Guys, i’m Caucasian, Ca-ca-Ca Caucasian Meo Date of birth, December 27th 1996 Boom. Male Select face shape. Is it diamond, heart, long, oval, round, square. Ima say it’s either diamond or heart. Well, my chin is kinda flat on the bottom. So maybe more, th-this is more rounded Heart has a sharper chin on the bottom Ima go with diamonndd *Ting*. Yes, diamond. Select eyebrows. “S” shaped, Heart Angled, Rounded. They’re-the-They’re kinda rounded, right? Check this out, Ooh Or Soft Angled, Ima go soft angled. That’s probably the best, one for me. Select Eyes type, Almond, Deep Set, Downturned, Hooded, Sleepy. Maybe Sleepy, Almond they are a little almond. Deep Set, Downturned, Sleepy. Sleepy? Slightly. I don’t know I cant tell. Can I- can you do more than one. No you can’t Uhhhh, Sleepy! Select nose type, Wow. This is hard. Roman, I’m Roman, RomanAtWood. What is this, What would this be I’m Not Roman. Hooked, Grecian, Snub, Button It’s either one of these Probably gonna go with this one. Aquiline, Aquiline. A-keel-een. I don’t know how to pronounce that. Select Lips type. Beestung, Cupid’s Bow, Mine are thin. Okay I see thin. Boom, Thin I agree to the terms and conditions Come On. Yes! Thank you for signing up with TWINSTRANGERS.COM Please check your inbox we have just sent you an email. Please click on the link in the email to confirm your registration and to start your search I’m so excited. Here we go, oh my god this is gonna be so cool This seems way more legit than the other one. The other one I don’t know what they were doing. BOOM! Yeah, I’m a caveman All Right! Okay, just confirmed let’s log in. Wooh! Let’s go. Okay, Okay this seems way more legit, Okay Twin strangers let’s see my twin. Your twin Sorry buddy it’s UK, uhhh, Nope not my twin. Yo this guy is pretty sexy. Definitely my twin! Uhh, Yes, No? No. It’s not my twin. Uhh, Ye- no he’s not my twin. Is he your twin? Uhh, what do you guys think? I don’t know? I can’t tell. I don’t know what I look like that well. I mean the only thing I can look at is a mirror, but I don’t always look in the mirror. I think you guys know what I look like better than i think I look like. Obviously you guys see me. Not my twin. All right let’s see my twins. This guy, who is this guy bro? What’s up? He’s sexier than me god dammit. Bro, you trying to make me look bad? I see how it is. My twin Stranger You guy’s know who this is? If you do hit me up. He’s my twin, Im just kidding. he’s sexier, dammit It’s all right, dead Jesus Christ this guy’s a model All right that’s fine. My strangers. So this is pretty cool this is a lot cooler than the other one. OH MY Fff. Fuck, I do not look like that. All right i’m gonna adjust the filter slightly. Soft angled. Almond Let’s do almond this time instead of sleepy. Oh they can be both, What? Sleepy and Almond that’s so cool. Okay, and then the nose shape would be, let’s make Roman It’s a Roman. All right, New people, Ohh wow. Oh wow That’s not my twin. That is not my twin. Jesus, okay. I don’t think I don’t think my hair is that dark. Your twin. NO I don’t have facial hair and uhh your hair is curly Oh shit damn bro another model yeah. Ima choose all the models to be my twins. Oh my god this guy looks like he’s in jail. I don’t want to have someone who’s a convict as my twin. Im so sorry. Yeah I think he can uh pass as my twin This guy? Nope. Uhhh maybe? No. Nope I don’t have any tattoos, No I don’t think so. I don’t think so. Jeez there are so many to go through. Oh my, Yo Yo I found my twin. I FOUND MY TWIN. Is that it We’re twinning Oh my god. Oh my god there it is. That’s my twin Guys that’s it that’s it I found the perfect twin. Boom Yes that’s what I’m talking and this guy too. All right so don’t know, I don’t think any of these guys actually looked really similar to me Some looked slightly similar. If you guys know anyone that looks similar to me don’t be afraid to tweet it at me My twitter is gonna be in the description down below but I think that’s gonna wrap it up If you guys want to try this it’s actually very cool all you have to do is go to Umm I wasn’t sponsored or anything by them I just thought it was a cool website. They actually use real facial recognition vs the other site it was just a hoax. It’s so funny, that is so funny. But with that being said guys thank you so much for watching Hopefully you guys go click on another video or click that circle to the channel I would really appreciate it and I will see you guys very soon with another twin And peace, that was lame hold up wheres my twins, WHERE’S MY TWINS. Ricardo, what’s up Ricardo? This one is Jack. He’s Jack. This one is uh, Gustavo Davely Gustavo Annd Beamer This guy is uh Mr.Steal Your Girl 100%. Okay i’m done my self confidence just went down the toilet.

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