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Looking to make a positive change in his life,
Matt and a friend decided their own business teaching didgeridoo was
not only a step in the right direction to make that happen but also a niche tourism opportunity in WA Over the years frequent reviews of their
business plan have seen them identify new markets and sales opportunities
to see them through the seasonal highs and lows of the
tourism industry This is resulted in their product diverse Fremantle based shop front and popular online store you see today As you will learn Didgeridoo Breath have also made fantastic use of both social media and online video,
to not only increase product awareness but also build a passionate audience around their brand I started the business back in 2002 myself and a mate were both shirt and ties, fleuro lights, company cars computers
and hating it to be honest We were camping down a Grazetown Caravan Park and really just looking for something to do that was more satisfying more fulfilling and during the day out having a surf, a paddle, a walk and a night come back and we were playing the didgeridoo around the campfire uh… that was one of the ideas we thought, imagine if you could spend time teaching people how to play this for a living So that was the very first spark of the idea and um… over the next few weeks just kind
of discussed it an evolved it and got a bit more serious about it and that’s where the journey began So as far as market research probably a lot of it
was our own wanting to learn more so we had a CD, an instructional CD that thought us how to play and so we were learning off that but then
actually tried to investigate other sources to learn personally for ourselves So we looked around Perth and asked different stores, and looked online and couldn’t really find anywhere that would teach us how to play So in sort of running into a brick wall there
we thought that’s a good opportunity to provide a service When we first started we sure didn’t picture where we are now um… but had a really clear vision
that the business would be all about teaching how to play didgeridoo, so anyone
from this big to this big we would happily teach them how to play um… it’s a really easy instrument to learn and to get on to and really quite a lot of fun So that from the very beginning, was our passion and still is today. The actual look and feel of the business is way different and evolved um… over the years but the core purpose is the same As far as reviewing our business over
the years we have done, informally probarly to be begin with and over the last few years a little more formally We’ve got two different strategies
one for online and one for in-store Particularly in the last few years when
things have got a lot tougher in the retail climate In-store a lot of our strategies more into product diversification,
so looking at our existing customer base looking at what else they would possibly want from us and then offering those products as a way to maintain and increase sales Top tips for anyone going into a business, your obviously going into it for a reason you passion about it which really helps and I guess my biggest tip would be just do it way better than anyone else is doing it out there,
cause that’s what’s gonna set you apart from the competition And if you genuinely love it and passionate about it than that’s quite easy Another great tip is ‘A brand’ and it feels like sort of something that your bigger companies do and your corporates do, it’s actually one thing
that’s given us major advantage, and we’ve only really had a brand for the last few years so our first seven odd years of business was me doing up a logo and someone
else doing up a letterhead and every time we’d print a new brochure it would be what ever flavor we felt on the day and in the end it was a bit of miss match and it didn’t really look professional, but it didn’t look strong So about three years ago we went through a branding exercise,
so we had a graphic designer come in and basically just do up a logo and a bit of a style guide and a set of rules to to work within And that we rolled out across in-store and
online and all of our print marketing That’s when the look and feel of our business got much, much stronger and customers really love that Video is a major part of our online strategy,
our online business and the biggest reason is our customers love it There’s all sorts of activities going on in the store,
any one day there might be a jam session, or drums, or singing, or whatever’s
going on we’ll bring out the little video camera and film it and put it up on YouTube and our customers around the world really love it, so it builds a community It builds trust cause people can see the personality of the business It builds trust cause people see that we’re a real business Especially when going online there is a real trust issue cause your not really sure if the business exists or where abouts they are, so to see real people, with real walls and didgeridoo’s and having a blast and personality then our customers really bond with that,
so when it comes to buying a didgeridoo online they’re not hesitant at all As far as the YouTube videos, there’s two other really major benefits We use them for product demonstrations So of our instruments we’ll actually film them
being played, and we can talk about them and put them online that’s just fascinating, you can’t write that in a paragraph, that’s as important to customers And another big win which often isn’t a focus for small businesses is The search engines will actually rank videos as well so
often now you if type in a search of anything If there’s a video relevant to that Google will rank it up in the search results So we get a lot of our traffic to the website purely through the videos Facebook is a really important part of our strategy and we use it heavily over the last 18 months since the Facebook business page function came out, we’ve built our Facebook fans to about seven and a half thousand so that’s a massive customer base that you can market to instantly and freely And so that’s great reach for,
I guess new product launches and things of value What’s really important with social media
is that you give your customers something of value not just saying buy my stuff, buy my stuff cause that doesn’t really work on that platform so it’s finding out customers value and like for you and then giving that to them In our case customers love playing tips um… instructions um… in-store jams and concerts, performances, they love that stuff,
so we make sure that’s what goes on the Facebook page So tips for people going into the tourism industry, there’s a couple of main factors,
obviously tourism is normally seasonal So you just want to think about the big picture, how your business is going to roll out the busy and quiet times,
winter time foot traffic is down uh… but with our online business which we sell products around the world that’s consistent all year-round so financially that really helps our business through the seasonal times, or the off season Uh… and more importantly and this is the same for any business is really identifying what your customers want from you,
so we’ll all have this grand plan of what we want to sell to the world and then you really want to find out the people that have interested in that product,
what are they really interested in and how do they want to see it, feel it, buy it, experience it and then package up your service or product exactly that way they want it Which is going to provide a better service

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