Titi AKA BlameItOnKway Used To Work Luxury Retail But Now Is Able To Afford The Store | Blew A Bag

What’s up world it’s your boy
Kway. As known as Blame it on Kway
on Instagram. “What’s wrong? You don’t want
to have sex no more?” “No. I mean yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.” And I Blew-A-Bag. I Blew-A-Bag. Y’all may know me
from a couple of places. I did a dope video
with Janet Jackson. Let’s see I got
my own restaurant. I just had a press release
for the Tyler Perry tour Madea’s Farewell.
And I can’t forget about Fear Factor
on TV and my hit show, number one hit show,
on Zeus Network TiTi Do you Love Me?
A lot of people don’t know this, but I got a pretty
big history in the mall. I used to work at
Christian Louboutin in fact that was the last place I worked before
I gave them the deuces. Working at Louboutin
was pretty lit. I mean who doesn’t want
a pair of Red Bottoms? So I felt felt really lucky
to be able to work there, but at the same time
your boy had 2 million followers
working for somebody else. And the moment that I realized
that I had to do this fearlessly and just go after my dreams wholeheartedly is when I had
no hold backs from quitting. It’s time to go. You know the whole time
working at Louboutin I was scared as hell. I ain’t gonna lie, but LaLa
had quit maybe let’s say, maybe like a year and a half
before I quit. And she had been begging
and begging and begging and begging for me to leave
and I finally just said, “You know she surviving and
she holding down on Instagram and social media in general
might as well do the same.” That’s exactly
what happened too. I remember just like it was
yesterday at the time I had just went viral. I had a video,
as you guys may know, where I was yelling
at Tyra Banks and I was like, “Okay Tyra bring it down
three more notches ’cause I ain’t the one.” We were all rooting for you.
How dare you. Okay Tyra. Learn something from this. Okay. Tyra look. Look Tyra- You go to bed tonight and you I’m gonna need for you to bring
it down three more notches bitch ’cause I’m not the one.
That saying was everywhere. I mean it went
super duper viral. So I decided to put it
on some T-Shirts and I put TiTi’s face big
as there on the T-shirts. And I never forget I made
the account on Shopify and I linked it and I just put it out into
the universe and I looked up and that was my first time
getting paid from like my followers
kind of like. And I got over $25000 on that
and that’s when I knew. I think that was, at that point
I knew it’s time to bizounce and just really, really, really dive
deep into this content. The thing is I had that was the
first time I had released like ’cause it was mugs and T-Shirts
and it was a little over 25, but after that I was getting
booked for like $1600. When I had maybe 1.5, close to 2 million followers
I thought $1600 was a lot. And people was flying me
out every weekend. And I moved to LA
with my best friend La. Coming from Houston moving to LA I ain’t gonna lie
was scary as hell. Trying to figure out how
I was gonna get my next check. So when it came to my brand I
really wanted to rebrand myself and have a certain
look for TiTi. And when I gave her that certain
look which was the green hair and I gave her the pink lipstick and more of a consistence
type of outfit then I started to get book
all over the place. Everybody was wearing
green wigs all the time. My fans started
to wear green wigs and stuff like that
during Halloween. I really started
to flip my brand and turn it
into something special. Really polishing TiTi is what
led to a lot of bigger bags. I ain’t gonna lie.
For instance Burger King. When I rebranded TiTi
and I kind of polished her a little bit Burger King
gave me my first big bag. It was about $12000.
I blew it fast as hell. But it didn’t stop there. When I rebranded TiTi
I came to LA, built a team, a team of eight actually
and we really started to brand. That was around the time
where TiTi started to get a little bit more feminine.
So TiTi was wearing bundles, Titi was wearing makeup
which led to Rihanna Fenti reaching out to me
which led to ShesHappyHair. Wanted to revisit that contract. It led to bigger bags for sure
when I polished TiTi up. When those bags started to come
in I ain’t gonna lie to y’all. I’m gonna be honest. I was super,
super duper irresponsible. I mean anybody that knows
me knows I love Christian Louboutins so I was buying Louboutins
every other day. I was coming home
buying TiTi … TiTi expensive as hell. I’m taking her Forever 21,
buying her clothes. And she likes
expensive shoes too. She like her hair did and her
makeup done on the weekends. So I had to take care of TiTi
on top of that. Moving to K-town and getting that
beautiful home with LaLa. That shit was expensive, but where my money really went
is into my content. Most of my money
went into investing in myself. I flipped it and I would
get costumes made for videos like the Janet Jackson
video Made For Now. I literally booked the whole
venue which is hell expensive. I literally dressed
Janet Jackson. I spent the money to go
towards the outfit that she had on
including my dancers. Crafty, my freaking, my team. I really poured back
into my content as far as like YouTube videos,
Instagram videos, Facebook videos,
social media in general. When it comes to my content
whatever I’m making I pretty much pour it back
into my videos. The biggest most
irresponsible decision I have ever made
when it came to me spending money on stupid shit got to be what I wore
to the BET awards. BET Hiphop awards
maybe two years ago. It was a tank top
that was bedazzled. It had a skeleton and it still
makes me made to this day ’cause I spent $3500
on that tank top. And I still ain’t got more
than five compliments on it. So interestingly enough
I tried to take the tank back, but I used to work
for the company and they saw me wear it on TV. So I was caught red handed.
I was caught red handed. So if you’re up
and coming on social media and you climbing
the social media ladder and you getting
these checks left and right it’s super important that you pour
back into yourself. You got to invest in yourself and as an example for what I did
for myself is I got a team. I got a team of eight.
I got a videographer. I got a director. I have a stylist.
I have an assistant. I have people
that I have surrounding me to make my life easier. So when it comes to the money
that you’re getting in not only are you pouring it back
into your content or putting it
towards your passions, but you’re also saving it and putting it towards
something for the future. I.E. for what I did for myself was I got my own restaurant. I poured over $100000
into this restaurant business and I already flipped it
in less than a month. We trying to come to LA
and in two weeks and we going to Atlanta
too in about a month. So as long as the money
that you coming in you putting it in investments or something for your future.
It’s gonna work out. So when I first started out on
social media I never imagined, ever, ever imagined
being where I am right now. Back in the day we had
those little snack videos. The 15 second videos and before
I knew it I had one video after maybe releasing
over a 100 that went viral. It literally changed
my life over night. I remember going to the airport
the next day and I had like hit. Rihanna was following me.
Nicki Minaj was following me. I had hit like 300K
in less than two days. And people are stopping me
and asking me for pictures. People are booking me and before
I knew it like from one video it’s literally
what changed everything. So somethings you can look
forward to from your boy is I’m about to drop some
dope ass content on YouTube. I got this fire ass restaurant. If you have not tried
Krab Queenz I encourage you to fly down
to Houston or drive to Houston ’cause it’s definitely
worth the drive or the fly. For sure, for sure. We got those bomb ass crab legs and some dope
good tasty daiquiris. Not only that,
but I’m about to go on tour, if you didn’t know, with Tyler Perry
for about a whole six months. I’m trying to rest up
for that now so stay tuned. Now you all know
what I blew my bag on. With some luck you’ll have
a chance to win a bag. By entering the Blew-A-Bag
4K sweepstakes. With some discipline
maybe you won’t blow it. Just click the link in the video
description to be redirected to the sweepstakes
for your chance to win $4000, but I hope you paid attention
because to enter you’ll have answer a trivia
question about the new episode. You’ll get to choose
five numbers between 1 and 25. If your five numbers match
the five winnings numbers drawn next Wednesday
at 2pm Eastern time via BET’s Instagram stories. Then you’ll win
a jackpot of $4000.

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100 thoughts on “Titi AKA BlameItOnKway Used To Work Luxury Retail But Now Is Able To Afford The Store | Blew A Bag

  1. You go titi! Blow that bag! The dumbest thing that I blew the bang on was investing in some fortune 500 stocks in the stock market when I was young. Boy was that dumb!The stocks blew up in value.

  2. I found it so crazy, because I remember seeing him in the Galleria mall walking from the LV store and now he big as hell 😭

  3. Yall stay hating of folks! Let that man get his bag! Yall can say whatever bad things about him, but yo ass still broke, living check to check! Do you, and let him do him! Get ya bag, fam!

  4. 😂😂 you are so awesome, I'm so happy for you! I've been a fan for years. So inspirational! Thank you for sharing your journey to success 😊

  5. I actually got to see him in real life at The Madea’s Farewell tour.
    I would love to check out the restaurant! 😋😋

  6. Love Kway and Titi. Buuut. I must say I think he's gay. Idk many str8 guys move in with a female friend and they're not sleeping together. Even though it's possible. My opinion. Either way I support him and Titi. Smart move with the restaurant. 😘😘😘😘👍👍👍

  7. Congratulations Kway!! I luv me some TiTi. It was a pleasant surprise to see you in Tyler's farewell play. I was 4 rows from the front. Keep building that brand you'll have an empire.

  8. Do Y’all have a problem with him because he acts like a female and he successful by doing it ? Or y’all have a problem because y’all are haters, and y’all can’t secure a bag?

    But my main things is in the comments y’all said he mocking women but don’t get me wrong women be MOCKING us men’s too so what’s the issue LET THAT SINK IN !!!

  9. I’m not gon lie it’s awesome to hear his real voice ,& see the real him!!!😘. He seems like a real nice guy
    What’s his real name tho??

  10. Yall hating tf outta him for his TiTi character while he out here on tour with Tyler friggin Perry and owning his OWN RESTAURANT and making hella clean money for himself while all yall listening to these damn mumbling jailbird rappers giving all these white companies all yall money instead of makinf a company yourself. Instead of hating on wtf he do how about YOU do the same shit how YOU want too. If you not then stfu and keep it pushing

  11. But is he gay? I wanted to know because I thought he said he wasn't but now you got the show and did the money really make you do that?

  12. I'm not a fan, but I still wanted to say that it's good to see this brother didn't blow his bag completely but more so invested back in to hisself, I reside in Houston now so 1 day I'm going to support his restaurant from wat I seen the food looks gud AF. & it's always good to see ppl from my hometown winning.

  13. It's fair to say he's gay for pay and don't mind making a mockery of black women everywhere including his mama smh

  14. Ive been watching kway for years but I hate the fact strong black men are subjected to potraying women in order to gain attention #nobodywanahearittho … Are u funny without the wig in dress is all I wanna know ( come for me if u want but u can see the proof in the pudding) thisisacommentary is another example and I'm sure so many more but lately… I don't feed into the men dressing up as women as comedy relief anymore.. its just old bruh

  15. Black people are honestly the most ignorant people . We choose to believe in what we want instead of seeking the truth and facts. This shit is SAD. STAND UP FOR YOURSELF BLACK PEOPLE DAM. GRRRR. LET ME GET OFF THIS VIDEO BEFORE I GET EVEN MORE MAD UGHHHHH

  16. Why are y'all on here discussing his sexuality? Alot of white comedians have worn dresses for comedy!!! Robin Williams? Tootsie? WE ARE OUR OWN WORST ENEMIES!!! THEY GOT Y'ALL HEAD SO SPUN YOU CAN'T EVEN BE HAPPY FOR YOUR OWN BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!!

  17. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 from an accountant. Proud of him for reinvesting and creating jobs. Notice he also realized his $3,500 mistake and didn’t repeat it.

  18. Can't be;ieve they didnt mention his reaction video to Kylie! That was what really set him off! lmao

  19. All I see in the comments is people saying he coming after black women and he slandering them ok my question is when did he say that he was mocking black women he just being himself and being wild and goofy so you saying black women are wild and goofy I think not I think black women are the most beautiful thing on earth so stop saying that it’s his personality he’s not mocking nun coming from a black lil girl that looks up to black women❤️

  20. So yall bashing him and us black floks the ones of always calling somebody racist yall have the nerve in these comments saying yall dont claim him because hes gay lol he never said he was or wasnt …its all comedy stfu yall watch it and yall follow him so stfu racist ass omg BLACKS STARTING TO GET OUT OF HAND AND YALL BE SAYING (Black lives matter) fuckouttahere bruh yall lame asf for bashing him because yall think he gay and dont wanna claim him smh HE MAKING MONEY WHILE YALL AT MCDONALDS LOL

  21. I worked at his Houston Restaurant and Kwaylon is a true sweetheart!! He would sit and talk n chill with us like friends and he treated us like his family…grateful for the experience 🙏🏾👏🏾💕

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