Top 5 Online Businesses for Beginners (2019)

what’s up guys Dylan Sigley here in
this video we’re going to break down the top 5 online businesses for beginners
and I’m going to reveal to you the number 1 opportunity for online business
that no one is taking advantage of so those of you new to the channel I
thought since speaker automated online businesses that allow me to live a life
of freedom and on this channel I teach you everything that I’ve learned those
of you who watched through the end of this video are going to learn the pros
and cons of these top 5 businesses their earning potential their ease and
accessibility to set them up and also the number one opportunity that no one
is taking advantage of so you can go out there tomorrow and set up your online
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stories you’ll get notified so the first business we’re going to break down today
is drop shipping so the way drop shipping works essentially is you sell
products without having to keep any stock in your store so typically you’ll
have a store set up on Shopify you’ll sell products via Aliexpress which is
the most popular platform you seen the shipment details from people to make a
purchase on your Shopify store to the Aliexpress manufacturers supply they
then ship the product to your customers and typically you’re doing all you’re
selling and driving traffic to this Shopify store via Facebook Ads so that’s
the general setup for a typical drop shipping store so the pros of drop
shipping in Shopify drop shipping is really easy to start you can get a
website restore setup on Shopify within one week and start making sales within a
single week by a Facebook ads and finding a good supplier or an Aliexpress
it’s a great option if you are a newbie beginner to online business you can also
make sales relatively quickly like I mentioned with Facebook ads you can
drive traffic straight away let’s take a little bit of
money to start investing into Shopify for you can make sales relatively
quickly but there leads me on into the cons of drop shipping and Shopify
because it may be easy to start getting sales but that doesn’t mean that you’re
making a profit it’s so easy to start there’s so many people starting their
Shopify and drop shipping businesses there it may be easy to start getting a
few sales however other people are gonna find out about their products relatively
quickly they’re gonna go and copy your ads copy your page copy your store and
it’s very easy to copy eggs and Facebook now because Facebook shows all of the
info on ads on your Facebook page so those really load various
in tree make it really easy for someone else to find the exact same product in
Aliexpress copy your story even if it’s an amazing store copy all of your ads
set up their own store and start competing with you right away what
happens is you’ll set up a drop shipping store and you might be getting sales a
few months in but then everyone else is gonna find how to pay your product and
copy your funnel precisely so the only people really making money worth drop
shipping are the ones that start one two three years ago when it wasn’t so
saturated and they have massive stores and massive capabilities to go and find
which products are working the best and they can easily out-compete you because
they have much more resources much more money to invest into selling the product
and buying from the manufacturers than you do they also don’t need to get the
same products from Alibaba because they can do private label work their supplies
because they have more cool they have a lot more resources to offer if you go
into Shopify and drop shipping now you’re gonna have to compete with
thousands of other people doing it and the massive drop shippers they’ve been
doing it for a long time or making the majority of the money here you can see
from the Facebook Ads tool in this image that these 29 people worldwide that are
interested in drop shipping so you’re not going to be competing with 29
million people don’t worry only 10% of those people actually have drop shipping
stores but that’s still 2.9 million people you’re going to be competing with
and a good proportion of those are already very successful drop shippers
they’ve been doing it for years and you’re going to be competing in the same
niches with the same products as those massive companies also in this graph you
can see the Google trend over time over the past two years it’s double the
interest and drop shipping has doubled which is pretty crazy there’s more
people interested in starting a Shopify or optioning store than ever before and
it’s getting more and more competitive every day that’s not the only kind of
drop shipping sadly drop shipping depends a lot on Facebook Ads to make
sales and the problem with that Facebook is getting more and more competitive
every single week cost per thousand impressions is rising and rising rising
because small businesses are getting into Facebook and competing with you to
show ads to the possible consumers need to be a b2c it’s getting more and more
competitive across the board so if you are starting a new business it’s gonna
be more and more difficult to sell anything on Facebook if you don’t
already have some capital to invest so not only is Shopify dropshipping already
really real competitive in general but it’s becoming
more and more expensive to use the primary tool that these types of
businesses are using to sell their products such as Facebook apps and the
problem with this massive competition and increasing costs is that you need to
compete on price because everyone else is selling the same product as you it’s
difficult to differentiate with branding cuz you’re a new business you’re
primarily going to be competing on price and everyone else is selling the same
product as you so here they can sell the product for the cheapest it’s the person
that’s going to win is the business is going to win so your prices are going to
drop and drop and drop which means your profit margins get smaller and smaller
and smaller which also makes it difficult to compete so there’s three
cons to shop fine job shipping but that’s not the only problem because you
are selling really cheap products as a new drop ship or a new Shopify store
owner they’re selling from Aliexpress typically which typically cheap products
from China and you’re going to find that you get a massive complaint response
from these cheap products ship from China because people are not going to be
happy with a low quality product that you’re selling to them even if it was
pretty cheap you’re gonna get a lot of complaints a lot of returns the only
thing you need to get proof of this is to go and look at some of the Facebook
groups on Shopify and drop shipping and you’ll see people complaining about all
the problems they’re having with PayPal and stripe and charge bags and returns
and complaints it’s endless if you get a lot of complaints your payment processor
can even ban you but there’s there’s a lot of problems with making payments and
taking cash with drop shipping and Shopify and Facebook and Google don’t
really like these little Shopify businesses as well which is why it’s
gonna get more and more competitive to build these types of businesses for an
advanced drop shipper their earning potential with drop shipping is pretty
high you can own stack to seven figures with your store if you’ve been doing it
for a long time you’ve got private label and you’ve built a real brand around it
and these big drop ship is often like to show they’re really impressive revenue
figures 100 thousand dollars in a month for example but the profit figures
aren’t really that impressive you’re making a hundred thousand dollars
in your store it’s probably gonna be around twenty thousand dollars profit
there’s only a 20 percent profit margin so it’s not that great at the end of the
day most dropshippers make their money with courses and your first year of job
shipping you can expect as a beginner to make one thousand dollars per month in
profit which isn’t really crazy good and if you survive one year you can
start making more and more one thousand dollars per week possibly but it’s
becoming more competitive more and more expensive so
I’m not sure those numbers are going to improve so in terms of easiness and
simplicity to set up it is very easy to set up a dropshipping Shopify store but
like I mentioned in the section the competition is only increasing the cost
only increasing so I’m not sure how viable the style of business is going to
be in the long term future the next business I have for you is Amazon FBA
now I’m is on the epa’s a very popular business to start online because of its
ease of setup and as you know Amazon is the most highly valued business in the
world so it’s a good idea to partner with Amazon there are over two million
people worldwide selling on Amazon so whether you’re selling products that
you’ve made yourself selling products from a supplier or just selling things
you don’t want you can sell on Amazon about half of all sellers on Amazon
people like you and me and of the top 10,000 sellers on Amazon sixty-six
percent of them use Amazon FBA essentially you sell it Amazon ship soap
but you do need to get the product to Amazon first you need to research
products on Amazon to figure out which have a high volume with not much
competition so then you know whether it’s a good product or not really good
tool for this is jungle scalp you don’t need jungle scalp or jungle scale will
do is tell you which products for example have the most or least reviews
which products have the most or least competition in terms of their popularity
so you can calculate how much volume each of these products is getting how
many sellers are selling these products and figure out whether it’s a good
product for you to sell on Amazon so I recommend using jungle scarf if you are
going to go to Amazon FBA are the first thing you do is figure out the best
sellers rank or BSR for the product to tell you how popular that product is and
that will tell you whether there’s a high amount of volume of people buying
their product and then you’ll know whether it’s a good product to sell but
it’s not that simple you don’t want the products BSR to be too low so if it’s
below 250 or 100 it’s quite competitive it means that these larger manufacturers
probably selling those products it’ll be more difficult to get supplies for those
products and a lot of the niches you can also see how competitive the product is
by looking at the number of reviews it is so in this image you can see if we
find a number of reviews typically you want to reviews to be below 1000 what
you’ll do is you’ll put together 30 competitors and let’s say your top 3
computers who have the lowest BSR and the highest
number of reviews you want there BSI to be above 250 and they were abused to be
below 1000 and possible now therefore one of your top three competitors has
reviews above 1000 that’s okay but if all three do it’s gonna be quite
difficult to compete obviously the more computers in the product category as
well can be a good thing because it means that it’s easy to sit up but also
is more competition so it could be a good or a bad thing depends on the way
that you look at it jungle Scout also has a free tool to help you figure out
the size of the market so I’ll put a link to that in the video here just so
you can type it in and go check it out a few one if you do want to go this Amazon
route once you’ve picked a good product based on the BSR a number or views you
can go to Alibaba and you find a good supplier for your product and often
you’ll see in your research on Amazon all all the products or on Amazon are
being sold via Alibaba because these other people selling by Amazon FBA like
you’re going to as well and you can literally backwards engineer what
they’ve done as long as the competition isn’t too high give a high and a
potential volume and a low enough reviews after you find a good supplier
for your product you can purchase products from the supplier send it to
Amazon set up your Amazon store and you’re good to go from the air customers
will buy your product on Amazon Amazon will handle all the customer service and
delivery of your product to your customers so it makes it very convenient
easy to see that way to start selling online so here’s the pros of Amazon FBA
it’s pretty effortless in terms of the logistics and shipping you just need to
get the products from Alibaba for example to Amazon and then they do
everything else from there Amazon manages the returns for you so that’s
much easier than having to deal with the returns yourself when you’re doing
Shopify or drop shipping amazon is obviously a really massive network so
the delivery speed is much quicker than if you’re just a drop shipping or
Shopify store and finally you’re potentially unlimited storage space
because Amazon’s obviously a massive company they have a lot of space to have
your products hang out until they get solved but there are some concert Amazon
I mean obviously it’s an amazing selling machine but there’s some things that you
need to think about as well it does cost money to use Amazon FBA you need to pay
to have an account there selling fees these feast add tags to your products
cetera there’s a lot of fees that you need to look into when it comes to
selling a product so there’s even storage fees and if your products aren’t
selling fast enough you’re going to have to pay for the storage which isn’t cool
basically there’s just a lot of costs in terms
taxes selling in the u.s. having everything stored in the US etc so
there’s similar problems as there are with drop shipping and Shopify Amazon
has more than 300 million active users 90 million of those are prime users
brands available to prime users are specifically Amazon FBA so there’s a
massive opportunity of selling on Amazon because the average customer spends
$1300 per year now that jungle scope calculator that I mentioned earlier you
can actually use that to calculate how many potential products you can sell per
month with the product that you’re thinking of selling that’s pretty
awesome you can figure out pretty much exactly what you can possibly do if you
do decide to go through with that product and it’s completely free and you
can easily calculate your potential returns using the jungle scale
calculator they have a free calculator on their website I’ll put in the screen
here but just head over to that website if you do decide to go with Amazon FBA
they have a lot of free tools that you can use but when looking at the Google
Trends and the Facebook audience tool around Amazon you can see that it is
trending upwards over the past few years in terms of how many people are getting
into it which means similar to drop shipping and Shopify in general is
becoming more and more difficult to start these types of businesses now
there’s not really anything on the Facebook audience of course just because
I guess Facebook hates Amazon but just looking at the Google Trends you can see
it’s going up and up and up more and more people are doing this which means
it’s more and more competitive every day now in terms of the easiness and
simplicity to sit up it is pretty simple once you have the product set up on the
store and they’re just sitting there and selling without you having to do much
once you have the air to sit up on Amazon and you’ve structured your
keywords properly you’re good to go but the only thing is you are taking a
risk because obviously you do need to spend a few thousand dollars to purchase
the products from your supply and then get it shipped Amazon for the first
shipment so you are taking a little bit of a risk and it is a little bit more
risky if you’re a beginner than the Shopify option and it’s getting more and
more computers as well so it’s becoming more and more risky to start these
Amazon FBA businesses number three we have affiliate marketing so how does
affiliate marketing work well essentially you partner with the company
to sell their products and services to your audience most commonly this is done
via an affiliate link that you have in the content of you’ve produced typically
you’ll sign up on an affiliate network like ShareASale or Commission Junction
or Clickbank or a range of the other player
was out there there’s a lot of them we’ll put them on the screen here for
you and these are places where you can find offers to promote by audiences so
you have different types of affiliate programs you have Tier one which is when
you get a commission when someone makes a payment from your affiliate link t2
which is where other affiliates recommend the link via you think Amalia
more network marketing and the more tears you go down the more overall
Commission’s you’ll get but typically the commission percentage is lower so
these range of things you want to look at with different affiliate programs
obviously the different tiers that are involved whether it’s aa recurring
Commission high or low Commission high conversion rates low conversion rates
and the return rates so the typical way to go with affiliate marketing is either
video marketing so you create video content and in their video content you
link out to your office you can even do blog posts are we linking out by the
blog posts of course and there’s a lot of affiliates on Instagram these days as
well so the pros of affiliate marketing is a massive industry should be around
seven billion dollars by 2020 the next thing is that you don’t have to deal
with any complaints or dealing with customer service because obviously it’s
not your product you’re gonna have to deal with the delivery because know your
product and it’s a very low cost business idea if you’re I do an audience
and you start offering affiliate deals to them then you’re going to start
making money pretty quickly without having to invest any money all you need
to do is invest time but there are some cons of course you don’t control the
affiliate programs that you’re offering so they might change over time and could
completely ruin your revenue streams you don’t control the competition involved
there might be some competition that wipes out your affiliate links you have
to reboot from the beginning and you’ll sort of control with your gonna make any
money I mean you’re putting all this work into building the audience and
getting these affiliate links out there well if no one clicks on it you’re
really doing paper performance work and there’s no guarantee of revenues in
terms of the earning potential affiliate marketing I have an interesting study
here actually viglink conducted a survey of 500 affiliates to
see how much income affiliate marketers are bringing in and according to the
survey nine percent generated more than fifty thousand dollars in income nine
percent fifty thousand dollars it’s not a lot and so it probably isn’t the best
place to go if you’re looking to get a really great return on the time that you
put in and in the same study it’s it that took me five years on average to
get to their level so that’s pretty insane
putting a lot of time to make a very small amount of money the only potential
doesn’t seem that great to me and if you look at the Google Trends and
the Facebook audience you can see that it’s a massive massive audience and a
lot of people are interested in affiliate marketing and it is growing
over time in terms of easiness and simplicity to sit up with affiliate
marketing and maybe pretty cheap to sit up I mean you don’t really have to put
much money but obviously you need to put a lot of time an average of five years
to get to sixty thousand dollars per year in income so that’s pretty crazy
and if you’re looking something cheap there you’re willing to wait a long time
to get results and could be a good option for you but if you do want to
make money pretty quickly it’s probably no good option and doesn’t seem very
easy or simple to set up because you literally just have to put in a lot of
time to pull it up in audience to start making those a fully office to the next
business idea I have for you is consulting now consulting has been
around for a long term there’s a lot of one-man agencies out there offering
their brain power and that’s why it’s a massive industry global consulting
revenues of 491 billion dollars that’s huge this is because businesses like the
time and money they need to invest and things off they’ll always be need for
consulting me always has been always will be so let’s get into the pros of a
consulting business the number one great thing about consulting it’s just
providing your knowledge your providing your own brain power and telling people
what they should do to take their businesses to the next level or whatever
specific area your consulting is so if you have some expertise that you can
provide to people you can provide your consulting services without having to do
any of the handiwork yourself you’re not the worker bee you don’t have to go in
there and do anything in the businesses typically you’re just providing advice
and direction on weekly calls there with your clients these provide them a
breakdown of what they need to do for the week based on your discussion and
that’s your consulting service the next good thing about consulting is you have
a low cost set up it’s very easy to set up your consulting service all you need
to do is reach out to people design your offer maybe even have a website or a
LinkedIn page start emailing calling sending letters find some clients and
once you have let’s say 10 clients paying you $1,000 a week you’re making
$10,000 a week profit so the number one consulting con is that it’s not really a
business it’s more like freelancing you’re selling your time and while there
might be great you’re the one that’s doing all of the calls you’re the one
that’s meeting with clients you’re the one that’s dealing with all the emails
you’re dealing with everything in the business yourself you’re limb
to how much you can scale this business because you’re in the business you are
the business and that means it’s not really a business at the end of the day
it’s more like a freelancing role in terms of the earning potential of
consulting I pretty much covered that and the cons there’s not much earning
potential in it I mean it’s pretty easy to set up you can get set up really
quickly and you might get to that $10,000 a month level relatively quickly
but you can’t really grow beyond there because there’s only so much time you
can give and there’s only so much money you can charge also if you look at the
Google Trends and the Facebook audience for consulting it’s pretty stagnant
there’s been no growth over the past few years which means there are a lot of
people already doing it and is probably pretty saturated at this point you can
probably get started and make a decent amount of money but you’re not going to
be able to grow a really scalable business with a consulting style of
business but of course it’s super simple and easier to set up these consulting
businesses like I mean jingeos need to have your offers start reaching out to
people when you’ll start getting clients so if you do want to build a
decent-sized business quickly in consulting is a good option for you if
you have the knowledge and you’re willing to put in the time yourself to
do the work yourself so number five I mean with everyone doing Emmas on FBA
drop shipping and Shopify selling Lane products on Facebook and everyone else
doing consulting and affiliate marketing essentially selling their time for money
there is still one option that you don’t have to sell your time for money and you
don’t have to sell Lane products for you can sell great amazing services without
having to put in any time yourself and that’s the drop servicing model it’s
essentially a hybrid of drop shipping and consulting drop service things
started with the question what if you could take highly skilled labor from
so-called third world countries and offer their as a high-quality service in
your home country well we would have a major opportunity on our hands and
there’s the number-one opportunity out there right now in terms of starting an
online business because you can provide high quality digital services in a
product eyes manner where you don’t actually have to be there to provide the
service you have a team that’s providing service and all you do set up the
marketing driving traffic to your offer and then you have entire team built
around alpha that provides that service to your clients and customers without
you having to be that everyone knows about affiliate marketing Amazon FBA
dropshipping Shopify and consulting this makes them
a lot more difficult to compete in because people have been doing it for a
long time already and they’ve already mastered and then you also have all of
these people coming into it now making a very very saturated and competitive and
that makes it a lot more expensive and take a lot longer for you to get good
results with any of those business models but with drop servicing it’s a
lot different it’s low saturation there’s not many people doing it it’s
low cost to set up and it takes a little bit of time but not too much time to get
everything going let me break down step by step how I work step number one pick
any service that you can offer digitally there’s already consultancies and
agencies offering such as graphic design Facebook ads video marketing whatever it
may be here are my most recommended digital
services based on the projected growth and the current demand we have the
social media marketing agency the Facebook Ads agency the virtualization
agency the search engine agency and the video marketing agency and this is what
we do we research the market we research the computers in their market and we
backwards engineer the system they’re using do you build your own system based
on that backwards engineered model of the market and the competitors you build
your high quality international team you get your first sales and then you scale
and automate your business to the point that you’re able to do whatever you want
so here’s the pros drop servicing number one your friend selling high ticket
items this means three hundred dollars to twenty thousand dollars which means
you don’t really need to sell too many of these each month to make a decent
income each piece of the process can be fully automated from sales to project
management marketing every single piece it’s a small industry compared to the
other four that I mentioned in this video like drop shipping or consulting
just look at the Google Trends here you can see there’s nothing in the Facebook
audience nothing once you have the system set up it’s pretty scalable and
automatable even if you just want to take it to ten thousand dollars per
month and leave it there automated travel the world do what you want you’re
good to go but of course with any business model
there are cons so with drops of seeing the main con is does take a little bit
of time to get this business seat up scaled and automated ten thousand
dollars when I started mine back in 2016 it took me three months to get my first
sale it was a one thousand dollar sale and I remember I was a pretty amazing
day that’s pretty funny how all your first sale is always the most amazing
sale I mean one after that you don’t really care
about anymore becomes there like a normal day but three months to get my
first sale you know around seven months to get to the point where I was making
$10,000 per month pretty consistently and in terms of the earning potential
I’m not really a great example I pretty much took my business ten thousand
dollars per month and they automated it there and then just traveled around for
a couple years and only just start sealing down now in 2019 but I do know a
lot of people with drop servicing businesses in my master minds and some
of them are making a million dollars revenue per year which is pretty amazing
so you can grow up pretty large if you want to or you can just automate it like
I do thirteen thousand dollars per month and enjoy your life
but when we talk about the easiness and simplicity of setup it is pretty simple
to get things set up there’s a simple process that you need to go through that
does take a little bit of time like an engine so those are my five business
ideas for beginners call me below which one you like the sound of and when it
comes to deciding which business idea to move forward for yourself you should
look first at the data which is going to perform the best which is the most easy
and simple setup which has the highest earning potential and which is the
lowest competition but at the end of the day you do need to like what you do and
you might be the type of person that’s not really motivated by the setting up
of the business itself you might need something that you’re more interested in
passionate about that’s cool or you might be the type of person that’s just
interested in digital marketing and Jois building businesses like I am pretty
much just focus on the thing that brings you the most money and that’s what
you’re the most passionate about because at the end of the day passion can be
built over time I guarantee you once you start making money with your business
you’re gonna get pretty passionate about it when it comes to the number one I’ve
shown you right now in terms of online business it’s definitely drop servicing
and as you know I like to drop out a lot of free content around marketing
strategies tactics and stories so I recommend checking out the link below if
you want me to teach you how to build your own online business and automate it
to ten thousand dollars per month so you can do whatever you want so I hope you
liked the video don’t forget subscribe put a notification bell and I’ll talk to
you soon

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