UGA Small Business Development Center Promo Reel #1

♫ [Allan] At the UGA SBDC, we provide educational
resources to help small businesses grow and succeed. ♫ [no audible speech] ♫ Utilizing our 17 locations across the state,
we enhance the economic well-being of Georgians. ♫ [no audible speech] ♫ [Wes] We really had to reach out to the
University of Georgia SBDC to help us take that next step. ♫ [Balu] The SBDC has been a great
resource in helping us, and putting us in the right direction, giving the right
kind of advice and directions at the right time. ♫ [Sean] I really look back over the last three
years since our relationship began and I can now see that that relationship has
really served as the touchstone for much of our growth. ♫ [Andal] The good thing is anytime we need help,
they are there. That’s the great thing. They’re so dedicated people. That’s, you
know, incredible for small business like us. [Sean] We saw immediate growth we
doubled our revenues from 2016 to 2017. ♫ [Wes] To have someone we feel that holds us
accountable, both for where we are financially and how we’re looking to
grow, is really, really valuable. ♫ [Allan] The main goal of the SBDC is to help
business owners achieve their potential and obtain their dream. ♫

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