UofL Business team wins global business plan contest

Well I’d like to welcome all of you, it’s
a very joyous occasion two days ago we got news that one of our
teams from the MBA program in entrepreneurship won the global championship at the
University of Texas in Austin. I am very pleased to be with three members of
the team and the architect behind the victory, professor Rand Klaus and I’m going to
hand it over to Rand to say a couple of words and then the team will also tell you of
the championship so Rand it’s all yours.-Thank you Rohan. It’s a
pleasure to be here today and to celebrate this afternoon with these wonderful students
I met these students over 20 months ago when they started in
the entrepreneurship MBA program and they came together as a team at
that point in time they develop their technology and
they’ve worked very very hard over that period of time to have a technology that is ready for the
market. They’ve been pitching to venture capitalist these competitions and they graduate
tonight our graduation ceremony so they’ll no
longer be a student team but an actual startup company
moving forward launching their ventures. -We are
developing a suction laryngoscope which was invented by Dr Mallory here
faculty at University of Louisville in the med school in the
emergency department and she’s also an MBA student with us
and so she brought this idea to our team our engineer Adam has been working
tirelessly to get prototypes made in developed and tested and now and we have something that it is working
today it’s pretty remarkable and we’re moving forward can be
raising capital here in the next couple months and moving forward with manufacturing and FDA and all the
next steps so this this experience has really
helped us launch our company from an idea where it
was twenty months ago to an actual thing that we can use in a human being and help save their
lives by making intubation safer, faster, more efficient
and easier for the doctor. -We can’t take full credit for this idea, Chief Resident Dr Thomas Cunningham
at UofL’s Department in our emergency medicine
program actually started with the idea and I followed along with it, and he is joining our company as vice president of innovation and so we have a shout out to
Dr Cunningham who’s working today taking care patients, much as I will be
tomorrow afternoon and it’s been a great opportunity to
work with the team both at the University Hospital the Medical School and here at the
School of Business. -Yeah I have to echo both of them, this is been just an absolutely incredible
experience for me personally has really pushed my limits and what I thought
I could do, as engineers we’re often told that the business side of problems is for
someone else to deal with, and it turns out the business
side is actually really fun, so I can’t thank the program
enough for putting me in a situation like this
where I can just really grow as a person and we can really grow as a company. -The real life problem that we encounter in
our own emergency department Dr Cunningham and I were trying to intubate with the current
video technique and there was a lot of a secretion in
the patient’s mouth and so it would be kind of like putting
your thirty five-millimeter down tomato soup, you know, your camera lens, and no matter how much
you suction the only way to get that cleaned off is to wipe it
off so we devised a solution to suction ahead of the camera lens so
that the camera itself, the camera lens would
always be protected throughout the whole procedure and so we
have identified a need for one laryngoscope that we
can use for the older direct technique and the newer
video .

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