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♪ The technology that’s here at this distribution center is cutting edge; Between voice picking, RF scanning, conveyors and mechanized equipment in order to move the freight and get the freight processed through. Everything’s state-of-the-art. We work with the Vocalette, it tells you where to go, what to do and pick. It’s a computerized woman’s voice, so you get to talk to a lady all day. We’re just under a million square feet of space, which is ginormous. The receivers, you know we basically bring the stuff into the facility. Let down, put away, put everything we receive up into the racks. They also get tasked to bring it down for the pickers, who are actually filling the orders that are going to go into the shipping area. And then it’s off to the store. When you go into one of the Tractor Supply stores, it’s the same as going into a small town store where the people there they know their customers, they’re friendly with their customers. Because of the niche market we’re in, we’re able to continue to grow and expand. What makes it exciting to work here at Tractor Supply in this distribution center and all of our distribution centers is we continue to look at new and innovative ways in order to get the job done more effective, safer, and continue to have fun, work hard and make money. I like it. It’s fast paced so I like it cause I stay busy. Very clean; climate controlled. The people are good, nice people; everybody tries to help everybody, just team effort, everybody’s for the team. The values at Tractor Supply are lived by our team members, we set goals, we have cookouts, we have several different recognition programs. There’s definitely, definitely a chance to move up if you just apply yourself. They have what they call S.I.T., supervisor in training. You spend time in that program learning to be a supervisor. We cross-train to different departments. I know it’s a place of business but they also think about their employees and care about their employees. Tractor Supply has been the best move that I’ve made in my career. Work hard, have fun, make money at Tractor Supply Company.

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