Top 40 Small Business Ideas in India for Starting Your Own Business

Watch Full Video for 40 Small Business Ideas in India nowadays the younger generation is
always running to find something new and especially wanting to become
entrepreneurs they have the power and energy which is the key for them opening the hidden doors to success here
we come with 40 best small business ideas in India that would help people to
explore something new one a small gift store starting your own
gift store can be one of the best small business ideas today there is a great
demand for buying wedding gifts birthday gifts etc – interior planner
today everyone wants to get their dream old so interior designing is on high
demand if you have creative skills then you
could pick up this one from the wide collection of best small business ideas
in india three wedding planner matchmaker wedding is the most special
event for everyone’s life so getting the perfect match is very
important being a matchmaker you can feel proud
knowing that you can bring happiness to one’s life for coaching classes are you confident
as a good teacher then it’s time to start your own
coaching class 5 stationery shop buying stationaries is a necessity so a stationary shop can be a good idea
to start with exploring the best small business ideas in India six grocery shop
similar to buying stationaries grocery is also a must to lead life you can easily begin a new grocery store
earning some good money 7 mobile food stalls today everyone leads a fast life
a mobile food stall will help people to enjoy delicious foods anytime anywhere aight mobile shop
mobile is a must in today’s busy life there for a mobile recharging shop can
help you to get some good earnings with a small investment nine jewelry designer
jewelry is at an all-time demand and with increasing prices of gold jewelry
making is a good option for you ten bookstore book lovers would love to
visit your store that would be your great achievement 11 yoga institute Yoga is becoming popular
nowadays starting a yoga institute with good trainers would require a small
investment but give you big profits well freelance photography at any event
photography is the only way to captivate the sweet moments freelancers are on high demand and it
can be a golden opportunity for you 13 computer store home or office
computers are operated everywhere so why not start a computer store that’s
the smartest option among the best small business ideas in India 14 security
detective agency getting the right security would make
life more beautiful so you can start a security or detective
ages the at your ease 15 real estate consultant buying or selling
a home is a common thing today being a real estate agent or consultant you can earn good money providing proper
services 16 travel agency who doesn’t love to travel a travel agency would be
a killer idea if you are confident enough to organize tours officially 17
babysitting today working moms face problems to manage their tots handling
it in a professional way would help you to realize how good it works 18 catering store people would always
become foodie when you serve the lip-smacking dishes a catering store can
help you to make good profits in the long term 19 Xerox and bookbinders students are
always in search of Xerox shops we know that simple to start you need a
Xerox machine and some other things to start your business money Jim’s both men and women today are always
looking out for some workout sessions gyms are the best way to get good
business for sure 21 freelancing you may be a web designer
web developer or an SEO expert you can easily start your freelancing business
via the web sites a revealing the real meaning of the best small business ideas
in India 22 computer training institutes airs
today have become crazy to get their kids basic computer training institute
with the perfect setup can become beneficial for you 23 game parlor new generation today is
really crazy to go for exciting games go with your game parlor earning good
profits 24 career agency today people depend on courier agencies
delivering personal items right to their addresses either you can merge your company with
an existing one or you can get your own 25 HR consultancy everyone today wants
to get a good job you can easily tie up with some MN seas
running your recruitment firm 26 blogging are you capable of generating
good content then you can start an online blog
earning a handsome income 27 advertisement agency it’s an evergreen business and once you
start this you don’t have to look back when he ate fast food shop make some
good arrangements for hungry people people today field it is easy to buy
fast foods and you can run your fast-food perler getting huge profits 29 resume writing we all know a good
resume is the face of your career so right now providing professional
resume writing services is on high demand 30 SEO consultant as a business person
every entrepreneur wants to get more traffic online so as an SEO expert you
can begin your business 31 data entry services it’s a big opportunity to start your
business with data entry services and easy to do business with high earnings
32 curio shop and takes today are of high demand you can have a great chance to earn a
good income starting your own curiel shope 33 web design and hosting have you worked for an IT company then
this one is the best option for you 34 second hand auto dealer buying resale
cars today comes out as a common concept so you can open your own showroom with
resale bikes and cars 35 motivational speaker can you speak well if yes then become a
motivational speaker and earn a good income 36 relaxation spa parlor after a
busy day scheduled relaxation is quite a good option one
needs if you are skilled enough you can go for
this option 37 packers and movers if you have good man power you can think
about this one 38 insurance consultant if you have good
marketing skills you can easily convince people by running a good insurance
consultant agency 39 Gary and sweet shop sweet is a must for any type of event so
why not go for this excellent idea and forty event management manpower is the
main requirement here if you have that go ahead confidently thanks for watching
hope you liked the video subscribe to our young entrepreneur channel for more
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  32. Thanks for the video! But why only focus on India, sir? Could you please make a video like this one on Africa? This continent is growing massively and young interpreneurs need advice like these! #Algeria 🙂 Thanks!

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  35. This was a great video presentation. I have been playing around with the idea of starting a business for awhile and this presentation has given me some good ideas.

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