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Hey, everybody. It’s Elizabeth Varian here with Webmaster
For Hire. How are you doing? We are going to be talking in this video about
website design. Five different trends for 2017. Right now, you’re looking at our website. No, I won’t do that. We are following one of the trends and it
actually started trickling in to a website design a couple of years ago but it’s really
caught on. If you’re still into the columns, there are
some ways of doing it, so you can keep that column look. For the most part, most of your large companies
and small as well are shifting away from those column looks. What you’ll notice is we’re wider and we’re
going with horizontal layout versus vertical columns. Think rows in the Excel spreadsheet. You want rows for your items and as wide as
you can be and large font. The reason you want the large font is because
we’re going from mobile now and in tablets. As well as the old-school desktop. Not everybody is heading desktop, or 73% of
searches online are actually using their mobile devices. Having the larger font helps with the smaller
screens even though they’re going to be as big as a tablet if they keep going. Not that I mind. I like hanging out on my mobile. The first tip of 2017 trend that we’re seeing
is longer, larger and horizontal. Let me show you what that means. On our site, you see the various sections. Each section, we have … Now, this is a faux
way of keeping the vertical but it’s still within the column. Excuse me. We used a four column instead of one long
horizontal. We get a little faux sidebar there to add
in. Because that’s very important that people
want to contact us can. Then, you start seeing this is the true horizontal. This is actually for your next holiday party. You can use this techie term. It’s called parallax and that’s where the
image, it’s as if the site is rolling over the image and it’s just a little wow factor. Now, we’re going to talk later about AMP. Which will be a new acronym for you. This is showing that we may be getting away
from some of this parallax and the movement but I’ll explain that when we get down to
tip number four. You’re just seeing here. This is what we mean by horizontal wide. Long gone are the days of a 10 point font. You can see, this is actually Samsung site
and they are utilizing their product pages. It’s not just content sites and service sites,
but it’s also product sites. They are showcasing on a larger scale. Microsoft is doing the same. Just peruse that. You can check these out on your own at a different
time. You want to jump in to trend number two as
we scroll up. You can tell, I’ve already scrolled down on
all these pages. Adidas and we actually have Reebok here as
well to show you because why not have both competitors on here. Color. Color is coming back. All designers go, “Yay.” We’re excited for color. I like white space. You could see on my site on Webmaster For
Hire, we have a white space. I’m not afraid of white space but color is
making a comeback and it’s classy. It’s stylish, it’s professional. It doesn’t look like your kindergarten kid’s
drawings. You’re seeing that first when there’s that
parallax there. You’re seeing that each area has color. Here’s another is having video. Kind of a quick tip. If you want to have video on your site, upload
it in YouTube first or Vimeo and then, embed it on the site. You get the faster download and you get the
storage saved in your server space for your hosting. These videos can be very heavy. You’ll want to start recording your own videos
like I am here. As you can see, I am not perfectly perfect
here. I am imperfectly perfect, because I am just
me. I’m not an actress. I’m just presenting the knowledge that I have
to help you in your coming year. We were going to Reebok to show you … Just
so you know, we have this on ours as well. It’s called a mega menu. If you have a large site, you have to get
a lot of links. You want that user experience to be wonderful. You want to make sure they can get right to
where they need to be. On our site, it drops down like this and helps
people to find exactly what it is that they’re looking for. Color blocked, horizontal. The other thing is, they’re using their own photos. They have a professional in-house but I’m
actually going to show you a site that is a restaurant, that they also use their own
photos. This is actually in development. We’re hoping to go live this week. We are almost close. We’re just fine-tuning the last pieces and
it’s Juno Beach Café. Brilliant colors in their logo. Fun. You don’t want a white site with all those
beautiful colors. Here we go. We see that we have their photos. We’ve got one or two professional photos but
actually, they have a waitress there who we taught her how to get down and into the photos. That’s a professional one. That’s hers and it still looks delicious and
you can’t tell the difference. You don’t have to have the high-priced photographer
come in. This photo was taken right after he was delivered
his pancakes. It creates an experience of now, get a model
release from any customers you take their photos. Or ask them verbally if you can use it in
their marketing but he’s adorable. He’s a real customer. Really getting his food and I’m telling you,
he needs to be in commercials. You’re seeing the large fonts as well. Tidbits. They’re covering everything. You can download menus. A little side tip for restaurants. You don’t have to type out your menus anymore. These people has a major size menus. PDF files are read for search engine optimization,
so it’s perfectly fine now to have PDF files. Mobiles, phones have plenty of storage these
days. They can download the menu, view it immediately. Facebook will link to the menu. Google will link to the menu and PDFs are
perfectly fine. You’re seeing how very, very little white
is being used. You’ve got the long stretched as we said in
tip one. I’m going to show you another colored site. This is actually black site. I haven’t done a black site in years. It’s so different from the 90s when we had
black sites everywhere. With beautiful texturing and PlumbTalk is
a video company, a production company here in West Palm Beach. who also does their own videos and they’re
going to be going live with this later this week, early next week. You can see, color doesn’t have to be stale. It doesn’t have to look cartoony or like a
kindergarten class. It can have style and professionalism and
really make your photos pop. I rush through those because those are the
easy ones to figure out. This next one that we’re going to show you
is the tip is responsive over mobile ready. This actually really rolled out last year
in 2015. About April 28, 29, some time that week. Mobilegeddon rolled out. We’re geeks here, so we have to use geek terms. Mobilegeddon basically is Google’s algorithm
change. Where they said, your site can no longer be
pinch in, pinch out. You have to be able to see it. What that meant is, mobile websites starting
to veer out and responsive is the absolute way to go. Let me show you what that means. This is mobile website and a mobile site basically
is your menu. It looks like this pages isn’t scrolling
down but it’s your menu and maybe some contact information. Then, you have select pages in this layout. Sometimes, you kept two separate sites. Your main site and your mobile site. With WordPress, there was actually mobile
website plug-ins but it doesn’t look much like your site at all and pop-ups and stuff. Let me show you. This is responsive. Now, I just showed you this site. You already know what it looks like on the
long scroll on the desktop but this is what it looks like on a high-end phone. It folds under. The content in the coding is there to fold. You see the menu goes away in this black with
three lines. The three horizontal lines or a drop-down
is what’s commonly used. You can still, see the mouse hovers over and
you can still click the actual menu. This is more the mid tier and you can see
even on the small one, it fits. These are the reasons you want the large font. You can still read it, and it sizes to the
phone. You’re not having to scroll left and right. It just folds. This actually, even though I’m talking about
2017, I had still noticed a lot of sites are either using mobile websites or they’re pinch
in, pinch out to see them… Google doesn’t like pinch in, pinch out. Google is focusing on mobile. If you’re going to build a website and you
want marketing done on it, SEO. Then, you want to really make sure your site
is responsive. Make sure that the phone number, if you’re
a local business is in the top and it’s clickable. If you look down here in the bottom corner
when I hover over the phone number, if I click that, I’m on my mobile phone. It’s going to start going for me to click
to dial. Now, we’ve gone easy to understand. Color, length, long, you know, big text, wider. We’ve discussed responsive over mobile. Now, we’re going to get a little bit technical
with a new word for you called AMP. AMP simply stands for accelerated mobile pages. I made the comment that Google is now going
towards mobile. I’m going to actually show you a couple of
sites that you’ll be familiar with, where their entire site is focused on Mobile First. That is something that is a shift in 2017. Now, I’m not going to try and get too technical
with this. But simply put is mobile AMP is fast web pages. That beautiful parallax, the movement on the
page. A lot of that’s going to go away for those
who are fully on board with AMP. They just announced they being Google last
month in October. Like, what month are we in again? Last month in October, they just announced
that Google AMP is a priority. A lot of people saw in their local results
that they disappeared or you see AMP across the top in the search. There is a slight dispute. I think the winners are go with AMP but there’ve
been … I’ve seen a few people disputing whether it’s going to be something that Google’s
going to stick with or not. We’ve seen Google with Google Glass and Google
Plus is starting to breakout. That not everything sticks but it shouldn’t. It’s business and trends change and an idea
may sound good to begin with and it may not follow through. The AMP project has been around for a year
but it was just last month that Google announced that this is a priority for them. It’s special coding. You yourself, unless you’re a coder is probably
not going to be doing this. You’ll be calling your webmaster, getting
your IT department on it. Whoever manages your website. You will see they get priority in the Google
searches. This is definitely trend number four that
is not going away. And because of that, this isn’t one of the main
trends but this is something that we’re starting to notice pop-up, is sites are now building
their desktop version with Mobile First. What I mean by that is look at those three
horizontal lines. Adobe has many products and they used to have
a mega menu where they showcased everything. Now, they have gone towards the mobile view. They are not having that strip across the
top. I think it’ll take a while as people are getting
trained. Visitors are trained in mobile sites to look
for those three but it is something that they’re going to. Their site, very clean. All one. They just relying on mobile style and this
will fold on the mobile view. Someone else who is also doing it is Miss
Beyoncé. Could not go into the music field, could you? Her homepage right now is still posted on
the voting which was last week’s time. We’re not going to discuss voting. Politics and religion are still taboo. But you’ll see, she’s got her menu hidden. She doesn’t have all of this across the top. She’s focusing on whatever her showcase is. Whatever the video of the moment. Whatever they’re promoting is on top and it’s
leaning still more towards the mobile. It was one thing after another and her entire
pages all on the vote. She was helping the Democrats. That falls really with AMP. Because of announcement of AMP, everybody
is noticing Mobile First. Hopefully, I’m not speaking too fast. I’m so excited. I want to get as much information in here
as possible for you. The last trend that we’re really seeing and
it’s been trickled in and Facebook, that popularity isn’t going to go away. Snapchat, that was for our middle school kids
is now becoming for business. LinkedIn will never go away. It’s one of the best places for business and
connecting with professionals. Not just for your HR professionals or your
staffing agencies but for everybody. What am I talking about here? I’m talking about engaging with your customer. Social networking definitely needs to be part
of it but your website needs to be engaging, to just have static. If you’re Adobe, perfectly fine. Because people are coming here for software. They want the updates. They want to get everything but they are going
to have to start doing more than just that. They’re going to interact and not keep things
separately. For business owners, one of the ways is just
a blog. I’ve heard it time and time again. “Elizabeth, I can’t spend the time writing.” You need to have content for search engine
optimization. Not just a one or two, here’s our latest project
content. You need to engage with your customer. Moore, Ellrich and Neal is a website, We launched this actually late last year. You see, they’ve got a little bit smaller
font but it’s actually larger than what they had. They’ve got the wider view but right here
on the home page and they are doing a good job of keeping their clientele informed. They are between Palm Beach Gardens and Miami. They’re spread out. They put their congratulatory stuff but they’re
also talking about … Because they do CPA expert witness and trials and forensic accounting,
so they talk about it. What is that increasing role? Look, they just published it. Once a month, they publish an article and
it’s unique content that they are doing. You need to have your own unique content. Now, we at Webmaster For Hire, write our content. We work with our clients to approve topics,
to make sure we’re talking on the right things. Then, we have our writers produce the content,
so that it’s marketable. But our other client, we launch this one late
last year as well. This is … If you’re into fishing and hunting,
this is the place to go to. Good men’s trip, family outings. They are in Northern Ontario, Canada and it’s
got some nice little sliders here. Talks about fishing, resort life and making
reservations. That’s important. They have their own video of, so unique content. This is the part that I really want to show
you. They are engaging. Anyone who is in fishing. When I was working on this site, I’m telling
you, I learned so much about fishing world. Sharing your trophies is huge. Having a website where you’ve come and they
tout trophies, big fish that you can catch. They have it, so that all you have to do is
click on there and you upload. This is actually somebody who stayed in their
resort and was excited. They do the same thing on their Facebook. Show us what you caught in Lake Savant. That interactivity, engaging and connecting
with your customers is so very important. I actually, this last weekend, because the
whole election bickering had to take myself off Facebook. I did not realize how hard it was for me to
get off Facebook on the weekend in my personal time. Your customers are hanging out on social networks. They want to read your latest articles. They want to be part of your business and
they’re excited. You want to be able to create that and there’s
so many various ways of creating and engaging. Not just pushing out your sales brochure website. In 2017, I bet you right now, there are things
that are not invented yet that have not gone live yet, that are all about engaging and
that is definitely important. Just a quick recap, the top five trends for
2017 is larger, longer, horizontal pages with big fonts. Having color added to your site. Now, this actually isn’t white. It maybe videoing white but it’s an off-color. Having color and real photos. These are all photos from his resort, from
their resort. Their cabins, their shots, their photos. If you use stock photos, use active stock. Responsive over mobile ready for Google. AMP, your new acronym for the year. Having accelerated mobile pages. Fast downloading pages. Of course, last but not least, interactivity
and engaging. I hope that this has been a wonderfully educational
video for you. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season
and it’s enjoyable and that when you enter into 2017, you are ready for the new trends. Have a wonderful, wonderful New Year’s. Bye.

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