Tower Financial: “Canopy is Where I Run My Business”

This past tax season, I was in the office
past ten o’clock twice. I’m cat Campbell. I own Tower Financial Partners and we
have offices in Colorado Springs and Denver Technical Center. I began my
company based on financial coaching and as I coached people through handling
their money better making sound financial decisions, I realized that
their biggest bill was taxes, and so if I didn’t know taxes, I really wasn’t
advising very well. We started using Canopy to replace multiple systems that
we had cobbled together to try and get the same effect. It has increased our
efficiency tremendously, because I don’t have employees looking in four different
places. Canopy helped me replace my CRM; it helped me replace my tax resolution
software, transcript pulling software and it added in the ability to really have
those forms created for me, which was not available in other software. My name is
Mackenzie Campbell. I am the client success manager at Tower Financial
Partners. I’ve been with the firm for about a year and joined when my mom the
owner of the firm asked me to help grow the business as quickly as possible. I
typically use this CRM side of Canopy, the practice management side, that keeps
track of all of our clients. It’s how I understand who I’m talking to on the
phone if I’ve never seen them before, with hundreds of clients that happens
all the time, and it lets me see what’s been going on for years without ever
having met them. Being able to have client files in the cloud, in a secured
area that I know is always accessible, all I need is a browser, makes me very
portable. If I’m on vacation I can check Canopy and see where my client
files are. I can get an email from a client says I just received a notice
from the IRS, they’ll upload that to Canopy. I can look at that right there and say,
oh you know what that’s already taken care of; nevermind don’t worry about it, and I’ve never had to break out my VPN. The
strengths of having a product like Canopy in your practice allows you to be
able to know your clients and keep everything in one place so you’re on top
of it. You’ve got too many pieces of paper, too many different cases you’re
running, two three five seven hundred tax returns a year.
Using Canopy allows you to be able to look at those things from one point of
view. I really can make Canopy my homepage and where I run my business.

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