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Tricia Clements: Are
you posting your events to your Google
My Business Page? That’s what I’m
going to talk about in this video. How and why you should be posting
your events on Google My Business. [music] Tricia: Hi. I’m Tricia
Clements, Chief Fur Wrangler with MuttButs.com. I’m a social media
manager specializing in pet businesses and video. Let’s talk a little bit
about Google My Business. They have had lots of changes
within the last year and there are changes
coming every single week. I want to talk about events. A lot of times when we talk
about posting to Google My Business, you think about posting
a short video or an image talking about your products
and services that you offer, but there’s also this little
nugget called an event. Make sure you’re using it because,
the one difference is when you post something either an image or a
video, that expires in seven days. It only stays live for
seven days on your page. When you post an event, that event will stay live until
the event occurs. That means, if you have
an event coming up, and it may be in a month or
two, that event is going to stay live and always
there on your Google My Business Page when someone
goes to look at it. Remember, your Google
My Business post also come up when people search
on maps and see you. What type of events
should you be posting on your Google My Business Page? Let’s say there’s an event coming
up and you’re one of the sponsors. As a sponsor, you want to get
people out to the event, so make sure you use that event and
post it on Google My Business. Another thing is
local vendor events. If you’re going to be a
vendor in an upcoming event, you want to let
people know about it. Make sure you put that
on there as well. You can also do different community
events, whether it’s for something local nonprofit that
you and your business support. That something to get
some good community involvement and engagement from. Now I’m going to give you a
tutorial on exactly what you need to do to post your event
on Google My Business. You’re going to start by going
to business.google.com. Login to your Google
My Business account, and then go ahead and
say create a post. Now over here, notice the
second one header says event. Go ahead and make it an event
and upload your photo or video. I went ahead and created a
video for an upcoming event. I went ahead, I already
wrote the information. I’m just going to copy
it from my notepad. This is a local event to benefit several different
nonprofits for pets, and I am the sponsor
of it, so I wanted to make sure that I promoted it. Go ahead, put your start
date, your end date. This is something that’s a little
bit different than regular post. When you create an event
and you have an end date and time, that is
when it is going to end. Most posts only stay
live for seven days. However, this stays live for the
duration until your event occurs. Make sure you put a link
there because it is a clickable link and then
you can preview it. Now remember when you’re
doing videos, it’s going to take a little while for it
to process and go live. Just make sure that you
have all your information here, and I’ll go
ahead and publish it. Notice here they’ve got
events, offers, and products. Make sure you’re using all of
these, and then simply hit publish. Again, like I said, it will take a
little while for it to process. You can see it processing here. Another thing to remember
is, for videos on Google My Business, they have to
be 30 seconds or less. I’m going to go ahead and watch
this and see how it comes out. [music] Tricia: As you can see
that that was pretty easy. There’s really no reason
why you should not be posting your events
on Google My Business. Let me know in the comments
below what events you’re going to start posting on
your Google My Business Page. I’m Tricia Clements,
Chief Fur Wrangler with MuttButs.com
Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please click the like button. Share it with your
friends and subscribe. I’ll see you in the next video. [music]

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  1. How do I remove or cancel an event that has been posted to my google listing? It was posted by an unauthorized customer.

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