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Hello Friends, no matter how much efforts you put and make a great product if you don’t inform about your product to people and keep it hidden, then nor you or others will get benefit of that awesome product hence it is very important for you to inform about your product to others or in other words it is important for you to do marketing for your product Marketing is one of the most important part of any business hence as per 2016-2017 research, Companies on average invest 12 percent of their Revenues on Marketing big companies invest more compare to small companies as per 2018 reports, $630 billion will be invested on marketing worldwide Marketing is not only beneficial for business but for other things as well for example when a person wasn’t getting a job like many at that time what he did he created a huge bill board having his face on it IN which he Wrote HIRE ME As a result of which, many big companies offered him job because of his unique marketing where normal people weren’t getting a single job, he succeeded in getting good job coz of marketing from so many job offers he chose one best job and started working there hence as per me it is very important to understand about marketing in this competitive world because its a fact that a person who knows the perfect use of marketing will be successful in life for sure you all know the importance of marketing, but the main question is how marketing should be done hence today will discuss about it: no matter how awesome aeroplane i will create by putting lot of efforts money but while making that plane if i forget about physics law, then no matter what i do, that plane will not work similarly no matter how much money you invest if you don’t understand marketing laws, your marketing will not give you good results Author Jack Trout and Al Ries has Invested 25 years of their lives and came up with 22 marketing laws which is followed by many companies and which helped them to become a huge companies in the market and companies who ignored these laws has wasted billion dollars in marketing and is still wasting without getting desired results hence today i will share 10 laws out of that 22 immutable laws, so that you can do best marketing and can get best results so let’s begin… No.1) Law of leader this law says that instead of competing by becoming better than others, it is better you should become a market leader example: suppose you are going to some village by driving a car while driving you see many cattle on your way, you find them in your way many times hence you won’t be much interested in looking them but suppose if you see purple buffalo in your way, then what would be your reaction that buffalo will for sure grab your attention and you will be very interested in looking that buffalo and if possible then you will get out of you car to see that buffalo closely similarly if you want to make your business successful then do something different by creating same product again and again just like others and doing same marketing like others will not give you same attention or better attention you can get good attention and results by doing something different Novelty attracts attentions if i ask you who was the first person to land on Moon then your obvious answer will be Neil armstron and if i ask who took the second step on moon, then you will say obviously Neil Armstron(jokingly) well jokes aside, but yes usually second person name doesn’t get as popular as the first person hence become market leader, prepare something new, do something different do create new useful products which weren’t created before this will give you advantage and help you to grow in marketing example, coca-cola was the first company who made such different types of cold drinks similarly Apple was the first company to bring new features in ipod, iphone, mac Apple was the first company to bring new features in the market which was later copied by other companies, hence such companies who did something new became the leader of the market and become very successful no.2) Law of Category You must have no idea about the second person who has landed on moon but if you are an Indian then it’s a high chance of you to know About Kalpana Chawla Why? Because she was the first indian Origin women who landed on space here law of category says that yes it is possible that many a times you don’t become a market leader because someone has already grab the position which you have thought to acquire but still you can become a leader in some other category just like Kalpana, she was from Indian Origin which was from other category, hence even she become famous similarly you will see that many big companies become huge not because they were the leaders but because they become leader in different category Such As Nike become popular in shoes category, Yes IBM was the first company to create computers Dell became the first company who used phones to sell computers, hence it become $900 million company similarly, you also become leader of any different category if you can’t become leader of entire market No.3) Law Of Mind this law says that many a times it is not necessary to be first in the market however its very important that your name clicks first on people’s mind example: Google wasn’t the first search engine, but today google is so successful because today when people want to search anything on internet the very first name which clicks on their mind is google similarly, if any person is hungry at home and what to eat something quickly then the first name which come on their mind is Maggie Because maggie has done a great marketing by saying maggie gets cooked in 2 minutes which can satisfy your hunger that too by providing amazing taste now many things can’t be true, but just because it clicks first on our minds, hence many people buy it hence even you stick your product name on people’s mind by doing proper marketing No.4) Law of perception this law says that marketing isn’t the battle between product and services instead it is a battle of creating perception about your product and services example Apple recently is launching many products and services which aren’t great is performance compare to other competitors, but still people buy Apple why? Because people have a certain perception related to Apple Like Apple is the highest quality premium product and it is the best don’t take me wrong, it’s not like that Apple doesn’t create quality products in fact apple is one of the best in creating quality products but due to Steve jobs and Wozniak there’s still high luxurious perception amongst people related to Apple that they don’t even think of buying any other brand in front of Apple even if there’s better option available in the market similarly even you should create an awesome perception about your product amongst people No.5) Law of Focus if i say Get in 30 minutes or else free so which company will appear in your mind, DOMINOES Right? because through marketing they made very clear to us that if we want pizza’s quick then d contact dominoes similarly many companies focus of specific things so that for that one word, line or for that one thing people remember their product For example, if i say THAND MATLAB In front of 90s people, then their obvious answer will be Coca-Cola because While marketing, They stick that phrase or statement in our minds like if you want to drink something cold or thanda then it should be Coca-Cola similarly, even you focus on any line, phrase, statement or emotion and stick your brand on people’s mind No.6) Law of Exclusivity this law says that any company should not use same line or word used by the other company should avoid it for example, many other companies used 30 minutes or free line just after the used of Dominoes many tried to copy Dominoes but they didn’t get the success like dominoes because while using the same like they were unknowingly doing marketing for Dominoes they were making people remember about dominoes rather than their brand No.7) Law of Ladder here you must remember in which position you stand in Market LADDER AND AS PER YOUR Position you must do marketing for example: Hert was American Car Rental company which was in the no. one position and at that same time Avis company was at second spot by understanding their Second Spot, Avis started marketing campaign by saying That we are at no.2 spot, hence we put more efforts, do more hard work and try harder hence choose us and with such marketing They really saw great results their campaign received a huge success and they earned a lot of money NO.8) Law of Dwality whichever market you go, whatever product you create, you can never be the only person in that market Someone will for sure come to compete with you, and on the other side, there can be many people already in the market ladder in which you are going but at the end it would be a race between two people Example: Coca-cola vs Pepsi Marvel vs DC Mc Donald Vs Burger king etc.. but the best thing is you can use this competition and can make people your strong supporters as i already said in my earlier video, people love to take sides it hence it would be best to market your believes and features which are different from the competitor with this people who trust your believes will become your strong supporter No.9) Law of Opposite many companies make the mistake by competing with the strong points of the market leaders another example of Dominoes, when Dominoes was doing 30 minutes or else free marketing at that time many tried to do the same marketing here author says that it would be better if they would have done the marketing like like we take extra time but provides best quality and taste pizzas hence law of opposite says that in wrestling the way opponent uses the force of opposite person to make him fall inside the ring, similarly you become strong by making market leader strong point weak hence become strong by marketing something opposite of market leader No.10) Law of Perspective when i was kid, at that time i used to think why such huge companies invest so much money on such ads which aren’t even useful? example, in the middle of the programme if coca-cola ads come, then person obviously after watching that ad will not switch off the tv and walk out of home to drink coca-cola but when i become little mature at that time i came to know that such ads help them for long runs like whenever person is out and thirsty and when they go to any shop the very first thing which click their mind would be coca-cola and chances of them taking that brand will become high and with such ads brand value will also increases etc i realised that these ads are good for long term and same thing is taught by this book author says that few ads are good for short term too example, many companies starts sale within a year they provide 50 percent discount on their products now with this they earn lot of money in short term but in long term many customers don’t buy products from them in normal rates they wait for discounts now with these examples want to say that ads effect stays for limited time period if you do marketing for quick results then it won’t give long term benefits and if you do marketing for long term then maybe you don’t find benefits in short term but it will help you in long run by building strong customers these are 10 laws out of 22 from the 22 immutable laws of marketing book by Al Ries and JACK TROUT if you want part two for this book then do comment in the comment section do like this video if you find it useful, do comment and share this with people who have interest in business if you don’t want to miss such useful free book summaries every week then do subscribe and click the bell icon, only then you will receive notification of my every new video upload on Sunday’s if you want to learn everything from this book then do buy this book from the description link or if you want free audiobook of this book then can take it from audible is an amazon company which gives free trail for a month only then they’ll charge Now finally thanks for watching…..

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