Tools I Use To Generate A Monthly Income From My Business – Part 2

Hi everyone, it’s Tyrone from!
As I’ve shared with you previously on the video, I was talking about the tools that
I use in my business. I showed you I use my laptop, my phone, my video camera, my mic
and so forth to be able to create a business that generates $10,000 per month and it’s
not that much, not many tools that I have there. A lot of people may think you might
need the whole studio setup, you might the green screen, those kinds of stuff is not
necessary. The main thing I just want to share with you is that you can do it from anywhere
you want and it’s better to do it from anywhere because it’s more genuine, more authentic
and you are true to yourself exactly with what you’re presenting to people. You can go and setup a green screen which
I do usually for professional videos and depending on the businesses that I’m doing it for,
but I usually don’t spend too much time making it all that spectacular as long as
I provide good content and information. So coming back to what I’m going to share
with you, I want to share with you exactly the software and tools that I use on my computer
that will help you create any excellent videos that I’m doing right now. If you follow
me through my computer, I’ll show you exactly the tools that I use. I’m just going to
highlight the main ones that I use day-to-day that help me to do that and also what my virtual
team use as well. Let’s go to my computer and I’ll show you the tools that I use. Okay, I’m at my computer at the moment and
I’m going to show you through exactly five top pieces that I use on my computer, these
ones that are usually available for PC and Mac. The only one that’s not available for
PC is Screenflow which you can see right here. The first one is Screenflow which is just
screen capturing software that I use day in day out to be able to demonstrate to you exactly
the step by step process of how to do certain things. If you’ve seen any of the tutorials
that I’ve provided, I showed you step by step by moving my mouse, pointing here, click
there, etc. Screenflow is really good software. It’s easy to use and it’s very nice as
well. You can buy the software and it costs $99 to buy and you can get it from Screenflow
here. If you don’t have a Mac and you got PC,
I recommend Camtasia Studio. Camtasia Studio is really good as well though in my opinion
I think Screenflow is a lot better in any ways because it’s simple and easier to use
where you can create really stunning screen captures as well. As you probably see my Facebook
included inside and Screenflow is doing all that capturing for me. The next one that I’m going to show you
is called Jing. Jing’s free and it’s great for you to be able to install step by step
tutorials for your virtual staff and providing information to them to do exactly what needs
to be done. You can record up to five minutes and you can store it onto their servers or
you can store it on yours. If you want to be able to show anything that you need to
do such as changing graphics on a website, or training them on doing administration stuffs,
this is a great piece of software that allows you to do that. You can get it from So that’s the second piece. The third piece
that I use is called Seesmic Desktop. You might be wondering how I manage to keep myself
in contact with all the people in Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, any of all those things.
Seesmic is an excellent tool that allows me to leverage my time so I’m able to answer
questions all in one desktop wherein I don’t have to go all the way to different logins
to Facebook, Twitter or anything like that to be able to reply to anyone. Seesmic Desktop
is something that I use day-to-day to be able to tweet, to be able to reply back to Facebook
and to any of those things. This is a great piece of software that I use day to day. The next one that I use is Skype. Skype is
a free conferencing software or free instant messaging software that you can use. If you
haven’t heard of it, then you must be hiding in a row. But, it’s an excellent piece of
software. If you’ve been using MSN or Yahoo Messenger, Skype is even better. You can do
video recording with Skype, you can call anyone around the world, it’s all free. It’s
an excellent piece of software that I use day to day to be able to get in contact with
my virtual staff and also do some interviews with leading experts in different fields. The last piece of software that I’m going
to show you right now is called LastPass. LastPass is something I actually discovered
more recently. I used to use software called RoboForm when I first started on PC and now
I superseded that one and went over to OnePassword which I use for Mac for quite some time. Then,
when LastPass came into existence, I’ve switched over to LastPass. The beautiful thing
about this piece of software is it’s available for all browsers, all stored online and it’s
very secure. This is great for storing usernames and passwords and be able to retrieve it easily
by letting it enter into your website straightaway without you having to remember everything. If you’ve got hundreds of websites or even
just 5 or 10 websites, it gets a little bit hard to remember every single password or
username unless you’ve got an Excel spreadsheet setup or something like that. This wipes out all that and automatically
fills in your passwords for you. This saves so much time almost everyday to access all
my websites. One thing I haven’t told you is I use WordPress. WordPress is my blog and
WordPress is something that I use day to day just to be able to post my blog posts that
you see here and also the videos. So, these are all the tools that I use in my business
and it’s very crucial that you have at least something that is in the system and in place
so you’ll be able to use them to be able to develop, grow and run your business. These
are simple tools that I use on top of what I have shown you previously on the physical
tools such as my laptop, camera and all that stuff. I hope you enjoyed this video and if you’ve
got any more feedback, I’d love to hear more of your comments. Just put it down below
the blog post. My name is Tyrone Shum from Have a great day and I’ll
catch you in the next video!

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