Three Killer Shots that will Boost your Jewelry E-Commerce Today

Hi its Will from Picup Media and today I’ll be doing a very quick demonstration on the most common angles we shoot with a ring So to begin, before you shoot any type of jewelry always make sure you clean the lens There’s always going to be some dust, dirt, or oil stuck on it. Give that a very good wipe before you start shooting Now to begin turn to camera mode, place the smartphone on the phone holder We’re going to be shooting this colorful Cubic zirconia ring today. All we need to do for the first shot is place the ring into the box Get the reflector and place it vertically in front next Zoom into the product I’ve turned my Gridlines on, on my camera phone. So what I usually like to do is zoom into the product until the sides are matching the gridlines now tap to focus on the centre of the product. Brighten up until you see a complete white background and Capture. That would be our first shot. Our second shot we would simply lift up the lid Move the product to its side The lid we place back on. Again tap on the product. Brighten up the background and Capture. That would be our second shot. Now to our third shot simply lift off the top cover Get the smartphone place it on top of the top cover Open up the reflector in the front Center the object Reflector goes back in the front tap to focus brighten as we want and capture Just like that we have three shots that we would use for e-commerce. Shot number one Shot number two And shot number three Now the fourth shot that is also very popular, would be a lifestyle shot What we have done over here is printed off a background image at the March jewelry exhibition Place the background into the box Place the object anywhere that you feel it would look good at. We’re gonna put it on the left hand side today Reflector goes back on Now adjsut the smartphone stand and zoom back out until you can see the product and the background What we like to do is zoom into the image until we have no more white space around the corner again tap to focus Brighten up or down as we want and Just like that we have created a very beautiful social media shot that gives the ring a lot of personality Now the last thing we like to do is open up the top cover once more Place the smartphone on the top turn to video modes Zoom in until we see only the background Now what we do on the side over here is we turn Sparkles light on Sparkles on That activates an LED tube inside of GemLightbox that brings sparkles to the stones Simply we press the record button Zoom into the product and just wave it from side to side This brings out the facets and the sparkles and the natural colors of the stone Just like that we have created over here, one video One lifestyle shot A top view A side view and a front view. Any questions leave a comment below. Thank you

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