Top 5 Tax Deductions For Online Business Owners

Top 5 Tax Deductions For Online Business Owners Whats good Wealthbuilderz
its yah boy DeVaughn back again with another video and today we are talking
The top 5 Tax Deductions for online business owners
lets go!! Ok real quick before we get started
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ok so now back to the topic at hand Top 5 Tax Deductions For Online Business Owners So yup they are coming…
are you scared yet You know the three little letter crew..
I’m talking about THE I R S and they are coming to destroy you
and your bank account!! Yes you the one who made all that money online
but don’t worry I’ve got your back I mean waaaaaay back. No seriously I got you
I’m going to hit you with my top 5 tax deductions for online business owners.
Now remember I’m not a tax professional or anything like that so before you take my
advice make sure you run it by your favorite tax
guy or gal So lets start
#5 Advertising If your like most smart online business owners
you’ve invested in some type of advertising during the course of the year.
Well those fees can be deducted as well as websites, fliers and business cards. #4 Postage and shipping costs
These include boxes, tape and even mileage driving back
and forth to the post office. Shipping and postage can be a hefty deduction
for certain types of online sellers. Especially if you sel clothes on apps like
poshmart and places like that. 3. Software and Apps
Do you use software or apps to run your business? The cost you paid for the software or the
monthly subscription fees may be deductible.
Examples can include financial management software,
ecommerce platforms, payment processers and more. 2. Training and Conference
If your like me your always buying different trainings
and trying to learn different online marketing methods
to keep you up to date with all the trends. Well this also tax deductible. 1. Home Office Now this is my favorite tax deduction
because if you actually have a room in your home
specifically used for the sole purpose of running your
business then your definitely going to be able to claim
this on your taxes. But do remember I’m not a tax professional
or advisor so definitely talk to your local tax guy before
making any moves on this list. If you want to check out a written format
of this list of Tax deductions go ahead and check the blog
in the description below. Also check out my wealthbuilderzsystem if
you want to learn how to build a business online
on autopilot. Its free so go ahead and check it out. Until next time its yah boy DeVaughn signing
off for. Top 5 Tax Deductions For Online Business Owners
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