Top 10 Yelp Tips for Small Business in 2019

what I want to do today is walk you
through the top 10 tips that I have discovered working with the Yelp application tip number one Apple polls its review
data from yelp anytime somebody accesses your business through apple maps or
Siri the review data or star pack comes directly from Yelp tip number two
there’s a correlation between user engagement and ranking on Yelp if you’re
having trouble ranking a lot of people think that you need to get more reviews
and you’ll climb in the ranks well that’s true freshness is what matters
and Yelp looks at those metrics more so if somebody has more views than you and
they have stagnated the review campaign if you get more reviews during a certain
time period you’ll actually increase your ranking sometimes even passing the
person who has more reviews and it’s very common for the sound that leads me
the tip number three one of the biggest complaints that I get
from small businesses is that they have a hard time getting you stick that means that even though
review is left from an actual customer Yelp will filter it out there it’s pretty
strict spam filter and if you’re having trouble getting reviews have users check
in whenever they enter your establishment I have never seen a case where a user
has checked in and left review and Yelp filters out that that leads me to tip
number four you cannot actively solicit reviews from customers for Yelp now
what you can do is ask users to check in with in the yelp application if somebody
checks in Yelp actually remind them at a later point in time to leave a review in
a sense asking for a check-in is kind of asking for a review asking every single
customer to check-in can be a little time consuming which is why yelp actually has stickers
all you have to do is go to this URL and fill out a form Yelp will send that sticker to you in the
mail so if you’re still having trouble getting reviews you can actually use
something called the facebook app now within the application they have a feature
called find friends. The find friends feature imports all of your facebook
friends that have Yelp accounts if you have any past customers that also happen
to be your facebook friends you can ask them to stop in your business again and
check yeah now that’s going to statistically
improve your chances of getting a review they see one of your stickers then
they’ll be very likely to check in and leave your review at a later point on
which leads me to tip number seven let’s introduce Yelp Elites it’s
important to understand that yelp has two different kinds of members normal yelpers and Yelp Elites the
police are people that use the application a lot there’s perks to being
Yelp elites get a snazzy profile badge a customized cover and they also get
access to regional parties you know it’s kind of yelps way of saying thank you it’s important to understand that yelp
elite reviews are a little bit different now their photos are more likely to be
prioritized the reviews are more likely to be featured their flagging is more
likely to be considered by yelp and we’ll get into more of that later which leads me to tip number eight the
secret formula to becoming Yelp Elite the criteria for becoming Yelp Elite goes
all the way down to the detail you have to use the yelp application and all of
its features that means having a snazzy profile picture fill out your profile to
the best of your ability answering every single question that they asked you
participate in yelp talk take pictures every single time you leave a review be
sure to import friends from Facebook like we mentioned earlier check in the
tips for other yelpers participate in yelp events bookmark businesses and create lists
once you complete at least 40 reviews you can nominate yourself at
a community manager will look through your profile and approve
you. You will receive an email and once you’re welcomed into the Yelp Elite family you’ll get all the perks that
come along with being a Yelp Elite if a customer leaves a negative review on
your profile a lot of business owners approached me and asked if there’s
anything they can do about it especially if that review isn’t accurate that
review can be flagged however if you flag this as not factually correct on yelp
will actually send you a message that says we do not get involved in factual
disputes there is a silver lining in Daniel lemons book manipulated he
actually points to a study called the perfect review sandwich which states
that negative reviews can actually amplify positive reviews around them and
if you think about it that’s true when you see 4.5 out of 5 4.6 4.7 it’s
actually a little more credible than just a five-star review I mean nobody’s perfect so we made it
this far tip number 10 I’m gonna throw up on one at you and the
yelp platform look at reviews of your local jail if you’re ever having a bad
day they’re almost always hilarious and i highly encourage you to check them out
that’s all we have today and you know I hope that you enjoyed these top 10 tips
it was really fun making it we hope that this helps you out in your quest to get
more reviews on yelp big things to crave for letting us shoot here if you ever
stop in here don’t forget to check in show crave some love on yelp as well I
want to thank Kainen for his best shot at the three little pigs challenge it’s a
lot of food and way more work than it looks the next time you’re in feeling
adventurous definitely give it a shot

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7 thoughts on “Top 10 Yelp Tips for Small Business in 2019

  1. Yelp closed my business, now I lose anything .fuck yelp , Yelp is terrorist, I did know Yelp before, after I start know ,my business done

  2. If you don't pay for their ads, yelp deletes your customers review AND check in. Its happened to me several times until I gave into their harrassment. It's all about who pays more

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