Transform your Retail Customer Experience | NRF 2019

>>How can we, in this moment, be surprising? How can we be unique? How can we be personalized? How can we be more engaging? Can we put all that together in a way that’s repeatable, that we can knock it out of the park every single day for every customer that comes into our store?>>Knowing your customers means enabling customer-first retail. Delivering personalized and relevant customer experience to increase loyalty, market share and revenue.>>TokyWoky is a solution that helps brands and retailers build a community of customers that help other customers. If we take the example of Michaels, they have built their organic customer community using a peer-to-peer live chat that plugs directly on their online store, so it helps Michaels understand who are the passionate crafters and knitters. We analyze every single conversation. So we know and we help Michaels know what are the recurring questions, where, on the website.>>Now we’re coming back to a time where retailers, brands, can know their consumer. They can know us as individuals again, understand what our tastes and preferences are, and they can customize for those needs.>>The aim here is to make it really personable… as if you’re speaking to somebody. So this is our intelligent Bot. It’s going to suggest something to you. And you can say, no, I’m looking for something fancy. And here is the cool part, right? This is going to ask me, “do you have a picture or do you know how the object looks like?” And if you upload a picture it’s going to go through hundreds of objects and based on my purchase history is going to pick up objects that are going to not only look similar but are within my purchase range. You only share as much as you want to. When you come in the store. The same knowledge is transferred on the kiosk and to the person who would be in the store. So it’s an end-to-end seamless experience for the customer as well as for the retailer.>>It’s about redefining the needs of the customer, the experiences that they’re looking for and how to deliver on those needs in this new post digital world we live in.

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