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[upbeat music] – At USANA, everything we do
helps you love life and live it. And that includes giving you the
opportunity to make money by sharing our award-winning,
top-rated health and wellness products with others. In fact, since 1992, USANA has
paid out more than $2 billion in commissions and bonuses, so we’re not talking pocket
change. But first things first. Let’s talk about how you get
paid. When you enroll as a USANA
associate, you’ll be given a business
center. It’s like a store where you earn
money from product sales. Your first business center is
BC1. Business centers have a left and
a right. As you begin sharing USANA and
enrolling customers and associates, you’ll place them on
your left or right side. Maybe Bob is a coworker. Maybe Jill is a neighbor. They become USANA associates and
join your team because they love the products
and want to make some extra money just like you. Once they open their business
centers, they can enroll their own
customers and associates. As you’ll soon see, this
structure creates teamwork, stability, and growth in your
business. You’ll notice that when we talk
about product and sales volume and getting paid commissions in
USANA, we talk in terms of points
instead of the currency you use in your country. Points are, of course, converted
to local currency when people order products and
when USANA pays commissions. The reason we use points is that
USANA wants to make it easy for you to expand your business
internationally. As your business grows, there’s
a good chance many of your teammates will have friends and
family in other countries. They can be enrolled as
customers and associates, all contributing to your sales
volume. And you don’t have to worry
about currencies, exchange rates, customs,
translation, or anything else that makes it
difficult to build an international business. It’s all taken care of by USANA. And all of these product orders
are placed directly through USANA, so you never have
to worry about inventory or shipping. To create big, consistent,
long-term income potential, you need to build both sides of
your business. For example, you and Bob can
work together to build your left side finding new customers
and associates. The sales volume generated from
all of these new people, whether they were enrolled by
you or Bob, will be part of your business as
well as Bob’s. The same goes for your right. The side with the least sales
volume is your small side. This might change from week to
week based on the sales volume in
each side. So each week you know just where
to focus your efforts on your small side. If you do this, both sides will
grow over time, and so will your income. And keep in mind you are on your
sponsor’s team. As your business grows, so does
theirs. So it pays for them to help you
build your business and succeed. Each week the sales volume is
added up on the left and right sides of your business
center, up to 5,000 points per side. Once you accumulate at least 125
points on each side, you’ll earn a commission check. Because focusing on your small
side is the key to growing your business, it sets the
standard for your commissions from week to week. You’re paid a 10% commission on the matching volume of both
sides. Here’s an easy way to look at
it. Your weekly commission is 20% of
the small side. It’s that simple. So in this case, you’d earn 20%
of 1,100, or 220 commission points. And don’t worry, you don’t lose the extra points on the other
side. They are automatically rolled
over to the following week, up to 5,000 points, to contribute to your next
paycheck. So in this case, the next week,
your right side would start out with 400 sales volume points. Additional volume is added on
top. So at the end of the week, if
you had 3,000 left and 2,500 right, you’d earn 20%
of 2,500, or a 500-point commission. 500 points roll over. But this is just the beginning. When you reach 5,000 points on
your left and 5,000 on your right, you
have maxed your business center. And you are rewarded with
another business center. It’s like opening another store. Your BC2 works exactly like your
BC1. And you decide when and where to
place it in your organization. Now you can start expanding your
team under BC2. In this case, it would be a
great idea to work with Jill and Tom. They could work on the right
side of BC2, and you could work on the left. All of you would be benefitting
from the sales volume generated. When commissions are calculated
each week, BC2 and BC1 each earn their
their own commission. And since BC2 is actually part
of BC1, its sales volume flows up to
BC1 adding to the volume there. Each business center, including
new ones, can earn you up to two more
business centers. So the next time BC1 generates
5,000 points on the left and 5,000 on the right, you’ll earn your BC3. As you earn more and more
business centers, your income potential increases
dramatically. Working a USANA business isn’t
the same as working a traditional job, where you
trade hours for dollars. The USANA mind-set is different. At USANA you’re paid leveraged,
reoccurring income based on the efforts of you and your
whole team. This is why we have a personal
sales requirement, which helps keep everyone on
your team promoting USANA’s products. Personal sales volume comes from
product purchases you make for your customers and for your
personal use. To keep one of your business
centers open, which means you’ll be eligible
to earn commissions, you need 100 personal sales
volume points every four weeks. To keep all of your business
centers open, no matter how many you have, you only need 200 sales volume
points ever 4 weeks. Remember, you get paid
commissions on a weekly basis. But your personal sales volume
requirements only need to be met
every four weeks. By remaining in compliance with
the associate agreement and by generating the required
personal volume, you qualify to earn commissions. If you don’t meet your personal
volume requirement, an roll-over volume you have or
any new volume you have earned goes to zero. It won’t take long for you to
feel the benefits of USANA’s products and want to make them a
big part of your life. USANA offers millions of dollars
in bonuses and incentives to make it fun and even more
rewarding to build your business and help
your teammates do the same. These bonuses are in addition to
your regular commissions. You can take advantage of the
lifetime matching bonus by helping your new teammates
build their businesses quickly. You can earn a percentage of
their weekly commissions added to your weekly income for
life. As you grow your business, you
will advance as a USANA leader, qualifying you to earn shares of
the leadership bonus pool, a portion of the worldwide sales
of the company. The elite bonus is another pool
of money, over a million dollars per
quarter that’s divided among USANA’s top
earners. Get all the details from your
sponsor. And USANA goes even further in
rewarding you for your efforts with exotic vacations, cruises,
training retreats prizes, and special recognition. And to help keep your team
engaged and motivated, we hold fun contest incentives and special promotions
year-round. Get involved, have fun,
and live life. It’s that easy. Now we’ve come to the best part
of USANA’s compensation plan. It’s a way to double your income
right from the start. For new associates, USANA offers
a one-time opportunity to start your business with
three business centers instead of one. This doubles your income
potential without increasing the amount of sales you need to
generate. It works like this. Your BC1 will start out with BC2
on the left and BC3 on the right. BC2 and BC3 each have their own
left and right sides. For this example, we’ll use nice
even numbers to keep the math easy. So let’s say both sides of BC2
and BC3 each generate 1,000 sales volume points. You’d also have 2,000 left and
2,000 right on your BC1. Why? Because everything under BC2 is
on the left side of BC1. And everything under BC3 is on
the right of BC1. To calculate your weekly
commission, you’ve got 2,000 sales volume
points from BC1, 1,000 from BC2,
and 1,000 from BC3. 20% of the total is your
commission. In this example, it’s 800
commission points. If you only had one business
center and the same sales volume, you would only earn 400
commission points. With three business centers,
you’re earning twice as much. Remember, we’re talking double
the commission with the same sales volume in your
organization. This huge increase in income
potential is why the most successful people in USANA start out with three business
centers. As a new associate, you can open
three business centers with 400 sales volume points. Normally, each business center
requires 200 points to open, which means that you’re opening
three business centers with the sales volume required
for two. Keep in mind the option to open
three business centers with only 400 points is
exclusively for new associates. Your goals and dreams are
unique. You can use USANA as your
vehicle to achieve them. First there’s the health side of
USANA, which provides you and others
with the highest-rated nutritional supplements in the
world. Because without health, you
can’t enjoy life to its fullest. Then there’s the business side
of USANA, which gives you the freedom to
spend your time the way you want and create the
financial success you’ve been dreaming about. Here’s the bottom line. Everything we do helps you love
life and live it. USANA is the best company,
has the best products, and offers you the best
opportunity to create the future you want. Take charge of your life. Today is the day. Your health, your life,
your way.

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  1. This compensation plan was the easiest to understand of all the plans I had seen, before, in this industry and it still is!

  2. Carefully check out usana's requirements and compensation plan. Its so clearly a SCAM. Only losers get brainwashdd into it and end up paying alot of money to fatten USANA's wallet. Less than 1% of usana associate make more than a macdonald workers income.

  3. i trust usana that i register for independent seller for this year help the people have sick and cure for any illness that you have your life your health your way for orders you can email me to [email protected] and for the fast transaction and payments!

  4. This structure is called "pyramid" and is used in most scams. To avoid scamming customers you yourself and grow the income you need to recruit scammers, which will do the same on their turn until no one is outside of the pyramid. All money is concentrated upwards and sometimes, something drops down just to keep the illusion alive and scam growing.

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