Top 10 Cursed Websites You Should Never Visit

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
Channel on the internet. Im your host Rebecca Felgate and today I am
taking about the Top 10 Cursed websites that you shouldn’t visit. DON’T DO IT. Although I bet most of you will. Before we get into this list why don’t you
let me know if you are the type of person that searches up the stuff we tell you not
to, or if you’re just cool with me giving you the gist of stuff. While you are down there leaving comments
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ever. Ever. Like… probably ever. INSTA – Stick around until the end. 10 – TMZ
Wait….what?! I found an article on Buzzfeed that claims
TMZ is haunted! I quote: TMZ is said to be haunted by the
restless spirit of a former writer who died tragically on the day she was due to be married. Some visitors to the website have reported
seeing a sad-eyed spectre, which roams across a random popular article once a day at the
witching hour (PST). Others have reported strange chills, and hearing
a quiet weeping sound.” URM…. I feel like I need more information?! Have you guys ever experienced this! I feel like this is a joke, right?! 9 – Repleh
I made the mistake of opening this site while scripting this video, not only is it reportedly
cursed, it is also a pain in the ass as you cant navigate away from it! So the story goes that Repleh Snatas was a
young girl born in the 18th century who had a birthmark so obvs people thought she was
spawn of the devil. Classic. Sadly though, her dad also thought she was
evil so he murdered her. Through some kind of crazy turn of modern
days events a domain was registered in her name and now she haunts it…just cause. You can get on the site at any time of the
day but you’ll just see candles burning as a vigil for the girl…buuuut if you come
back at midnight, apparently the haunted site is active! At this time you can submit name of a person
from who you want to take revenge and Repleh will take revenge for you….but her ghost
will appear in your dreams during sleep till you die. Sooo… I don’t really think that sounds like an exchange
I want to get into. 8 – Blind
This is a bit of an Urban legend but the story goes that there is a website out there called
Blind Maiden which is only accessible at midnight, on the night of the new moon with all the
lights off in your house. The story goes that when you’re finally in
the website, ultimate horror begins. It seems that you are faced with real life
horror situations, like a live cam, and you have to click accept or decline. Apparently a warning appears on the site that
reads: This website will take you to a whole new level of horror. A horror that will use all five of your senses. You must be very careful not to click on anything
by accident. You will be faced with a real experience of
absolute horror. Click the accept button to engage actively
in the experience. I think I’d actively like to disengage. 7 – Sad Satan
Oh this old cursed chestnut. Sad Satan is a cursed video game found on
the so called dark web. Youtube channel obscure horror corner lived
up to their name when they shared a scary screen play of the game on their youtube channel
and honestly it looks really intense. It also sounds intense and I don’t like that. The player is walking down a dark ally and
horrible radio signals start coming through. During the game play, from time to time a
blank screen would appear with strange markings. Reddit users decoded the font and said that
it was saying things like “kill, kill, kill” and “I can track you.” Finally, at the end the game cuts to a black
screen in which the phrase “Suffering Doesn’t End” appears. Doesn’t sound good to me. I’ll probably give playing this one a miss. 6 Dead Mans
I don’t think this website is cursed on research but it certainly is one way to make your relatives,
friends or enemies think that you are reaching them beyond the grave if you die. This morbid but actually pretty functional
website is basically a site that will send out emails to recipients of your choice after
you die. Why? Well sometimes there are things that you wish
that you would have said… or feelings you don’t want to take to the grave. Okay.. but how? How will the site know you are dead. The emails are sent at certain intervals. By default, the switch will email you 30,
45, and 52 days after you last showed signs of life. If you don’t respond to any of those emails,
all your messages will be sent 60 days after your last checkin. 5 – White Enamel
I DO NOT like this website. Ha I feel like I say that for every one of
them but like… White Enamel is clearly haunted…or cursed…
or both…Whats a bit of haunting without some curse in their for good… there is some
bad juju here. So this web point and click seems to be some
kind of horrifying online game or interactive movie or something. When the site launches you are overlooking
a town. You can then explore parts of it, and it seems
to be a sprawling mental asylum with scary sounds and scary rooms. There is one part where you can draw on the
walls in blood… Also, the page loading screens are needles
that lose fluids…like we the viewer are being injected. When on this website I noticed that my browser
was telling me it is not secure, sooo either this game will curse you, or curse your computer
in the form of a virus. Either way, I think I am good….I’ll stay
away from this one. 4 – Joy of
Trolololol – the website the Joy of Satan is extensive and claims that Satanism is humanities
only religion. Honestly the whole site wangs on so much it
is a bit of a bore… but for those who believe in Satan, I do not, the site can be worrysome. It has scripture praising satan, blogs aimed
at converting kids to Satanism, spells for summoning satan, summoning demons, satanic
meditation and tips on how to dedicate your soul to him. Sure sure sure. All sounds a bit cursed doesn’t it! Weirdly though, the site is very against animal
cruelty…which I am here for. So, you know…swings and roundabouts. Enough of you, Satan, let’s have some Staggering
Beauty at number 3 I actually really like this website but it
is quite likely to give you a seizure so I am deeming it somewhat cursed. Basically it is a mysterious floopy old worm
that follows your mouse… you can gently floop it from side to side but if you do It
too quickly… you’ll make your brain explode. Trust me… mine is pretty frazzled after
a few minutes of playing with old wormy. Also if you just live wormy on the screen
and look into his eyes…well.. he has a treat for you. 2 – Ouija Board –
Rea Ouija boards in my opinion should not be messed with. Starting life as a parlour game in the late
1800s, mystics began using Ouija boards to contact the dead – you should check out our
Top 10 Ouija Board Urban Legends and our Top 10 Ouija Board Stories. Of course, you can now access Ouija boards
online… but are they legit. I found one and I asked Where Are You – It
said A Dark Place. I said I need more information and it said
not known. I asked who they were – they said an enemy…. I then asked them if they clocked in for this
shift as is customary in this workplace – and they said it was too dark. I then asked what their intention was and
they told me to leave them now sooo I said KAY BYE and then they said too dark. Sooo. I am not sure if I think an online Ouija is
legit being as they can be programmed to move … but still… is it worth running the risk. 1 – Possession Begins
Oh I am not in the market for this nasty experience. This is easily the scariest website I have
ever visited in my life and if you scare easy I WOULD NOT recommend it! SO this is an all senses immersive experience. You plug your headphones in and turn your
webcam on which is already a bit of a hard nope from me. Then a screen changes as you open and close
your eyes. While you eyes are closed you hear a disconcerting
male voice in your ears telling you to come back to him…it is clear the voice in your
head phones is the voice possessing your mind. To get rid of the voice you can open your
eyes, but when you do you see some truly horrible scenes. No doubt in my mind this website is cursed! So that was the Top 10 Cursed websites you
shouldn’t visit… don’t do it. Don’t go there! I actually have a massive headache after playing
with that stupid epilepsy worm. Sentences I didn’t think I’d say today. Anyway. Did you visit them? Are you cursed now? Let me know in the comments section down below. Look… it is nearly valentines day so I wanna
read some comments from an older video, the top 10 Scary Online dating stories part 2. You said:
JJA215 shared a worrying daing story! I had a girlfriend for quite a while but one
day she asked me to walk with her to a wood and I accepted for some dumb reason when we
got to the wood she looked at me and basically screamed and broke up with me and ran away
laughing? CRAZZZZYYY
Crazier still, Big Cool Guy 21 said: I went on a date with a gender less alien and he
became a non-gaming gaming YouTuber and he stole my socks
and my cupboard door?

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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Cursed Websites You Should Never Visit

  1. Well if it's that easy to join Satan we are all screwed. We should side with the one who will caress us not poke us

  2. I tried the headphone website but my friend who was with me is now in hospital…dont go to that site

  3. Im pretty sure Blind Megan story sounds like utter crap lol why hell would it be so hard to find if they want people to experience the true horror

  4. "There is a flupy little worm and you can flup it around but if you go to quicky your brain will explode"
    Best part 😂😂

  5. Repleh Snatas is just “Satan’s Helper” spelled backward. There’s no haunting or little girl. It’s just a site to dupe superstitious idiots.

  6. Satanism is against animal cruelty so its not really that surprising that the website was against it.

  7. Let me tell u: the ouija board is hilarious! it speaks only English. Apparently there are no Spanish (Don Quijote's incipit) or Italian (Divina Commedia's incipit) spirits in the other side!

  8. What's your secret?? Your curves are like wow! I'm so jelly!! I can't lose weight to save my life!!!

  9. Socks? Sounds like a punking.
    The to that plays at the end of your episodes is creepy but something more creepy just happened! I didn't think it could be possible but skipping makes it much creepier! WTH kids?!

  10. the sad satan game is actually really dumb and not scary at all, i watched the play thru and got rapidly bored of it, at certain points an image will appear like a guy surrounded by antlers with antlers on his head….oooooo soooo scary…..pffftt
    it basically looks like a cheap knock of of silent hill without monsters to fight….so yeah stupid as hell
    also white enamel looked like a cheap knockoff of the game outlast

  11. It’s best to just take your word for it, not going to visit any of these websites.. shudder.. shudder.. chills!!

  12. Hi, Rebecca! I love this channel! And I generally am one that goes where I am told not to. #supremefamily

  13. Hey Rebecca nice to see you I'm catching up on some videos. Nope not interested in seeing any of these websites considering I have epilepsy and some of them would put me in an instant seizure, but really some of them are just for entertainment and are fake and for show and I don't want to get a virus so no I won't sign up to look for these websites you can look them up for me. Thanks great work great content

  14. I'll will try to visit two or three websites from this video lets see what will happen to me after visiting these sites 🤔🤔🤔

  15. I’ve been on white enamel before it’s actually pretty cool kind of creepy but I’m not cursed or anything

  16. I do what you tell me to do because who knows what could happen to me if I visit these websites no no no

  17. White enamel made me sad and sympathetic because it feels like you’re watching the horrors of old mental asylums back then that treated patients like animals. It makes you think about the poor souls that had to deal with poor treatment and mental illnesses that can be easily cured nowadays. It makes me feel sympathetic because we’re so used to modern medicine that seeing asylums back then reminds us of torture rooms.

  18. I think out of all the site web the rebecca just said, i would check out the site called white enamel

  19. Rebecca there’s not a story on earth that could scare me if your telling it Your way too pretty to be scary

  20. Well, part of me wants to look up these websites, and part of me wants to hide under my bed and cry. I’m sure doing both at the same time would get the best effect.

  21. The Blind Maiden also has a creepypasta for it. Pretty much the welcome screen before you hit the button is a flash of pictures of eyeless people. Like, gouged out and gorey. Then when you click accept you see a video of a woman outside your house. She walks up to your door, goes into your house, and walks behind you. Then she turns you around and gouges out your eyes and kills you, takes a picture of your face, and then boom, you're a part of the site's cursed welcome screen. It's just the gist of it, but I definitely recommend reading the actual story.

  22. These sound just like my kind of websites. I just might visit one of them. If I do I'll let you know. It would be cheaper to use a tablet than my computer.

  23. nah, I just searched google images of Rebecca to see if she has any topless pics online. She has a pleasantly shapely chest

  24. When I was younger I was into the occult like a decade ago and one time I was facing legal trouble for possession of weed and I went to the joy of satan site and got the info for summoning a certain daemon (they have all kinds for different things) to help with the law. I drew its sigil and used a pendulum to basically ask for help. That Friday I went to court and the prosecutor wanted me to do a year for my probation violations but I explained my situation and the judge revoked my probation and I was free to go. I no longer believe in that stuff but it was a weird coincidence.

  25. Bruh some brave soul look these up and see what its about. My dreams are weird enough without childrens sad spirits floating around

  26. Just so ya know Sad Satan probably isn’t real since there’s many contradictions between the original uploader and various remakes of the game

  27. I'm cool with just listening to you talk about the websites. You should try making some uplifting lists like" Top 10 books you should read" or "Top 10 Songs that will make you happy! "

  28. The scariest website I’ve ever checked out was where you can listen to The Dude Jeff Bridges himself try to lull you to sleep by simply saying “sleep… dream… wake up..” with a spooky soundtrack. It’s trying too hard to hypnotize people and I just don’t trust anything that tries to quiet my mind and tell me what to do. First it’s “go to sleep” next thing you know your on death row… I’m on to you Bridges!!! God rest his soul…

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