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(upbeat music) – [Candida] Hi, I’m Candida. – [Jeff] And I’m Jeff. We’re hosts in Joshua Tree, California. – We’re also photographers and filmmakers and this is our home:
El Rancho Joshua Tree. (camera clicking) Even if you’re not a
professional photographer or don’t have the best equipment,
with these simple tips, you’re able to capture
beautiful listing photos. Before you take any photos, make sure that your space isn’t only
clean, but it’s also clear of any clutter. It’s a simple step, but you’d be surprised how many people leave
random clothes or food in the frame. (camera clicking) Really think about what the hero image is going to be. What’s gonna best capture
and sell your space? Then work to design the space
around that shot in mind. Our hero image was the bedroom shot. We worked hard to make
it a peaceful setting and I love the deep teal. The secret to great photography
is all about the light. Experiment and explore what
your natural light looks like inside and outside of your
home throughout the day. Find the time of day when you get the most
direct, natural light. It’ll look warm and welcoming. Artificial lighting should
always be a last resort. When shooting, think about how you want to frame your compositions. Shoot at eye level and
be cognizant of balance, making sure that aren’t too many elements on one side or another. – [Jeff] Try using the rule of thirds. If you divide your frame into thirds, you can use them as guides
to arrange the elements in your composition. – [Candida] What will your
guests love about the space? – [Jeff] Get a good range of coverage. Find the right mix of wides,
mids, and detail shots. Remember that your listing images can make all the difference. As we use these tips and
shared our photos online, we found we were able to build a following and increase our bookings. – [Candida] We hope that these tips help you capture better
photos for your listing. I’m Candida.
– And I’m Jeff. – And we’re hosts in
Joshua Tree, California. – [Jeff] Happy hosting. (laughing) (gentle music) (upbeat music)

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  1. Until you become a Plus host where you have near zero control over seleced phoos let alone updating pics after enhancememts made to propery.

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