Top 10 Tips for Small Business

>>The U.S. Small Business Administration and the United States Postal
Service present Delivering Success. In this chapter you will hear from successful
entrepreneurs whose tips will get you started and keep you growing. [ Music ]>>Get a mentor. Scottsdale education center.>>New opinions put together
make a stronger surface. It’s great to have somebody
that really knows the business like you do, to bounce things off of.>>Test your idea. Optima Lifestyles.>>What I would tell people who want to start
their own business or become an entrepreneur and they have a favorite hobby or something
they enjoy doing is to take that idea and find a mentor or two and run it by
them to see if it really makes sense. Put a plan together, on paper and in
your head, and walk that plan out to see where you really want to be in life.>>Hire quality. BKG.>>Don’t settle for something less than
what you really need for your company. When it comes to any kind
of a business partner, whether it’s an employee or an accountant. Get the best people around you
and they’ll make you look good.>>Stay on your game. Blue Sky Spa>>Most important thing in business, I
think, is staying ahead of everyone else. And by that I mean to knowing
what your competitors do, but also looking internally
versus externally. Because you’re only as
good as your last service. You need to be on top of your game and worry about what you’re doing
on a day-to-day basis.>>Focus on your mission. Cake Love.>>I have a vision about
what I want to accomplish. And by working hard and by staying
true to what my core mission is, to make excellent cakes from
scratch, I’m getting there, and I’m very thankful for that.>>Develop partnerships. The Savvy Gourmet.>>If you’re thinking about
opening a business with a partner, whether it’s somebody you know or somebody
you don’t know, take it very slowly. Make sure you know what each
other’s expectations are. And spell out the relationship in writing.  >>Plan for the future. Scottsdale Education Center.>>It’s imperative that you
know what you really want to do. It’s imperative that you’re looking
six years ahead, or seven years ahead, rather than at the next six
months of your business. And to do that, you need
a good mission statement. You need to really know where you want to be. And that’s what we did.  >>Set goals. Optima Lifestyles.>>I think it’s very important to
have goals and to write them down. And have them be long and short term goals. But once we take them out of our head and
put them on paper they become more visible, they become more of a reality, and
we know when we accomplish them.>>Stay focused. Superior Chocolates.>>It’s really important to be
focused and know what you want to do. And to stay focused. To not get distracted. It’s real easy once you
start to go off track.>>Protect your brand. Fairytale Brownies.>>The name fairytale Brownies and the logo of the brand are also a
critical part of our success. Because just having a good
brownie recipe isn’t enough. It’s the packaging and the branding
that is I’d say half the sale. And we spend most of our legal fees are
on an intellectual property attorney in protecting our brand through trademarks
and copyrights, and enforcing infringement on those if we find other companies
trying to infringe on those rights.  

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