Three Unconventional Strategies To Grow Small Businesses In 2019

– Hey guys, on today’s
podcast three highlights from a recent session 4Ds,
4Ds daily digital deep dive, a $12,000 one day consulting
product at Vayner Media. I’m giving you a little bit
of a sneak peek into it. Here are the three
highlights from this episode, make sure you stay til the end, a little bit of an interesting
request at the end. Yeah! You got your perspective. (crowd cheers) I just wanna be happy,
don’t you wanna be happy? (upbeat music) Hey guys, in this clip
I really talked about one woman, one man practitionership
when you’re building a bigger business, a client service. A lot of people think that every client wants Gary Vaynerchuck, the reality is they don’t get that, they get Vayner Media and a lot of you struggle with that. This was probably the
best articulation of that I’ve ever done, this is gonna help a ton, a ton of you who have three, four, five, seven, nine, 11 person businesses. – My biggest challenge and the reason I’ve been waiting to ask
you this is similar to, probably on a much larger scale for you when you started Vayner Media, right now I feel like, my companies called Eye Magnet Management but
our clients predominantly, they wanna work with
Patric Fransko, not Eye, realistically we have a company but most of our clients are
coming to us word of mouth because they know me and their assumption when
they come to work with us is that they’re gonna be working with me and we’re at a point now where– – You need to change that assumption. – And that’s why I assume
that when you started that same thing happened
on a much larger scale. – Nope, it didn’t. They call came because of me
and the first conversation was, before we started this call or
before we start this meeting you don’t get me, you’re
hiring Vayner Media. I’m here, I like getting my hands dirty. By the way, you want me, we
can have that conversation, I’m gonna charge you a fuck load more. – And it’s not so much as
the actual getting down and doing the work, I’ve
hired people to do that, it’s more that I think the access. They wanna be able to
call me and be like, Pat, I’m kinda unhappy about
this and this and this, and it’s like getting to the point now, now we have enough clients where I’m like, I could bury myself in 80 phone calls. – Charge more, charge more for the access. – Okay. – The 81st person that comes in, you say you’re buying the company, not me. By the way, a lot of our clients
came in for access with me, for an additional $2,000 a month
you have a bat phone to me. – Okay. – Anytime time somebody hits more demand than they can supply it’s time to raise their price. – And you would do that as a separate? – I keep shit super basic. – Well I mean, you would do
that as a separate charge than okay, heres what
you’re paying for us to do– – That’s one way I would do
it, that’s one way to do it. Puts some value on it,
a premium value on it. Could evolve into a highly, highly profitable
consulting business for you. You could end up, how much top
line revenue you were doing? – I mean right now we’re
doing, we have about 50 clients and we’re doing about (bleep), we probably do about (bleep). – What you might realize, understood, what you might realize is you’re
actually staying at (bleep) business because you’re giving away the most valuable thing away for free because you didn’t
merchandise it properly. – Thanks. – You know, I get it,
man, you know, it’s funny, I think about a lot of things, obviously, and like I’ve basically been
in business now for 20 years and basically run the
business I’ve been in for 20 straight years,
liquor store to Vayner Media and have grown big businesses fast. And it’s because there
are things I believe in and I think a lot of it has to do with up front expectations, overcommunication, a lot things like that. I prefer for you to hit
me up in like three months and be like, bro, I thought
it was great advice, it sucks. I’m like, what happened? Well, everyone said no. I’d be like, yeah but that’s good. And you’d be like, why, and I’d be like, well because you (bleep) but depressed. (bleep) and the way you’re doing it now is gonna really fuck up your shit. People don’t see that, people
don’t see the alternative. I have a very funny feeling
it’s not how it’s gonna play out and I think it’s because you haven’t merchandised it properly. You gotta create a bigger
premium of your time. – Thanks. – One of the things that
really worked for me without realizing it was people would reach out to CIA and try to have me speak at an offsite and it would be like 150,000 bucks and then they would
reach out to Vayner Media and try to do work with
us and they realized they could get a speech
to the team from me along by signing a $580,000 scope and they’re like, oh,
that amortized out nice. There was another, over
time they understood there was a value to that that
used to kinda come for free. You’re in a micro version of
that, it’s so tied into you. You gotta establish its value. Every time I see a movie where like the mom tells the daughter like, you’ve gotta show that boy
what you’re worth, you know, I’m always like, that’s exact, that’s good fuckin’ business advice. My hot take on micro influencers is that it’s micro micro micro. Give me an alpha mom in
a suburb in Pittsburgh, gimme the cheerleader that’s
the most popular in her school, who have 4,000 followers on Instagram, I’ll show you bigger business results than somebody who has
300,000 and is verified. – [Woman] Everyone wants
to be a micro influencer, what’s next and like
how do you think we can get ahead of that so that we’re
doing something different. – If you’re focusing in that lane what’s next is micro micro influencer. – [Woman] Well, that’s kinda what the– – More micro.
– What do you mean by that? – Everybody, than the way it is now. If you’re asking me what’s gonna happen, everybody’s in play. And the companies that
figure out through technology or frameworks will understand that the, I mean, it’s not very complicated, if I told you that you could, and I don’t have the way
to do this yet, but we, if we were partners, the
three of us, I’d be like, all right, here I am guys, I’m supposed to be some sort of wizard, here’s what I’m gonna figure out. We’re gonna have 177,000
freshmen this year share our content at scale. Micro micro. How one does that, there’s a
lot of ways to think about it but what I’m good at it is understanding what’s gonna happen a lot times. If you’re talking about humans and influencer marketing,
ambassadors, whatever, the next thing, you’re
asking me the question, I’m giving you that answer
I feel confident about. Micro micro. Here’s why, if you have, let’s
play it out in perpetuity, if AI and machine learning’s good enough to be able to run an algorithm and find every single high school senior, incoming freshmen, and everybody
who graduated a year ago and you can get to them and create a trade where you’ll get more sales out of them than you have to give
them, you would do that. – [Woman] Right, we just
have to reach them all. – That’s right.
– That’s our problem. – I believe the way to do it
now is hand to hand combat. – [Woman] Elaborate. – I think you should hire 78 people in a country that allows you
to pay them three bucks an hour to reach out to people one by one. – [Woman] Just like
DMing on Instagram and? – Yep. – [Woman] We do that but
it needs to be scaled. – The end. Think you need to hire 90–
– What would you offer them? Not the people doing it
but like, on the other end, the freshmen, what do you think is most effective to offer them? – I don’t know, but I do
have a lot of thesises. First of all, I would ask them. So I would ask that question too, here’s what I want, what do you want? You can get a lot of info that way. But there’s a million cliche
things, you know that, right. Whether it’s monetary
or free goods or money or perks or access or something cool that they think is currently cool, there’s a million things to go there. I think asking works, but I
think if you make a strategy to hire 100 employees
in Vietnam to do this I think it would work. I wanna do it, I’m giving you advice that I’m thinking about right now. I have three full time employees buy they sit in New York
City, they’re not inexpensive, and I’m building a first party CRM by pulling everybody out of Instagram ’cause I don’t wanna be
at the mercy of Instagram. – [Woman] What do you mean you’re pulling them out of Instagram? – I’m DMing every single
person that follows me that’s verified or has 100,000 followers and I’m asking them to fill
out a first party data form so that when I send an
email to 74,000 people that are legit as fuck on Instagram and ask them if they want
a sample of Empathy Wines and if they do I expect them to post it on their story and posts,
it’s going to work. – [Woman] One of your people asked me to do something with them the other day. – That makes me happy. That’s amazing, you know, so like. And I think, and honestly, the
reason I’m giving you advice, I’m giving you advice that I’m gonna take, I’m gonna hire 100 people in Vietnam or in Bahrain or somewhere.
– Do you wanna share them? – Maybe, it might become
my company, I don’t know,. You know, to me it’s a very simple thing, what part of the world is
the least expensive talent that is the most good. – [Woman] So instead of
using a tool that like filters through your people–
– Correct, because you’re gonna like
where I’m going with this, ’cause I think the human part matters. – Me too.
– That’s why I do it. My team reaches out and I’m CCed on a DM and literally on my flight
from London yesterday I’m just replying and they’re
like, this isn’t Gary, and then I take the
video, I’m like, it’s me, and they’re like, oh, I thought, you know. – [Woman] Yeah I know, same thing. I guess you were there.
– That was me. So, that matters. And to your point, like me writing it still made you think it wasn’t me ’cause as much as I’ll say
that anytime I write it’s me it’s not gonna go there and so
then I have to do the video. So I think that will work,
I know that will work. Hand to hand combat at scale to create more opportunity
in the long tail that you can amortize and
make valuable is the game. Scaling the unscalable is
the game, it will work. Look, balancing listening to the market and holding your convictions is probably the most important execution any entrepreneur can
do, I highly recommend that you listen to this clip and get out of it what I think is right. – [Woman] So in this notion
of listening to the customer, like we do all the time. One thing we have heard
is that some customers think our prices are too high. So we have, whether it’s
through Slack, our MPS scores, or we put an abandon cart page, why are you not purchasing now? And it’s either, I’m broke
’cause I’m in fuckin’ college, literally, or the prices are too high. We’re not trying to be Walmart, we have a really awesome high
quality, high design products and our value proposition
is just so much more, but how would you think about this issue? – I think you always have
to listen to your customers but your customers are
always gonna say that. – [Woman] Yeah, in any business, right. – My answer to you is
what happens in my office once a month, Karen walks
in, Gary I need mentorship. Vayner’s been amazing,
I’ve been here three years, this is great, I love it
here, I need mentorship, I feel like my boss is kinda, you know, like I need fuckin’ mentorship. Okay, Karen, I got you. I’m running the company, we
hire some great SVP or VP, I’m like, oh fuck,
Karen, right, I remember, okay, we’re gonna staff her over there. Year later, Karen walks in, Gary, I’m being micromanaged. I don’t have room to spread my wings. Johnny’s amazing as a mentor, but he’s not letting me fucking do shit. Karen, last year you told me
you needed a fuckin’ mentor. Customers do the same shit. – [Woman] So you would ignore that? – I wouldn’t ignore that, I
wouldn’t ignore that, nope. – [Woman] Talking about
listen, listen, listen. – Listen and synthesize
and make decisions, right? Like, that’s why both
listening to your customers to develop product is right
and also whoever said, if I listened to my customers I woulda made a faster horse,
is right, they both can work. It’s big data, people love
to talk about big data. Big data’s very cute, what you do with the data is what matters. I’m so pumped that you’re
listening, it’s a big advantage, what you two or just her
or however you guys roll, what you do with that
information is the key. You could stay the course
and keep your brand affinity in the right place and win,
you could lower your price, and that was exactly
right, it was a 10% swing that totally changed the
course of your business. You could lower your price by 10%, nothing different happened,
and now you’ve just given up 10% margin and maybe even
hurt a little brand equity. They’ve all worked. Listening and then the beauty of business. Business is talent, your
talent in synthesizing. Here’s my real question, how many, I’ll tell you what I
do in those scenarios, how many of those people have you called? ‘Cause I’ll tell you what I’m good at, and I don’t know you two,
it’s one thing to read it, it’s another thing to hear it. It would mean the world
to me if this podcast has brought you any value,
whether you listen to one podcast or 9,000 of them, if you
could take a moment right now, I know you’re busy, and I am asking, and you don’t have to do it,
but it would mean a lot to me, if you left a review of this podcast, whether it’s one stars or
five that’s irrelevant, a honest score and an honest
couple sentences about why this podcast brings
you value, thank you. (upbeat music)

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