Two and a Half Men – Charlie Harper Sucks Website [HD]

Uh-oh…… That’s got to be a different Charlie Harper. Okay. I have a bad feeling. Oh boy. Oh man. Oh crap. Are you still reading that thing? How can I not? It’s an entire website devoted to trashing me. Listen to this. ‘Has anybody had sex with Charlie where he actually bothered to take his socks off?’ That’s just mean. I have bad circulation in my feet, they get cold. And check this out. Some girl posted audio off her answering machine. * beep * Hey, it’s me. I just wanted to tell you I had a great time last night and I’m looking forward- Hello, Charlie? Yeah. Hi! We weren’t together last night. Eeeh… Allison? No… Beth. Thursday. I had a great time with you Thursday and I thought- Oh, Alan, what am I gonna do? Every woman in the city can see this stuff. Every woman in the world. God… ‘Frequently Asked Questions’… Don’t read that. Yeah right. Eh, okay. Question: ‘how long can you expect to date Charlie after you have sex with him?’ Answer: ‘it depends how late you sleep the next morning’ Oh, come on, this is funny. You’re just too close to it. Oh, this could be interesting. Question: ‘how does Charlie manage to fake MY orgasm?’ Okay, stop. Move over. What are you doing? I’ve got to fight back. Anybody can post on the message board, so why not me? You’re gonna post as yourself? Don’t be ridiculous, everybody uses a screen name. ‘Charlie_Freak_219’… Too many? Charlie_Freak_180. In my experience… Charlie has always… been a generous lover… compassionate, fun-Ioving and sensitive. There. That ought to bring a little balance to the conversation. You really don’t get the internet, do you? Oh, look! I’ve got a response already. ‘Dear Freak’… ‘Are you just stupid or did your skull bounce off his headboard too many times?’ Okay, I’ve had enough of this. How do I delete this whole thing? You can’t delete a website. The only person who can delete it, is the person who created it. Well, how do I find out who created it? Now, let’s see. Okay, eh… Okay, the domain is the property of a company in the Cayman Islands called… ‘Charlie Harper Sucks Ltd’ That’s no help. Hey, you can buy T-shirts and coffee mugs! Add to cart… Did I ever apologize to you? You mean, for our one-night stand that kind of, sort of broke my heart? Yeah, for that. No, not really. Okay, well… I am truly sorry. You’re a wonderful person and you deserve better. Thank you, Charlie. That’s sweet. I mean it. What’s that? Oh, this is one of those new web browser, e-mail gadgets. Cool.

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100 thoughts on “Two and a Half Men – Charlie Harper Sucks Website [HD]

  1. Link for the legit website:

  2. The end may have viewers speculating that Charlie still has people who love him. I enjoy that kind of satisfaction with his "treatment"!


  4. Wait I don't get why did Alan say "you really don't get the internet do you" Charlie posted a comment, what's so strange about that?

  5. If you type into your web browser you'll be redirected to the Warner Bros. website if you type in another web address from the show you'll be redirected to the Two and a Half Men Facebook page.

  6. Charlie: If I don't do something about that website, I'm gonna have to move to Pennsylvania and chase Amish broads.

  7. At that point, from all the stalking and everything, couldn't he just pay off the telecom companies to cut off rose's ability to own a website?

  8. From 2:01, did anyone realize that the actor is typing on his keyboard using only 2 or 3 keys???! Charlie Sheen didn’t even bother to fake use the rest of the keyboard… does the real life Charlie doesn’t know how to use a computer too?

  9. Is it weird that he is wearing the same clothes in the website and his typing on the keyboard are just random button pressing ?

    To everyone who wants to go on the website like so everyone can see

  11. I went on the website

    Q: What Does it mean when Charlie gives you a dimond tennis bracelet?

    A: It Means after spending the weekend in bed thanking him, you're history

  12. I have seen this episode and all along I thought who created the website was One of Charlie’s “girl friends” out for vengeance: a lot scarier and meaner Rose

  13. I bet Chuck Lorre would of loved to have made a real life Charlie Harper sucks website to get back at Sheen after what happened between those two.

  14. Website saved on the Internet-Archive, link:

  15. lol people think its funny but tbh these whores that sleep with guys like him always end up miserable and end up with some sob ultimately divorced etc. why you think americans are so miserable ?

  16. Rose is a straight up psychopath, but Charlie deserves very bit of it, you bound to bump into at least one psychopath as much as he sleeps around.

  17. Here is the archive

  18. How do the sets work? I can see the opposite wall where the audience normaly has their "fourthwall", do they have removable walls depending on what angle they are filming and rotate the whole set?


  20. Why did Warner Bros fire Sheen? It does not make any sense. Was he arrested for some serious crime? If so, I missed it. Look, as fantastic as the others are, he made the show gow.
    So why did they kill the goose? All things considered, Los Alamos would not have fired their best scientist because of personal peccadillos.

  21. I hate Rose. She made the website in order to scare all the women away from Charlie so she could have him to herself. Crazy bitch…

  22. Did you notice that when Charlie typed his screen name it spelled: Charlie_Freak_219 @ 2:05 he asked if too many? because i think that is the actual count up to that day on how many women he has slept with, so he change it to 180 @ 2:12. Hahahaha!

  23. so that were the inspiration for Zack Morris is trash came from now they need to do a series called Charlie Harper is trash and another series Kelly Taylor is trash

  24. She was smart to take it down. He could possibly have sued her for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

  25. Q: How long can you expect to date Charlie after you have sex with him?
    A: It depends how late you sleep the next morning

    Yeah because when you wake up your ass is dumped

  26. £18.99 for season 2 with Ashton Kutcher? NO CHANCE it was a lame show after Charlie left and just went downhill so quick no wonder they cancelled it

  27. charlie must marry rose she does anything , literally anything to make her things work with charlie.. she is super crazy but its all coz of deeeep love,

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