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Regard your online presence as a virtual shop window that will assist a customer in determining whether or not they’d like to visit you. This video will give you some tips for improving your online presence. First, keep your communication simple. Users do not read anymore. They scan. It is best to format the test in an F pattern. The first two paragraphs of any communication must state the most important information. Use short sentences, bullets, pictures and simple words that users will notice. Use the three clicks in rule. A user should be able to get any information they want within three clicks of the mouse. This is not an actual rule, it’s just a guideline. The number of clicks is not as critical as the concept that any online presence should be easy for the user to find what they are looking for. Remember that customers will be drawn to you based on similar interests and values, and because of that, they will be more loyal. As a farm in today’s economy, your customers are not just looking for products, they’re looking for fun and a positive experience from you. It is easy to share your love of agriculture online, and enthusiasm is contagious! But also remember to be professional. Use these tips to guide your content online. Focus your online presence around the theme and the story that you want to tell your customers. All of your marketing should center around communicating the mission statement of your farm. Use your logo colors as your theme. The promotion aspect of your marketing should stay focused on the benefits to your customer by patronizing your business.

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