Tofugear Omnitech Connected Retail Solution

Is getting your customer’s attention becoming a challenge? Your online offerings lacking a mobile presence? Or maybe your stores are turning into showrooms for others? Today’s in-store shopping experience has become tedious and dull. It’s time to differentiate your brand with Tofugear Omnitech, the only end-to-end and truly Omnichannel retail solution. This is Adam. He is one of your average customers… lucky for you, he has your brand’s app completely customized by Tofugear installed on his smartphone. With the app, he can browse products and receive promotions, making sure he knows all the latest buzz that’s happening at your stores. These notifications also keep customers browsing your store floor longer and deliver targeted content that generates engagement and sales. Now, let’s meet Lily. She is one of your store staff. Like Adam, she also has Tofugear’s Omnitech app installed on a mobile device. With this app, she can know exactly when your favorite customers walk into your store quickly access their profile, and be ready to engage them more personally than ever. By using the app’s in-store mode the customer can see what is around him in real-time right from his mobile device. Oh yes! Michelle is going to love this! But wait… what was her size again? The fit guide lets Adam quickly convert your product sizes into standard measurements making it easy to shop for him, or for her. But sometimes, the customer can’t find the size he is looking for on the rack, or maybe he needs a second opinion… just to be safe. Your app on Adam’s phone comes with a built-in call assistant feature which notifies store staff that the customer needs help. Wow, that was really fast! I love this app! The app also allows the customer to make in-store purchases right from his own mobile device. He just scans the QR code, and chooses his payment method. Wow, that’s it? That’s it, the purchase is complete. Customers can also give service ratings in exchange for loyalty benefits which are updated in real-time to your staff’s stats. Tofugear knows that having inventory visibility is a crucial part of the customer experience. Ok, just enough time to do a stock count… Omnitech comes included with a low cost handheld-based solution that enables your stores to accurately receive inventory make stock counts and even find a unique item. Tofugear Omnitech’s connected fitting room automatically detects which customer is inside as well as the products they have brought in. Using the touch display built in to the mirror Adam can see everything in detail. This looks pretty good! I think I will try them on. To try on the jeans, Adam simply adds them to his try on list, and taps to send a request to your staff’s mobile device. The connected fitting room’s display also comes with the ability to allow the customer to perform a self-check-out right from within the fitting room. Tofugear Omnitech’s connected fitting room is the ultimate point of conversion for any apparel retail store. Tofugear Omnitech also comes with a fully customized point of sale system. Time to use my loyalty card! Customers simply place the items they wish to purchase on the counter. Lily can also access various information about the customer, including items left in the online shopping cart, items that he favorited while browsing, and much more. Oh! He liked this T-shirt. It will look good with these jeans. I should suggest it to him. The point of sale system also enables your store to offer home delivery, even for in-store purchases. Omnitech is integrated many of the most popular payment methods, including everything from cash, to credit cards, to direct bank transfers and even digital currencies. Tofugear Omnitech is the only service which offers a fully customized, end-to-end omnichannel retail solution. Get the most out of your brick and mortar store by maximizing your mobile presence and creating a shopping experience that will engage your customers like never before. Tofugear Omnitech, a powerful way to jump-start your connected retail strategy.

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