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Pattabhi Raamabaanam Greetings. I thank you for your support for
Pattabhi Raamabaanam programme. Support means watching and
subscribing to it. What happenes with that is, When I get the faith that a
lot of people are watching it, Then I can provide with more information. Because, I have to share the information which
I have attained in all these years. When I share them… I have been writing it in books, I don’t know how many of
you are reading those books. But nowadays, everyone has an android phone. He does like this and clicks on it. Hence, try to make more people to watch
this show in order to get a good response. Most of the people have mentioned
in the comments that, “You have been discussing about
students, teachers and parents.” “It would be better that if you focus
also on what we have to do in the future.” “Not only the things which had happened but
you have to discuss about what has to be done.” “Now, there are
different kinds of jobs.” “There is marketing, advertising,
fashion designing etc.” “Generally, everyone knows about
an engineer, doctor and a scientist.” “But, how to enter into the
marketing kind of jobs?” “Please discuss about this.” they said. So, this is the subject that
I am going to discuss today. Marketing. Marketing means, Selling you the product which I have, And charging the applicable fee from you. If I have to sell it to you, It should be useful to you. But forcing people to buy a useless product
doesn’t come under business or marketing. Why I am specifically
mentioning about this is, Nowadays, there are people who sell a
useless product to the customers forcibly. They would be very disappointed
after buying such products. “We bought it at an expensive price.” “Should a toothpaste be so expensive?” “Why should a car cleaning paste be
so expensive?” they say. What I say is, Those skills in the
marketing field are useful but, Both of them have to be benefited
here in marketing. You are ok.
I am ok. Now, the entire world is
looking at the marketing field. There are many opportunities
in the field of marketing. No matter what you study, there are
opportunities to go towards marketing. My son did a job in the US after
studying B.Tech and MS in Computers. Now finally, he has settled in marketing
field after studying MBA(Executive) in ISB. Marketing is such a wonderful profession, It won’t have retirement. Plus it will have a mutual benefit. So, young people, If you really have an interest in the
field of marketing, what you do is, First, start observing
the successful people. Know their success stories. How did he reach that position? How did Ambani start and
attained which position? How did GMR start his company? He started with a small textile
mill and now he has built airports. In this way,
nobody became rich all of a sudden. Ambani’s son might be rich but, Those who have originally started the
industries, they have done it slowly. So, the first principle for this is, The journey of a thousand miles
begins with a single step. So, you have to acquire the basic knowledge. You should study. Those who are fortunate
and have an opportunity, Try studying courses like MBA. Not just doing MBA,
experience also that counts. Ok. So, I have created a
small programme for this. Your wish should be as per your eligibility. It means there should
always be a humble beginning. Humble begininning. I will directly establish 18
branches at the same time. I will start the company in 22 countries. People would laugh at you
for this kind of things. First establish yourself at one
place and achieve success. Next, go to another place. And from there, keep doing in this way. Look here, the horse wanted to
carry such a heavy weight at once. And it got imbalanced. Slowly, If you start testing, you will get a lot of
different issues in the middle of the practice. You need to have patience over there. The second rule is, You should put efforts to be
a role model at all times. After you achieve the success, Many people would follow you. For example, Back then, the pharaceutical field
was started by Siri Subburaj. After that, different companies
like biological firms have been established. And today, we have been doing a lot of
wonders in the field of pharmacy. And in the field of cement, BV Raju has started it and after
that many companies have come up. Be it pharmaceutical field or
cement field or sugar factory, Or textile mills or airport
field or any other field, The people who started it
went on with slow steps, And now they have become
role models for many people. Construction. Recently in a big construction company, I have made a work shop about cess
management to its top managers. They are constructing
bridges at such places… They are constructing bridges, buildings and cities
in not only our country but in other countries too. They are in such position. Hence, remember, It is a very wonderful as well
as very attractive field. Next, the market strategy is that, The customer wouldn’t immediately say
‘ok’ after you pitch to them. ‘Ok, very good. I will definitely
buy it’, if he says this, He will not buy it. It means,
be it a business or LIC policy or a plot, If he immediately says ‘yes’, it means
that he said that out of hesitation. A person who really wants to
buy would ask for details. They have to ask or all the details. Hence, don’t readily believe
those who says ‘yes’. Tell him to ask the doubts. If he didn’t ask the doubts,
then what he does is, He will pay for 2 months and
from the 3rd month, he would stop. Next, You shouldn’t overburden your mind by
thinking about the other companies and business. I already came into this line. When I came to this line
and was working What might have happened if I make a cinema? Or what might have happened if I did that? Today, wherever we see, there are
many advertisements on jewellery. Actually, the advertisement content
is more than the TV programme. I am getting fed up
looking at those people. What will happen if we start that? All these things would rise temporarily. Don’t change whatever you have started. Next,
how a market strategy would be is, They say it as 10:6:4:2. It means, when you approach 10 people, 6 people would listen to your words, 4 people would show interest, And finally, only 2 people
would do business with you. You have to prepare for it. If you think ‘despite throwing a big party
to 10 people, if only 2 people approve it’, Even that should be considered as success. If you work like that for some years,
this same strategy would become reverse. When you pitch to 2 people, They would pitch it to 4 people, 6 people would come and ask, And 10 people would join. You have to reverse that strategy. Especially in the field of Insurance
policies, This strategy works extraordinarily. Next, If you stick to only one organisation,
we can achieve success. Suppose if I drink Pepsi when I
am working in Coca-Cola company, It means that I am not believing my company. You shouldn’t do such things. Next,
your position is unique in the society. If you live in a big city or a small village, Look here, out of 2 images, The circle which is in the middle of
both the left-side and right-side images, Which is bigger, the right-side
circle or the left-side circle? Immediately, you would feel the left- side
circle bigger than the other one. If you carefully measure it with a scale, Both are of equal size. If there is a small
business in the small village, One would feel the left-side circle as big. But if it is in the right-side image,
it would be felt as a small. But both are same. So, when you are about to enter
into business, what you should do is, Especially the important things, You should know your strengths. You should also know your
weaknesses like anger. Identify the opportunities. You should know the risks involved in it. Similarly, you should be aware of the progress
and products of the other companies. When someone questions “How is the insurance
company established by those people?” If my answer is, “It is very bad”, He might have good
relations with that company, So, he would speak
negatively about my company. You should completely know about
your company and its products. Like knowing how it is
manufactured, materials used etc You should be aware of the products and
the policies of the other companies. You should know the
potential of the customer. You work on any kind of business
after knowing these things. You work on any kind of business, You will be successful. As they say ‘there is no subject
that is ineligible for poetry.’ Start doing anything, You can see your future in it. Ok.
All the best. Farewell. Since you have been watching this programme
regularly, I feel very happy. To make this programme more wonderful, All of you do keep watching, Comment on this and
suggest ways to improve. Along with this, the thing you
shouldn’t forget is that, You share this with your
friends and relatives. After you share it,
make them subscribe to it. As a result, the benefit reaped by you, me
and the society is tremendous.

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