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– So, check this out. Trevor James, and today I’m at
a super-busy morning market, here in Chengdu. Bright and early, 8:00am. We’re going deep. We’re gonna go check it out. (tranquil music) – Ah, check this out. – Okay, so we got Ding Ding Tang. This is an awesome snack, here. Aww, look at the Ding Ding Tang. – What a great start to the morning. – That’s awesome. – I gotta try it here, okay? – Oh, it’s super chewy. Mmmm. That sesame’s really nice. Well, for first thing in the morning I’m gonna go see what else
there is in this joint. – That’s awesome, they got it all. Okay, look at all these chickens. An insane amount of chickens here. I’m not gonna buy a rabbit here, though. This is so busy. Oh, man (laughs) – That’s duck liver. – Oh, it’s still warm. Beautiful. Okay, I’m gonna try it out. Cool. – Oh, it’s super, super sticky, and brittle, and sweet. That’s amazing. This is a crazy market. This is a crazy market, I’m telling you. Look at this. – Okay, so we’re gonna try a Huajiao. – I’m a little put off
by that guys comment, but I’m gonna try it. Wow! I gotta get that flavor out. It feels like there’s a
battery and you tongue and it causes your tongue to water. Like, there’s water coming
off my tongue, right now. And, it’s mixed with a florally aroma that’s just, aww, it’s so nice. But, honestly, it’s a bit
intense for the morning. There’s whole lambs wrapped up. Let’s go check it out. Literally, every single
piece of the sheep is used. This is the head. Oh, look at the head. That’s insane. They’ve got the intestines
here, tripe here, hooves here. They’ve got every single piece, and they’ve got the whole
sheep hanging up here. People are, actually, just patting it. Look at this, people patting the sheep just saying what they want. That’s insane. People are, like, feeling it. Making sure it’s the right size,
make sure the meat is good. Wow! This is amazing. Chickens and roosters back there. (crowing rooster) Wow, you want it? Right here, they just kill it. Right there for ya. You just give the order,
they’re ready. (chuckles) It’s really awkward filming here because, like, every
single person is starring and talking– – About me being a foreigner. – Like I’m some sort of alien. But, really, I’m just a guy that likes to travel and eat food. – I don’t understand. – Wow! Awesome! Actually, I’ll be honest,
I don’t know what she said. – Now I understand. She says my Chinese is good. – Just chillin’ here. We’re gonna get out of their faces, here. It’s really hard to describe
the feeling of being here. It’s just overwhelming
how much is happening. All your senses are completely blown. Just all these ingredients. Wow, so much! Aw, look at this! – Fresh sweet potato starch noodles. And, actually, I think we’re
gonna go try some of those. We’re gonna go try some of those. I think I saw a spot
just around the corner that has Fei Chang Fen. Okay, we’re gonna try it out. Look at this lady, she’s got’
like’ a whole chicken, here. Look at this. Look at this. Wow! – That’s amazing. Right to my side, here, there’s a woman getting her teeth cleaned. There’s the guy in a white
coat, who’s using a tool. Like a dentists, sort of, drill. We’re not gonna film it
because we wanna be polite. But, basically, I wouldn’t
wanna do that here. Look at this guys cigar. – Wow, so this is Fei Chang Fen. Take a look at this. – Okay, so there’s no Chinese medicine. – So, there’s ingredients with intestines. And, it just smells like a, like, a nice intestine
aroma with some pork. – Beautiful! Wow, I got two bowls of sweet potato starch, intestine noodles. One clear broth. Mmmm, smell that. Mmmm. Oh, that’s pretty good. It tastes like intestine broth. A little sour. A little, little sour from the
outside of the pickled veg. And, clean from those bean sprouts. But what I’m really excited
for is the spicy one. Look at that. Mix it up. Oh, it smells like dried chilies. Here we go, get a little intestine, a little sweet potato starch. That is better. That is much better, it’s got
a punch from those chilies. It’s burning. That is really nice, actually. That one has more flavor. I like more flavor. What an experience eating these. What an experience. And we’re gonna go for a walk through the meat aisle, in a second. Finish up with this market tour. So, here they’ve got some Beijing
(speaks foreign language). So, that’s Beijing specialty duck, wow. We’re gonna get Beijing Kao Ya. Look at the ducks spinning here, wow. Wow! Oh my. That’s the head. The neck. Somehow, I suspect, this
is not quite as elegant as a Beijing duck. They seem to be advertising something that’s a different style. – Oh, there she is. There she is. Awesome, look at all that meat. Look at all that meat. Aww, I’m gonna get a nice, warm chunk. Little skin. Okay, we’re gonna go for it. Mmmm. Wow! That is beautiful. – It’s super tender. That’s, probably, the best selling point. It’s super tender and juicy. I would say there’s, actually,
not much flavor to it. Like, the skin doesn’t have much flavor. It’s not quite as succulent
as a Beijing duck. So, I’d say it’s, kinda,
false advertising. But, I can’t complain. It’s really tender. And juicy and soft. Mmmm. I don’t wanna stop eating it. – This is the final
segment of the market tour. This is all the pork. – The reason why you come in the morning is because it’s super fresh. Every single day this
meat is really fresh. There’s no refrigeration because its just right from the source. – I can find a Chengdu
pretty woman, she says. (laughter) – She’s gonna give me a free bone, here. I was gonna make a soup. That looks really elegant. Okay. So, we’re all set to go. – Free bones, here, for soup. That’s awesome. – That’s amazing. So, thank you so much for watching these food and travel videos. It really means a lot to me. Today was just so exciting,
here, at Chengdu Market. So bustling and so full of life. I’m really in love here. Make sure to leave me
a comment down below. Actually, I think, this
video deserves a second one. Cause there’s so much
to see and taste and do. I was here two hours, walking around, and I feel like I barely
scratched the surface. So, let me know what you thought. Leave me a comment down below. Make sure to subscribe, as well, if you’re not already. And click that like button , as well. Thanks again. Come on, leave me a comment guys. I would love to hear from you. Make sure to share it, too. If you love this video
go ahead and share it. Cause, this is a super local market. One that you could visit
if you came to Sichuan. Trust me, it’s super cool here. Mmmm.

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