Top 10 Marketing Books for Entrepreneurs

So when you hear the word “marketing,” what
do you think about? Really, marketing, because the world of business
is a lot about marketing, right? How you market yourself, your product, what
do you think about? What word comes to mind? See, for me when I think about the word marketing,
I think about how you tell your story. How you tell the story of your company, how
you tell the story of yourself, how your story’s being told. Is it reaching the audience you want it to
reach? Do you know the audience that you want to
reach? That’s marketing. And a lot of times – I remember one time I
was in an audience and I heard this speaker speaking from stage, and this audience was
filled with 70-year-olds who are getting ready to retire. They were between 70 -80. And he’s on stage. No one in the audience is less than 55. And he’s on stage and saying, “Can you imagine
if one day you’re driving a Ferrari? Can you imagine if one day you’re driving
a Lamborghini? Can you imagine if one day you’re going down
to the beach and you’re surfing? And I’m sitting there saying, “Does he know
who he’s marketing to and how he’s telling the story?” Because your story doesn’t resonate with this
audience. Maybe it resonated with a different one, but
it doesn’t resonate with this audience. So, it is very, very important for you to
study marketing, and marketing becomes an art. It becomes a lot of fun if you learn how to
do it the proper way. It helps you out in business. It helps you out in every aspect of your life. So many of you kept asking me, Pat, give me
top books I need to read on marketing. And finally, we’re giving it to you. And I’m giving it to you in a way where I’ll
recommend 10 books to you, and then from there you can do whatever you want with these 10
books. I believe every entrepreneur must study these
10 books for marketing. #10: for me on this list would be The Art
of SEO. The Art of SEO is #10 on the list and the
reason why this book – now keep in mind, you can buy this book and I think they have the
most recent edition out now. I don’t think this is even the most recent
one. (Mario, I think there’s another edition after
this one. Yeah, there’s another edition after this one.) The Art of SEO. And it’s pretty big. You’re talking about 645 pages. And what you’ll first do when you pick this
book up, go to the contents, and go through areas right now you’re struggling with. You can literally take this thing and go to
tying SEO to conversion and ROI. I’m struggling with that. Let me go study that. This almost becomes the bible for SEO because
nowadays when you’re doing SEO for your company, or you site, whatever you’re doing, you need
to understand the world of SEO. If you don’t, you’re going to be left behind. You, your team, your staff needs to know this
language. This is the book I would recommend. #9 – The next one I would recommend is Contagious. Contagious is a very good book that describes
the certain elements combined together that makes up for something to go viral, for something
to spread. And the words it uses is social currency,
triggers, emotion, public, practical value, and stories. I highly recommend you read this book, Contagious,
because once you read it, you’ll kind of say, “Well, now this makes sense why this idea
caught on and it started spreading. I never thought about it this way.” One of the stories it talks about in Contagious
is the iPhone video. Right? He puts it in the blender, and you see this
blender chopping up this phone and this blender blows up. Because the point of this blender was it is
so powerful, it can tear up an iPhone. That became the marketing campaign on how
to tell the story of how amazing of a blender this is. This blender started selling blenders all
over the world. Very, very good book to read for marketing
is contagious. I’d say the other one is Made to Stick – I
don’t know if I have one here with me. We always have one in the office. I don’t have one here with me. Let’s put a picture of it on the video so
you can see it. Made to Stick is a book that explains to you
how this story sticks with your audience. How a lot of times you will tell a story where
somebody will not remember, and then here’s what we do for a company. You’ll go to a presentation, for instance,
and after the presentation, you walk out, you remember nothing. You don’t remember a single thing. But you go to another presentation, same exact
topic, same everything. The speaker says six different stories, and
three of them stayed with you. One of them brought tears to your eyes. And you walked out. That story is made to stick. It sticks with you. You will forever link this company to the
story that was shared with you because it was made to stick. It teaches you how to get your stories to
stick with the people you’re doing business with. #7 is Traction. Obviously, Traction has to do with I think
it’s 19 or 21 points he talks about in this book on traction, on how to get your concept,
your product to start having traction where it starts creating momentum and starts building
on that momentum. Very good book, Traction. #6 is Trust Me I’m Lying which I think is
one of the best titles out there for marketing. This is by Ryan Holiday, I think. Ryan Holiday’s Trust Me I’m Lying. Beautiful title for a book. And when you read it, he explains to you what
things he did as he was marketing his products. He’s got so many great stories on what he
did so I would recommend you reading Trust Me I’m Lying. #6 is DotCom Secrets. DotCom Secrets is written by, I want to say
his name is Russell Branson. Am I saying it right? And Russell Branson is pretty well known in
the marketing space. A lot of people use him. A lot of people know him, and they pay him
a lot of money to do the work that he does for them. I’m talking seven figures types of numbers
that this guy gets paid to do the work. In DotCom Secrets, he simply tells you how
to set up your emails, how to get the funnels, when the customers come in and how to set
up your funnels in a way that’s leading to what you want and then asking for more. There’s a lot of things you can learn for
your business on Secrets. #4 to me is Kotler and Keller, Marketing Management. It’s an old-school book that if you go to
University, if you get this book, you pretty much don’t need to go get a marketing degree. Because this is what they talk about the entire
time in marketing. It has so many great stuff in this book on
what you can do on your marketing side. Lots of value in this. I was almost putting this as number one, but
it’s number four, Kotler and Keller. And then number three is Tipping Point. Tipping Point is what happened to Facebook. Tipping Point is what happened to Instagram,
to Snapchat. Tipping Point is what happened to the Dollar
Shave Club, where that one video, which everybody has seen, and now Dollar Shave Club was recently
purchased, Mario, by who? Gillette just bought them for a billion dollars. Dollar Shave Club was just bought for a billion
dollars after the commercial went viral on YouTube and got 24 million views, a billion
dollar check for Dollar Shave Club. You’ll find out why that happened in the book,
Tipping Point. Number two is very close to number one, but
I didn’t put it number one was Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind. It’s an older book. It’s not a newer book. So some of the companies that are examples
he gives in the book are not newer, it’s older, but still, the book is so effective and relevant
to today that I think every marketer needs to study that book. Don’t even read that book. That’s a book you study. It’s called Positioning: The Battle for Your
Mind. There’s a lot of different editions. A lot of different covers. I don’t know which one you guys are going
to put up here on the image to show, but it’s a fantastic book for you to read. Then #1obviously above everything to me in
the marketing world is Blue Ocean Strategy. I’ve been saying this in so many different
books. They’ve already sold, I don’t know, three
million copies, four million copies. Every single marketer, every CEO, I’ve had
every single executive at one point I had them read this book cover to cover. Wrote a paper on it. We spent eight hours just talking about this
book in a room full of 40 people that we were coming up with ideas after reading this book. Sometimes so many people ask me questions
about marketing, and I ask the question, first, read the book, Blue Ocean Strategy then ask
me these questions about marketing. This is that important of a book for every
entrepreneur, every businessman, every businesswoman, every executive, every single person who is
planning on doing anything that has to do with marketing, you’ve got to read this. It gives you an edge on business, on how to
market and tell your story in a unique way where you separate yourself from all the competitors
where everyone’s trying to go after one market, you pivot, and all of a sudden you don’t have
an enemy anymore. And you have an easier time getting a piece
of this pie because there are no enemies. Enemies, you’re in a blue ocean, where there’s
no one there, instead of a red ocean, shark-infested, you’re in a beautiful place over here. Okay. Those are the 10 books I will recommend you
to read, on marketing, and if you’ve read any of them, comment on the bottom. If you suggest any other marketing books,
I’m always looking for good marketing books – I’ve read most of them – but if there are
any good marketing books, recommend those books on the bottom. If you haven’t subscribed to this channel
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everybody. Take care. Bye, bye.

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