Trump embodies Reagan’s American optimism in talks with North Korea

Trump: The president has
literally brought us from the brink of war, when
it comes to North Korea, to renewed peace talks, yet the Left, Dinesh, wants to claim that he is “legitimizing” Kim Jong Un. What is your reaction to all of this? D’Souza: My mind flashes back to Reagan’s meetings with Gorbachev. Remember, Gorbachev was
completely a product of the Soviet system. He came up “through the
Gulag,” you might say. There was no automatic reason
to believe that he was different. Reagan decided to give it a try. He had a sense, or you might say
a statesman-like intuition, that Gorbachev would turn. He took that risk, and of course he was open to
the same kinds of attacks: “He’s coddling the
Russians,” and so on. There was a wing, even
on the conservative side, that was very critical
of Reagan at that time, yet it produced a historic turn. Whether this will produce
the same, I don’t know, but it’s certainly worth the effort. It is certainly a breakthrough. Let’s see what comes of it. To condemn President
Trump for attempting this reflects a great myopia and a one-sided hatred of Trump, no matter what he does. If he refused to meet, they’d
criticize him for that. If he meets, they’d criticize him for that. He should just do what he’s doing. He’s doing fine. Trump: You know what? There’s something that I feel
should be pointed out when it comes to this
meeting that they had. The reality is there’s no
way that we could have gotten into North Korea before the president stepped over the demarcation line. The president was literally walking into territory unknown. He was risking his life, in many ways, by doing this. I think people are overlooking
what a huge step this was for the president to take. I’m sure his security team
was not totally pleased with this decision. They probably discouraged
him from doing this greatly. I think, in his mind, he knew that one of
the only ways forward to further these talks
was to take that step. He was willing to do it for the United States
of America, Dinesh. D’Souza: I look at it as an immigrant.
I see it as a very characteristically
American act of innocence. Here’s what I mean: when Reagan stepped out
to meet Gorbachev, Reagan’s belief was,
“We’re Americans. You’ve got this Soviet Empire. You’re armed to the teeth, but look at your crazy society. It doesn’t even work. Look across the border, and see how much better things work over here.” I think Trump is making the same point: “Kim Jong Un,
you’ve got this society, but there’s another
Korea just south of you. Look how well things go over there. Don’t you want your society
to be a little better? How much longer can you
keep this craziness going?” There’s a belief that that
common sense will break through despite the crust of ideology
and the crust of history. It’s an expression of American innocence and American optimism. Trump: We know that this president will do whatever it
takes for this country, and that was a great step there.

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