Tips For Growing Your Small Business Fast

Hi, are you thinking of starting a new
business or have you already started it? Well this video is for you!
I’m going to share with you five fast tips and productive techniques that
allow you to grow your business fast. My name is Adriana Girdler and I am
president of CornerStone Dynamics and And congratulations
for starting this journey of becoming a business owner, you are in a very select
club, there are a lot of people who dream about it but don’t make the first step,
so now that you have taken that first step, let me share with you the
experiences I have had over the last 10 years of starting my own company,
CornerStone Dynamics that have worked really well for me. Tip number one: do one
sales call every day whether that’s a cold call, a warm call, which is you…a
follow-up to something, or it’s a real solid lead. If you make the habit of
doing one call a day, that actually has this multiplying effect of you getting a
lot of business because, guess what, if you’re in a business, you need customers
and you need sales in order to succeed, and if you don’t make that a priority
you, no matter how daunting the task may be, then your business will fail, and
don’t forget the stat that most businesses do fail within the first year,
and the big thing that I’ve heard from a lot of people is this sales part, I just
didn’t have enough sales, so don’t allow that to happen to you, one phone call a
day, or one drop in, or one appointment, just make it a habit of scheduling that
in, that trickle effect has a huge impact as you multiply that over days, weeks,
months, so make that one call a day. Tip number two: delegate to experts from day
one. This is a huge mistake most new business owners usually make, is that
they try to do it all, well guess what, if you’re going to grow your business, you
have to dedicate your time, energy, and effort to what you do best, which is
getting your sales, along with actually executing your tasks
of what your business is all about. So, when I first started out, I actually, the
first thing I did is I got my bookkeeper, my accountant, because I am not good at
that stuff and don’t want to be doing it. But I also got myself an amazing
assistant / associate that came with me on my workshops and started cleaning up
the documents, so I can start focusing on the creation portion, and that just
allowed me to grow my business exponentially, really from day one,
because I could take on more, because I wasn’t spending all my time cleaning up
stuff, so really think about what is it that you’re doing and find an expert who
can help you. There’s tons of great resources out there that you can go to
locally in your area to find out who does what. Alright tip number three: is my
baby, this is my baby, we call it the process book. You can actually see we’re
on version 10, volumes 10. So the beauty of this book, when you’re first starting
off in a business is it actually gives you everything that you need to make
your business successful at your fingertips, and if you’re starting to
delegate then guess what, there’s critical pieces of information
in here that you need to give to those who are going to be doing tasks on your
behalf, and if you’re gonna do more in the amount, same amount of time or even
less time, then guess what, you can’t be spending it explaining all the time, so
create yourself a process book. In this process book there’s some really cool
things like administration stuff, if you have a newsletter how you go about doing
that, you want to map things out so any steps that are just consistent you want
to put in the process book, any phone numbers, contacts you want to put in the
process book, if you have specific coloring and fonts you use you want to
put in the process book, if you have suppliers again you want to put it in
the process book. Amazing document, and if you start now, on day one as your company
grows, what’s really cool about it, it’s gonna grow with you and it makes it
easier for you to take on more people to help you with your business. Huge, huge
learning, I actually teach a lot of major organizations to start incorporating
this because they don’t have this single location of
really key information. Tip number four: is to create a checklist for repetitive
tasks, let’s be honest you’re in a business, there’s going to be some things
you just do over and over and over again, and if you actually have a checklist for
those things that you do over and over again, it helps with delegation, but not only
that, you don’t have to think constantly of what do I need for that again. One of
the cool things that I used to do, and still do, is I had a workshop checklist, I
do a lot of workshops to get creative ideas from people and also to process
map and project management and brainstorm, and so I created this
checklist on workshops so that I just gave it to my associate and they clean
up, either after me, when I need them to do stuff, or even beforehand by prepping
the workshop bag. Even works for my keynote speaking, we actually have a
standardized checklist of everything we need in order to be successful and no
one thinks about it. It literally takes five minutes to get it completed. Really
awesome way to ensure that you’re efficient and effective when you’re
first starting out your business because time is and money and you don’t want to
be wasting it. Tip number five: plan the night before.When you’re in your own
business, actually it doesn’t even matter whether it’s beginning of a business, if
you’re a long term business, you really should be planning the night before, you
want to strategize what your activities are, you don’t want to be thinking about
it when you first wake up, you should have a really clear idea as to what it
is that you have to get done. Time is money and so you’ve got to spend it
planning, planning is half the battle, that’s what makes things go from good to
great because when you wake up you hit the road running and you can get a lot
of things accomplished. So take that time to plan the night before in order to be
successful in your business. Bonus tip: be customer centric! Hey Adriana, of course!
Well guess what, I’ll tell you this, a lot of people who open up businesses forget
about the most important part of their business, their customers! So really
understand who your customers are, what is it that they want, what problem are
they trying to solve, and ensure that everything you do is driving the results
of your customers and ensuring that they have the solution they need to their
problem. Starting at a new business can be overwhelming, but it’s also fun and
exciting too. Take these tips, use them, be disciplined about it, and I promise you
you will see a huge difference and growth in your business. Thank you so
much, please subscribe to this channel, give it a thumbs up, and pass it off to
your family, friends, and colleagues, or anyone else who’s starting off a
business, because we all could use a helping hand. Talk to you later at the
next video, thank you!

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19 thoughts on “Tips For Growing Your Small Business Fast

  1. For my yoga business my favorite thing to do is be my authentic self and show up for each student fully and completely!

  2. I love the idea of doing 1 phone call every day… it's the little things that are easy to do, and just as easy not to do that make a compounding difference.

  3. Cold calling is one of THE hardest things to do…but we love this tip of yours, because people need to do it! Why? If you don't push yourself to do at least 1 sales call a day, your business won't survive. Listen to Adriana, folks…her videos are really helpful!!!

  4. It's such a long journey. I agree most people either won't take the first step or don't stick with it. I need to get on the calls more so emails for me. My peeps like emails. You have to go out and get your people. Don't wait for them to come to you. I need to find someone to help me and it is sooooooo hard to hire people. Time and money to train. The question is how to get people to see the long term picture not short term financial gain. I had to learn the manual "process book" by FAILING. I couldn't figure out why no one could read what I was thinking all the time (from my brain). You are my girl! Adriana you are such a bOSSSSSSSSS!

  5. I think it's so important to have a strategy and process for growing your business as it helps to remove a lot of the stress of being an entrepreneur if you have a plan!

  6. My business sky-rocketed when i started to delegate tasks, i wish i should have done it from day 1. lol. it's def working smart and not working hard. 🙂 new subscriber here. 🙂

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